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  1. that looks amazing i love it
  2. Jayden, I am so happy for you for getting SMT but it does suck loosing you as my Co-Commander I hope you still hop on the job and ride together.
  3. Damn this is so funny bro why would the PD run into the bomb
  4. [GL] Mikey


    uhhh /dropmoney 5000
  5. -support the reason above explains everything
  6. well i agree with behappy umc does run this city
  7. Oml the amount of times I had to go to that place because someone hit a panic was insane
  8. It goes away after you hold Q and wait for all the items to pop up. It takes a little while like maybe 1-2 min
  9. Wow, I really don't know what to say but its sad to see you go, you have been in the staff team for a while now and were a great SMT member.
  10. [GL] Mikey

    Ban Appeal- Denied

    Here is the video if anyone wants to see so i don't need to explain, https://streamable.com/lwtzm3
  11. damn im not in state but damn