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  1. ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: 6/29/19 MSGT Game Theorist CPL Hannah SM Elapin Note: If you apply for state you must reach the word requirement or you will be denied immediately !!! Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations! ~ Acting Colonel Echo 1K34 
  2. + Support We need this for state
  3. Echo

    Staff report

    + Support Even though he isn't on duty he should be held at a higher standard because he is staff.
  4. +Support Clear evidence ~ Yikes
  5. Echo

    Bank Robbery

    - support RP wise people who bank raid are together at the beginning , PD calls for more back up not everyone gets back up. remember we still are a RP server
  6. Echo

    State Update

    The state update has arrived. Attention all SGT+s you must take the test by 7PM EST, those who have their name highlighted green have passed and those with red have failed. However once 7pm EST rolls around you may retake the test and the SOP will be enabled for you. If any SGT+ fails to take this test they will be spoken to at the meeting and be delayed with receiving the Supervisor job. However if something is going on let command know and we may work things out. As of yesterday the SOP has been disabled to test memory of the SOP and will return today at 7PM EST. Thank you for your cooperation in this update -LT COL Echo 1K34
  7. Ingame Name:Echo SteamID:STEAM_0:0:71697976 What date did you start playing on community: June 2017 ish When did you create your forums account: July 2017 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Sen Mod How many warns do you have on the server:0 What timezone do you live in: HST How often can you be on: Often Why do you want this position: I would like this position to help raise player count and increase RP Please explain why your skill sets as well as leadership skills will benefit the event team (500 words): I have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a good choice for people like you. I will list all my skills and then how I use them to benefit the staff team. Consultancy, this skill would be asking the event team on events that they would like to hold and what would be the appropriate events. Ex If we are in the snow we won't do an event that needs a forest setting. Also it would not be only event team we would talk to the community on what events they did or did not like. Group facilitation, would be used for a collaborative effort by the whole event team as we are a team and not an individual. We would have everyone put in their input and what they think in a safe manner and in an orderly fashion Training and mentoring, I would make a guideline to train new event team members on how to act and what to do. Also I will mentor the event team existing members to improve their way of rping and how to do it. (like show them and not just tell) Team management, would be a clear chain of command. How to handle issues with who needs to do what and who to follow in events (seniority) Team collaboration, I would collaborate with all members so people know what they are doing and how the event should go down. Also event team member will know who's doing what and why and when. Skill development, I would be able to make guides to develop the skills of new and existing event team members. Also we can learn skills from each other and gain skills from there. Event coordination, obviously coordinating 1 event with every event team member to ensure someone isn’t doing their own event while we are trying to plan an event. Also I would make sure everyone knows whats going on and the allowing of flexibility of events such as special forces doing a flanking maneuver Conflict resolution and Advising, if arguing occurs between event team member I would take in both of the opinions of the reporting party and the defense and make a decision that satisfies both. I would also advise them on how they would go about avoiding this type of conflict in the near future or with other people. Data collection and analysis, I would collect a general consensus of both players and event team members. My favor-ability would go towards the players as we are here to serve them. But I would not do an event that would stress out my event team members as I care for them. I would put all suggestions down and how to improve them for the future Complaint resolution, if someone one has a complaint I would look into the complaint and the party involved and look for a resolution. But also complaints could be “I didn't like the event”, I would take that into consideration and modify the events to change it. Also if event team members didn't like it then I would tailor an easier experience towards them Communication is key when it comes to a team, I would have a discord channel made with all the Event team members and have announcements in there. Also I would make forms for people to post LOAs as well as emergency LOAs. Planning is important for events. If I make this position I would have a document for every event if people are lost on what event to do. Also this would help new event team members. However event team members may do their own events if they have their Ideas but will need to add it to the doc. We will have small, medium and large scale events. Is Cute, Echo. “Echos Brain.” 12 June 2019. ( your welcome Richard) What is a detailed example of an event you would host (start from planning the event and end with ending the event): An event that I would like to do would be an ambush style of events based on the map. I would collect all the event team members and explain it to them. First the Germans are to go to every objective getting vital intel from the German spies. Then the Germans must go back the path that they took and be wary of ambush. The Allies could choose a point to ambush them at along the route. Once the ambush happens the Allies would have a certain amount of time to Neutralize the Germans and collect the intel. however if they fail the Allies must fall back to another Objective. At the same time Germany may call for reinforcements and must stay as the German reinforcement group together. This German group now is available to flank the Allies from behind as the first group is still trying to RTB with the intel. The German Side must have a radio operator to call for the reinforcements when called from the original group along with the Allies . Also When the Allies Retreat they are also available to call for back up but the reinforcements must leave together. During this time this would be called the planning phase #2. If the allies can repel the counter attack and kill all the German then they win. If the Germans successfully kill all the Allies then they return to their base with the Intel. And I would end it with a thank you to all who participated inviting any feedback. Also based on player count and departments vehicles may be banned along with artillery strikes.