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  1. your wasting everyones time with this report grow up
  2. lol i doubt it was u that players stopped playing on the server but millrp has been getting better latley
  3. Mega -support hasent answered every question that ain’t a steam id no effort what so ever
  4. Oops I forgot to write at the top
  5. so i just wanted to make this post because i feel like smt and emt dont get enough credit on how hard they work and i want to tell them that i appreciate them i just want to say thanks so much to all smt and emt you guys put so much effort into the server and make the server so much fun. i just want to say that i appreciate it so much and i cant thank you guys enough for the amount of time you guys put into the server. to all the staff. you guys are the best i want to say thanks to you guys for making the server a great place and keeping all the minges off it and making it fun for everyone. members: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING <3 NDSTF
  6. Still need to use format
  7. -support hasnt gotten all the permissions required
  8. First off don’t put thin in the suggetion second if u think someone is abusing make a staff report 3rd you haven’t even used a format
  9. i have a pet kangaroo