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  1. DENIED Sorry, but community blacklist's are no longer appealable. You may not attempt to appeal this again!
  2. Doesn't even matter what you said here, to be honest I didn't even read your reasoning. Zeeptin banned you, and there is no appealing something that was 2 years ago. Actually this is a blacklist researching into this.
  3. DENIED Sorry, but community blacklist's are no longer appealable. You may not attempt to appeal this again!
  4. Well you are JMT, you need to be in support anyway
  5. Delta Squad Force Accepted Applications October If your name is on this list please contact a FTO listed on our roster to get trained! If you fail to contact an FTO within two weeks you are automatically removed no exceptions... Denied Applications If your name was not listed here, this means you were not accepted for anonymous reasons! Please reapply in two weeks!!!
  6. -Support Its a very well known rule to not jump off cliffs like that. It's Failrp plain and simple man, not rocket science. Also with the excuse "why didn't the other people get warned for this" not really relevant at all. It's like you and your friends threw paper at teacher, when the teacher turns around only saw you throwing paper. You get in trouble but not your friends. In my opinion it's a pathetic excuse, don't complain, don't break the rules in the first place.
  7. Accepted Please contact me, welcome to the PoliceRP Event Team!
  8. Only Leave +/- Supports on this post please :)! No need for arguing!
  9. This is a life lesson many should look into and need to understand. Age does not equal maturity, they are completely different. There is a couple of very very young members apart of our staff team who do an amazing job, even better than some older staff members. With that said they are even high ranking staff members. It takes maturity to be a good staff member, with that said I would encourage you to think about this. I can go on and on about this topic but I hope everyone understands.
  10. -Support In my opinion, yeah something cool to change or to have but I also think "why?" I feel like this has no actual sufficients or will really be something will actually help the server. Just feel it's kinda irrelevant and something that is not really needed.
  11. Thanks for the reply Jayden and sharing your opinion, I would like to share my thoughts on this. When I wrote my response I did not say that there was not anything wrong with having five accepted warn appeals, I made a statement saying these false warn appeals are pretty spread out within five months does not necessarily meaning anything as in it does not make you necessarily a bad person or bad staff member. Which led me into going into detail about each warn appeal actually giving supporting evidence of what he did wrong, I am guessing you never exactly read that part of my analysis. (I also went into detail about some of these false warn appeals are actually not false warnings, they were appealed just in petty of the player being given a verbal). "I agree that staff members do give out tons of warnings a day, but all of the warns he issued were off duty, and the number of warns given definitely decreases as a Senior Admin. That also leads me to believe that 5 false warn appeals is a little too much." I feel like you think Senior Admins tend to not warn as much (obviously because they are not required to take more sits) but I feel like it does not at all mean that senior admins can be very active and take care of more sits (More Warnings). For example it happened to me, when I was an admin with over two thousand sits compared to other admins having way less sits, I was more prone to getting reported. That is what I was trying to hint at in my post, hopefully this helped you understand better!