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  1. Your lucky Mikey was nice and didn't perma ban you. Putting an IP in your name is nothing to joke about, in any context, ever.
  2. Since I ever first started playing on PoliceRP I met this guy named Ecott. We hanged around with eachother and become great friends. I was looking for a custom class to join and he let me join his (My first cc) That class was called National Security Squad Force. Now it's known as Delta Squad. This department has gone very far. Something that was just an idea turned into something massive and successfully. Throughout its ups and downs it was always my home and always brought me to a great place. Ecott - Thank you, for everything, you gave me everything, especially being a true friend. Lead Delta Squad on, I will still be here if you need guidance. I will miss you my good friend. North - It was sad to see you resign, it really was, didn't get to say how sad I was that you left. You were like a brother to me, more than that honestly. You were straight up honest, a great leader, and got the job done. Rein - I swear to god you have so much potential in Delta Squad. But you cannot even pronounce "LOA" correctly you minge. I am joking, I will miss you my man, go strong, one day you will be where I am at! Shindoom - You and Rein have done so much for the department. It's all I ever wanted and you guys did it without question. This isn't even apart department stuff. You guys will get far in life, keep it up! Phil - Dude you are the most badass person I know. I see you in real life I would be running away lul. You have amazing work ethics and worked hard on Delta Squad with Rein and Shindoom. You guys are amazing, thank you! For everyone else in Delta Squad, you guys are doing amazing! Keep going strong and you will go far! I also wanted to make an apology because I only felt that was fair. Sometimes I felt like I didn't do as much as I should've for the department. I focused on making all of the other departments happier. So I apologize for anyone who felt like that. Godspeed: Lt Commander Calamity, 1K-31
  3. Thanks for everything man! Best of luck in your future!
  4. DENIED After intensive review, you have been sadly denied for PoliceRP Event Team. You can re-apply in 2 weeks.
  5. "Nothing too dispute" I stopped reading here
  6. Bruh I only have been playing GMOD for almost two years now and I have 5.5 K hours
  7. Hyped for secret service!
  8. ACCEPTED After intensive review, you have been accepted into the PoliceRP Event Team. Please talk to one of the PoliceRP Event Team Leaders.
  9. Calamity

    Vari- Denied

    This ban was the right person, you have continued to harass members calling them names in OOC with no remorse. You repeatedly called Ender names and a stupid/bad staff member. At least twenty staff members have told you to stop immediately and you refused to cooperate. You spammed members pm's in game and also in OOC of how bad the staff is and how the server is bad (Saying this in light terms). You and your friends have repeatedly received warnings for disrepect, harassment, and plain out breaking major server rules. Despite whatever happened to make you and your friends upset, that is never a reason to diss staff, the server, and the members who play it. I generally retract on punishments for diss because I can understand peoples frustrations however the things you said in OOC was unacceptable and have no right to say those things. That toxicity does not belong here within this community, staff spends countless hours working hard so people can enjoy their roleplay experiences.
  10. I swear this was already fixed
  11. "End of Summer" Event Week (8-10 to 8-14) (Anyone Can Attend This Event) What is this? Basically the whole week Monday through Friday we will do non-rp events, some of the most favorite events to! Why are we doing this? Well we feel like because everyone is stuck at home, we might as well give you guys a little more something to do. Schedule: The time for the events everyday is 5pm EST. Monday - 8/10 Event: Floor Drop Time: 5pm EST Tuesday - 8/11 Event: Roller Mine Survival Time: 5pm EST Wednesday - 8/12 Event: Parkour Events Time: 5pm EST Thursday - 8/13 Event: Rocket League Time: 5pm EST Friday - 8/14 Event: Purge Event Time: 5pm EST We hope you guys will enjoy! Make sure to come to each event! P.S. Make sure to apply for event team!!!! - Event Team Leader Calamity
  12. Please follow the format below. You MUST meet the word requirements. If denied you can reapply in two weeks! (If you have any questions please contact an Event Team Supervisor) - Event Team Leader Calamity Rules For Applying: Anyone can apply! Advertising you application will get you auto denied. Applicant must be well known within the community. Do not reply to your application. However feel free to edit it You must have a poll that says YES or NO, nothing else. Adding something else will get you auto denied. You must also have 15 warnings or below if you want to apply. If you have more than 15 warnings, you must have permission from the Event Team Leader to apply. The title must be the following: “Your Name” ‘s Event Team Application Example: Calamity’s Event Team Application Application Format: In-Game Name: Steam ID: ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): How many hours do you have on the server?: What is your general knowledge on the rules?: How many warns do you have? (No more than 15): Why do you want to join event team? (150 words+): Describe an event you could create (Be specific): If accepted, what time(s) are you available to hold events? (Must be in EST timezone) Monday - Friday: Saturday and Sunday: Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?
  13. By commenting "Read and understood" you agree not to break the guidelines and if caught doing so will be striked or removed. - Event Team Leader Calamity Guidelines: Roster: