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  1. Waiting for @Jay? or @Jay KAPP. Whichever is the right account.
  2. + Support Active Definitely Mature Great Guy Knows how to handle situations Previous Staff Member Knows MOTD & Staff Handbook
  3. @Ryan The Epic GuyOh, look at my signature my man.
  4. Now, I am going to give you a lengthy response here, as you have put effort and time into this, so should I... To start off, I disagree with you, I say this because it has been mentioned before and denied. So, it is most likely going to get denied again. As for the age restriction, I understand where you are coming from, as a younger person's view or understanding can be limited or blocked. But, the same could go for anyone, including teenagers, adults, and so on. People are human (obviously) and nothing can change that, we all have our own opinions and things are here and done for a reason. But, an adult or whoever can act the same as a child, or someone lower than any age requirement. My overall point is, no matter who the person is, age, race, religion, etc. their views can be blocked and this age restriction you would want to put into place would not only ruin the freedom we have on the server but opportunities and experiences for everyone. That is why the community, along with JMT/SMT discuss staff applications and promotions and so on. Now, the reason that age, race, religion, gender, etc. were brought into this is that they all fall into the same category of 'restrictions or laws', whatever you want to call it. Like Will and Max have stated, they are given a Trial Period for a reason to see if they can deal with the pressure and responsibilities of being a staff member on any Gaminglight server. Everyone deserves a shot, and in the Sangu Mandanna, "If you expect the worse, you're only denying someone a chance to be better”. Other reasoning above as well, if you have any questions, please contact me through the Forums, Discord, TeamSpeak, etc. - Support I want to add on to my statement by the way about adults or people who are farther advanced in age that still act like kids - The experience that staffing gives, does change many people for the better and helps them improve multiple aspects like: Professionalism Maturity Owning Up to decisions Taking Responsibility The building of Critical thinking and decision making. Also, I do not appreciate you going after members of the staff team in this report as it, too me, seems 'targetted' towards them. The people you talk about in this report, Springs(Senior Moderator), Masterson (Senior Admin), Eternity (Senior Admin), Mikey(Super Admin), Jimmy James (Moderator). Many people mature and develop differently, and while some of them have matured more than others, it is because they are still learning and become better people, hence why Puberty and Phsyocogic and Mental Developments happen every single day because we are human. If you actually look at what happens in the world, nowadays, the minds take in more information than ever and help with the development process. The final thing, as I keep coming back to this suggestion, this is a video game. It isn't a driver's test or an application into a High-School or the next Presidental Candidate. It is a video game, where people are meant to have fun, and when you become staff, you are held to a higher standard to maintain maturity and too also learn. Obviously, if people did not believe in Masterson, Springs, etc. then they would not be where they are today. Also, bias happens over jealousy, which is a clear factor of all age groups, along with maturity, professionalism, responsibility, and so on... Do not make me go into Roleplay ranks for this as-well.
  5. General Kenobi, I've been expecting you.
  6. SWAT during the Purge: "Our target for this year's purge is hiding in your home. You have one hour to find him and give him to us or we will kill all of you. We will be coming in."
  7. + Support - Great Guy - Knows the Handbook of Staff and Event Team, along with MOTD. - Helpful and friendly - Helped me with an event today and showed what he can do, with little permissions. - Active - One of the most mature people I have seen in a while!
  8. + Support - Nice Guy - Knows the rules and staff handbook - Kinda high warnings. - He is nice and cool.
  9. EMS Applications 3/28/20 -- Accepted // Denied ~ Accepted Applicants ~ Tommy Hanks Whiteman ~ Denied Applicants ~ WinkleStink Congratulations on those who were accepted into Rockford EMS! THOSE WHO WERE ACCEPTED: Please be sure to contact an FTO for medical training by ONE WEEK or you will be removed. THOSE WHO WERE DENIED: Make sure to wait exactly ONE WEEK from today before reapplying for EMS. * TO FIND FTOs TO TRAIN YOU, PLEASE REFER TO THE FTO ROSTER INSIDE OF THE EMS ROSTER
  10. + Support - Good Guy - Has improved, majorly. - Active - Willing to hop onto Staff - Helpful
  11. I am pretty sure if you transfer more than once to PRP then you become staff restricted. Friendly Steve told me this a while back, do not know if it changed.
  12. Leave of Absence has been noted. - Ender Deputy Ender DR-2 Assistant Executive First Responder AEFR-2