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  1. - support I remember your name and I do not have good memories of you on the server. Lessons need to be learned in life.
  2. In addition you could also add a kill board somewhere or like most rounds won
  3. +support Active Friendly GOOD LUCK -ALT COL Echo 1K34
  4. - support People paid money for it. Telling someone not to use something they paid for isn't the best Idea. Also if you make your base correctly they need more than one. Also pick more creative places to base or make your own base.
  5. - support Its gonna become plus support me hey plus support me hey plus support me hey please plus support me
  6. this happens when you get blood on a certain car then it blows up I think. It just happens on the server with random cars at random times. You could have an admin try !cleardecals and that should work
  7. I think thats only if 1. Youre the only staff on or 2. You are not directly involved with the sit. Ex someone rdms someone in front of you thats okay, but not someone making a claim against you because then its corrupt as an admin and there was other staff on the server who can take the sit. You guys should be working as a staff TEAM and not individual staff trying selfishly to climb the ladder ranks and is power hungry.
  8. + support Evidence is clear of something going wrong
  9. + support If everything is true. I believe this is also an example of someone taking their own sit with staff on at the time.
  10. +support Mature Friendly Ready - A LT COL Echo 1K34
  11. minecraft_v5 ? Rail cars would be cars and people rdming with bows
  12. if people pay for this then they should get the ability to change it, if its nerfed hard as your suggesting and I don't think SMT would like to issue these to people since its so common among CCs Also love this Willy