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  1. It is clear abuse but I would like @Zergto give his side.
  2. + Support Nice Guy Good intentions On TS a lot Active Mature
  3. +/- Support Last time we talked, you have a bad attitude and was decently mingy. Active in TS. Nice Application Knows rules.
  4. +/- Support Application could use some more effort and grammar/capitalization fixes. I have never seen you in TS (Could be timezone or something). You seem like a nice guy.
  5. + Support In TeamSpeak a lot Active Mature Nice application Good Guy
  6. + Support Basically always in TeamSpeak Mature Knows the rules Nice guy Nice Application
  7. + Support Kind Person Knows the rules An amazing dude. Mature Active Would make a great support member!
  8. + Support Awesome dude Knows the MOTD, Staff Handbook and Event Team SOP Lovely application Likes to build Friendly Person Professional and Mature
  9. - Support Reasoning above.
  10. - Support Dealt in-game by Myself & Demokiller. Overall, This situation was not only confusing but very tense and a lot of arguing (which was dealt with). The situation was dealt with already and it shouldn’t have gone on for an hour. BTW, this should be a player report not a staff report. The incident happened while he was RPing, not staffing.
  11. + Support After a long discussion, I have told Jay to make a false warn post.
  12. + Support Mature Person Active Knows the MOTD & Staff Handbook Knows how to lead. Responsible and Mature lad!