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  1. - support for the 1 day ban + support for a month ban. this guy really just said “no proof”
  2. Jack II

    Jacks LOA

    Name: Jack Rank: 1LT Date: 8/820 Duration of LOA: One week Reason: Vacation
  3. - support this seems like a branch side punishment more than a warn 2. Skela - supported this showing he didnt do much wrong 3. I find what he did reasonable for being a ci spy Also d class are insanely replacable, so I am decently sure maynard level 4 clearance would be ablw to KOS them for any reason neccessary
  4. I tried this suggestion already, - support for this and MP7 and a few other things +/-
  5. There is 4, but those are specifically only used for d class
  6. Literally 0 Use to tranq 682 when hes in cuffs, seems like exploit and failrp to me
  7. Im pretty sure the Dclass brute part was added, most likely meaning Igneous doesn't want the NLR part
  8. We will miss you Tsuki
  9. Jack II


    Sucks that you are leaving bionicle, I will miss you.
  10. So you join a server that clearly doesn't like homophobia at all assuming you read the MOTD which you agree to when you log in. And then you decide to change your name to that? Nah Chief - Support
  11. +/- Tako, you are a great researcher, and you are very active But I think you still weren't in research long enough yet IMO, also this application has little to no effort so I would work on that.