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  1. +Support These seem to be old warnings! Good guy :)!
  2. +Support Active, knows the basic rules, he deserves a chance to be trial moderator.
  3. +Support - You have active and I have seen you a lot! - You seem like a nice guy - You know the basic rules - Deserves a shot on staff
  4. What you want to see?- What I would like to see is that ALL MTF branches are redacted. In which that means that no one knows who they are, their rank, name, leader or what they do! If someone does say these things, they are AOS/KOS. Why should we add it?- Playing the server for quite a bit now I have seen the differences between in each branch and what they do. I have seen that people love the roleplay being MTF, seeing how A1 they super quickly arrest someone for simply saying a redacted name. It adds a lot more roleplay opportunities when being KOS/AOS, it teaches other people how serious and fun it is to be in MTF and encourage them to join. Seeing how Alpha 1 operates with these rules in mind, it adds a lot more for them to do, makes them look very serious! Learning SCP lore, it seems like all MTF branches are redacted in which that means why wouldn't we have this already in the server? It is kinda weird how random d-class can just say "Hey it is Nu7 runnnnn" and not get reported for meta game since he does not know what exactly MTF are. What are the advantages of having this?- Having this will better staffing and the definition of Meta Game, In roleplay and out of charecter people should not know who MTF are, it does not make since why we would not have certain redacted rules set in place that will allow us to AOS/KOS people who say the following listed things above. Who is it mainly for?- All MTF branches along with all Site administration! And also helping staff better enforce Meta Game! Hopefully I could explain it in a decent way so you guys will understand, just a suggestion I talked to other command members about.
  5. My Side of The Story: If I am not mistaken. At that day, we had a problem with a certain SWEP and everyone was in slow motion mode. Some people have thought the server was being hacked (when it was not), but this person typed in OOC that they are hacking the server. After the command of my higher ups (Friendly Steve) and low ranking staff members sending in the Steam I.D of this person, therefore extended this ban for them. You should NEVER joke about hacking the server! We do not care if you can or is just joking, we take that threat as the #1 priority! If you threaten the server, you are not coming back from that one.
  6. I am just wondering why are you are not blacklisted, you showed us nothing your dispute to be unbanned. We do not tolerate people who disrespect management or who decides to raid our teamspeak server? and quite frankly, this was already denied, so no
  7. Calamity

    Motd fix

    +Support Yeah that rule was reverting when being released, should have been fixed!
  8. Calamity

    48 hrs I guess

    Sad to see you leave Event Team! Hopefully you will come back!