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  1. You were banned by Zeeptin, and this is not appealable.
  2. I walked out of tac base and saw you with a gun out, followed you and pulled guns on you, and you ran off. Everything is in this video.
  3. In my POV, you can see and hear AmethystRibbon approach my car and yell, "Turn off the dang siren," after which she hits my car, causing me damage. I don't think you can blame lag for anything like this because I was backing up when she swung her knife into my car for no reason. Yes, it could have been an accident, but why would you swing your knife in the middle of the road as a car approaches? It's the same as discharging a gun on a busy highway while cars are crossing and hitting one by accident. You didn't mean to shoot the vehicles, but you did it nonetheless. I believe that is a valid warning, and I will wait to hear SMT's decision.
  4. don't ping calamity he hasn't been staff in almost 2 years
  5. That has been photoshopped by a person in srt at the time named rocco rex.
  6. Accepted! Thank you for the report. Appropriate action against the player and or staff member will be taken to ensure that they receive the correct punishment.
  7. Denied. Due to a lack of evidence, or for no rules or guidelines being broken by the staff and or player, no action will be taken against them.
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