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  1. I don’t think a ban should be issued bans should be for major in game rule breaks not for spoiling movies however it’s pretty mingey and also a really dick thing to spoil something for others just because you’ve seen it DONT DO IT AGAIN.
  2. -support super disrespectfful you can’t handle staff sits well immature short temper
  3. +support said it was false pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop using black fonts its annoying to read
  4. Was legit saying the server was getting better dunno y your get angry
  5. Its ok changing to a -/+
  6. Well I did he wasn’t exactly clesr that he got permission until he edited the post after my reply to say he got permission
  7. -support u got denied not even a week ago
  8. your wasting everyones time with this report grow up
  9. lol i doubt it was u that players stopped playing on the server but millrp has been getting better latley