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  1. It's your fault to going against the staff team and Gaminglight. You guys just completely blew it and expect us to let you staff again. You went over to that community just for a higher rank. This only proves that you care about nothing but a rank. Your friends are blacklisted for this and decided to go rouge. You are just lucky your still able to play on Gaminglight servers. Just enjoy the servers/Roleplay, and learn from your mistakes. Oh by the way, Snar was the main person to give you the restriction.
  2. +Support Don't know if anyone realizes this, but being afk in a sit isn't a warnable offense within itself. Staff should only be giving rules infractions that are stated in the MOTD.
  3. -Support Over 15 warnings as I last saw in game Had constant problems with this person minging. High up Staff members complain about you Bad reputation with the SX family When I see you, you seem to have a immature attitude.
  4. + Support Good Staff App I don't see you on often on, might be me seems like a good guy Old Staff Member
  5. Calamity

    076-2 Nerf

    +Support Once 076 gets out, he just kills everyone, we cannot kill him since he has so much HP. When he is breached, he can never be killed, as in staying breached for an hour!
  6. -Support Lack of Evidence
  7. -Support - No, you advertised your staff application in ooc asking someone to +Support it and also commented on your own app. Just seemed like you read nothing about the rules and so on. - 11 Post on the forums is very low, I would expect a lot more. - Number 16 is not descriptive at all - Please reapply at a later date, I do not think your fit at all.
  8. Waiting for MiKeY's side and also the video to be uploaded :)!
  9. + Support - Active - Nice guy - Mature - Knows the rules - Good Reputation - But number 16 needs some work Good Luck ~Calamity
  10. +Support No Idea why is he banned from the server, he is an nice guy!
  11. This has been denied a lot of times, I don't want to repeat myself why that is.