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  1. doesnt get a metion ;c
  2. Wow didnt get mentioned Big nerd = sad nerd
  3. - Thank you, Gaminglight. So many amazing memories. Community Resignation - Click Here (Click to the left)
  4. "We get dirty, and the world stays clean. That's the mission."- Captain Price Official Retirement Notice: SWAT Lieutenant Ender (Click the link to the left)
  5. - support no format so confused
  6. Major + Support Friendly Outgoing Does a damn job good Deserves a promotion Knows the MOTD and all rules. Well known.
  7. To who were accepted, Welcome and Congratulations on being Accepted in S.W.A.T. I cannot wait to meet you and hopefully watch your progress in this Department. King Regards, S.W.A.T Lieutenant Ender 22-D
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    that's hotter than you are