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  1. -support It’s gonna be harder on staff when someone said “someone stole my gov car and idk where it went” and then staff are going have to look for the car and it’s a whole waste of time.
  2. + support although I use it for all my bases I think it’s kinda op and you can open it and shoot and close it instantly. There should be some time limit to it.
  3. So i noticed that the rules was changed and that's cool but there is a problem with the buttons. The rule is Max buttons (Per Base): 5 and the thing is we as players can only spawn 2 buttons at the same time. I don't know if its supposed to be like that? And if its not can it be fixed?
  4. I don’t think this would be a good idea because it breaks the rule of assisting people not in the same family. Also it’s another way to just RDM. -MiKeY
  5. Yeah bud you need to follow the format so it’s a - support
  6. Bro Spection you are one of the best people i know its sad to see that you were removed from HA, but you still have the courage to keep playing gaming light. Unlike most people they would leave the community. It was fun playing with you and making memories and i hope we can continue to do that. -MiKeY
  7. Your In-game: MiKeY Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156470521 The admin's name in-game: TriGGs R and Mockingbird On Duty The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: Impersonatin Officer | RDM and defib abuse Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://prnt.sc/o1i661 Why do you think this warn was false: Just old warns I want removed
  8. [GL] Mikey

    staff alppying

    i have to go here and agree with steve and sat -Support
  9. He is a very active player and i see him on all the time and he knows the rules and follows them.
  10. + support Shmoopy said everything i would have said.
  11. +support It was prob snar who rdmed. XD
  12. [GL] Mikey

    Leaving SRT

    Quake it was sad to see you go because i really wanted to play with you but have fun. -MikeY
  13. i mean i was there in the car with Spection and i don't think he did anything wrong.