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  1. Yes definitely supervisors + Command should have! I feel like this can spice up the roleplay more. Also will make the server look more professional. I don't see any lag problems with this swep!
  2. To be completely honest I rather have some more lag in trade for better roleplay. Ever since the original rockford map came out I had a lot more fun roleplay experiences than on True North. I like this Rockford map because we have a DOC base, State Base, Tac Base, PD, and more! True North doesn't offer that. I love the jailbreaks and consistent flow of crime. The map is just the perfect size as I feel like for chases and so on. Just my honest opinion! This Rockford map was specifically made for us so :)!!!
  3. I'm looking at CI when it comes to this.
  4. I banned you since you were Smoke trying to hide your voice, I have been spectating you for a long while. You broke many rules and you knew the rules very well when in sits. I had it confirmed by other staff members, there was more than enough evidence to ban you.
  5. Calamity

    Command Role Call.

    Name: Calamity Rank: CPT Date of submission: 1/12/2020 Last Meeting you attended: 1/11/2020 Reason for joining command: To help Police Officers have fun and teach them better ways to roleplay, setting good examples for others!
  6. Delta Squad Force Accepted Applications Tonto, Charlit, Bandit, Jeff Jr, Jack Hi, Burboon, TheJayden If your name is on this list please contact a FTO listed on our roster to get trained! If you fail to contact an FTO within two weeks you are automatically removed no exceptions... Denied Applications If your name was not listed here, this means you were not accepted for anonymous reasons! Please reapply in two weeks!!!
  7. After thinking about this I have choose to resign from my E11 position. I have been focusing on PoliceRP helping command, and focusing on my newly made department. To all E11 Command: You guys are amazing and you guys are very dedicated to E11. I am sorry I have to go leave you guys, I will always still be with you on Teamspeak and Discord For all E11: Keep it up guys! You impress command every single second of the day, thanks for everything
  8. Delta Squad Force “The unit is tasked with specialized missions primarily involving counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, and special reconnaissance” This task force under the code name "Task Force Delta" has been sent in the city of True North to stop the major crime that has plagued this city! This is declared a tactical unit that is sent in to aid other departments in taking down criminals.
  9. Steve missed a comma probably xD
  10. Delta Squad Force Please Read Delta Squad is an Specialized Tasked Force tasked to counter terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, and special reconnaissance. Once Applying you agree to our forum post, Handbook, and Gaminglights M.O.T.D You will be removed or denied if you do not follow these rules! Delta Squad Application Click Here
  11. Delta Squad Force Important Links Delta Squad Roster: Here Delta Squad Handbook: Here Delta Squad Discord: Here High Command Commander: Ecott Lieutenant Commander: Calamity Major: TBD Captain: TBD