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  1. Introduction Hey guys, I am making simple/quick teamspeak banners if anyone wants one! PM me on discord (Calamity#0272). Glad I can help you guys out! Tell me what you want it to say (Normally I do staff rank, and some in game ranks) What color you want the background to be What do you want in the banner (Normally do custom classes, logos, Gaminglight icons/design) If you want anything else on it, you can always ask for me to do so and I can do my best Examples
  2. I will miss you Charlit, you are a great guy.
  3. Calamity

    Add Casino Back

    I am pretty sure PoliceRp SMT probably already decided what they want to do for the Casino.
  4. Stop arguing in here, only +/- Supports
  5. Please stop arguing in here please, take it to dms.
  6. In your perspective you are upset that you are getting -Supports. You think this is favoritism and corruption in staff, am I right? Lets bring this into a whole new light, this is a GMOd community. There are many people who come here and play, and from what I have seen. They are all -supporting your post... So generally everyone disagrees with you and your reports. Think about that for a second, maybe the issue is regarding you, not the staff, or the members in this community.
  7. I advise you guys read the MOTD and learn what failrp is, you guys are just reporting yourself.
  8. if I got a dollar for every single time someone suggested this I would be rich, no
  9. Calamity

    Ban Request

    +Support Ricardo already has 31 warns within two days of playtime
  10. Wow thank you so much! Cannot wait to play on this cc!
  11. The Hk 416 (Path is tfa_m27416) is showing up as an error on the server. I was wondering if this could be fixed, thank you !