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  1. I don't know why neutral CCs were removed, and I really found them interesting Id like to hear how the community feels about this
  2. - Support After witnessing that you like to close "broken" doors in battles to gain advantages I do not think you are prepared as the other RRH.
  3. bruh how you gonna grade something based off someones opinion. Overall + support
  4. What you want to see? - Mac10s rpm buffed back to normal Why should we add it? - The current one is terrible What are the advantages of having this? -Mac10 is used more Who is it mainly for? - everybody Links to any content - this aint a shit post
  5. Lore Name:Jack Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:127963272 Rank:Senior Researcher Activity Level: Active
  6. he already left research discord so he was pretty serious
  7. Nah man. Too op + you can get some op pistols R8 revolver S&8 Deagle cz
  8. + sopport you are also evil if u - support this. LOOK AT ALL THE EFFORT!!!
  9. + support +Dedicated +active in community +Creative +I know he will do well
  10. Jack II

    173 new model

  11. Jack II

    Neutruel CCs

    Is jokerz still a neutrel cc. also what CCs are considered neutrel currently