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  1. - Support Impossible to enforce the rule, no one is counting, not necessary. I am pretty sure SMT would have already added this rule in if they did not feel like it was fit. It's also the whole point of using a button to open fading windows quickly and close them.
  2. - Support Nah dude, you still deserve the warn for dissing him in this post.
  3. My side of the story You said in ooc "Calamity you warn me I'm going to be a asshole to you", and followed by "you going to abuse power for me saying". I teleported to you and asked what was the problem, you guys continued to diss me saying I am a bad staff member. When I tried talking, you guys kept interrupting me. I took you guys up to a roof and asked what is going on. You guys kept interrupting me and saying you guys do not care. You guys were being really disrespectful to me and dissing me. I banned you guys for two days and Willy took it into his own hands and made it two weeks. -Support Staff diss is not tolerated under gaminglight period, staff members try their hardest every single day to make this community a greater place. They spend every single day for countless hours making sure everyone is able to enjoy their time on our gmod servers. It is generally insulting to staff when you say these things to staff members, and that is why we enforce these rules onto the server. Wait your ban please and come back with a empty mind :)!
  4. - Support I have already seen people think this and it's super wrong/mingy. This is really mingy and unprofessional. This will start out way to many shootouts. Making excuses to rdm etc, this will ruin a lot of roleplay. Unfair for everyone
  5. Nothing else much to say dude, we have format for a reason. We have no idea what is going on so SMT are just going to auto decline
  6. + Support This man is really active, I had no personal issues with him. He knows the rules and guidelines. I patrol with him on S.W.A.T, he is helpful and kind. As of now I feel like he deserves a chance to be a T-Mod :)!
  7. Your In-game: Calamity Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441397904 The admin's name in-game: Rouge and Birdnest The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: Combat Heal and NLR Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Just old warns I want removed :)!
  8. + Mega Support This guy is very creative, a good hearted person, and is a fantastic staff member. He is very active and good reputation within the community. At this given time he deserves to be on the event team.
  9. You are an awesome person Joe! Congrats on the milestone
  10. Calamity

    staff alppying

    - Support Lots of grammar errors, the last question is really really wrong. Not enough put into it as I feel like. Do not know you/never seen you unless I am mistaken. Make yourself well known please.