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    - support Disrespectful Not Mature No professionalism - RET LT COL Echo
  2. Echo

    Echos ARU Resignation

    Its been fun with you guys but I gotta go so thank. Eternity- I love the ARU flag and good luck with ARU in the Future Ruben- Enjoy the rubar sandwich, nah but it was fun kicking it with you Adios Guys ARU LT Echo TRJ26
  3. Echo

    Echos LT Resignation

    Hi read my other post in the State Channel for the reason. But its been fun with some of you Chef Dane- Thanks for being the best indonasian and being relatable in liking rice Matthew- I guess you were okay, baldy. Heres a Cap for you /me gives cap. But thanks for the fun LT Echo 1L34
  4. It has come to my attention that an event has occurred that I can no longer be active on the server. This is sudden for me and I would like to thank the following people for an experience here on State Ghostly- Thanks for being a good COL, Mrs.SpiritSamuraiGirl. Im sorry I had to leave while you were on LOA but I cannot handle the server anymore. North- Come swim over to my island and party with me. Lets both keep in touch and visit. Im sad to see you go too but its hasnt been the same with out you. Also thank you for coding the updates with State Kai- Thanks for being a dear friend and a great major. Thanks for pushing so hard in both servers but theres so much 1 person can do by themselves. Your pushing is truly an inspiration. Allistar- Cute Dutch Boi, I will miss you as a good CERT CMDR and good job reviving CERT Yobo- My sea man. Thanks for being a late night partner in crime or patrol partner. I will miss you dearly but keep in touch and make smart money decisions !! Maddog- is demoted but thanks for being Okay I guess? Nahh JK ill miss raiding with you on the server Just no more Youtube Videos Hombre !!1 Bailey- You were my OG from the GSC family. It was nice going on patrol with you Jack Lancer- Its great seeing you come so far I hope for the best for you. Gaur- Thanks for pushing so much for state it wouldnt have been the same with out you all these years. Good luck in school Zeeptin- If you have any questions abt HI message me on here or Discord !! Thank You, ACOL Echo 1K34
  5. Ok then my bad but Its a buff for "tac units" cause these basing rules are kind of shying away people from playing on Tac Jobs. Your thinking for 1 side only. The crims can be creative in their base and SMT can implement rules for these items. If youve ever used these items before or seen them used you would know how useful these are in a hard raid
  6. No your thinking from the criminal side. This is for Government only. Also the current basing rules give you a massive advantage with unlimited shooting windows and 5 fading doors. P.S Criminals would abuse having every PD available to spawn gas masks. "Hey OFC Spawn me in a gas mask"
  7. Aww Northy Puu State isn't gonna be fun no more without you !!
  8. Accepted Trooper List 7/29/19 MSGT Sion SGT Phenix SM Andrew LT Charlie CPL Jack HI Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations! ~ A. COL Echo 1K34
  9. What do you want to see? - An updated F4 menu for tac units to get more breaching charges, grenades, and armor Why should we add it? - It makes us not keep having to reset and it would be an overall buff to all tac units and not just specifically for 1 Dept. It would also be easier for Tac Units to raid with the 5 fading door rule and unlimited shooting windows What are the advantages of having this? - Its a buff to all Tac units and make playing on PD more enjoyable then it already is. Who is it mainly for? - All tac units on the server Links to any content- N/A
  10. -support I shouldn't be removed from the game Im not a problem XD