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  1. I have contacted the owner of the CC and await a response. Message me in discord for updates/questions.
  2. CC Job Name: Fire Marshall Vehicle Pack to be added: Total Size : 29.191 MB Between 20MB and 30MB - extra $100 on top of $80: Total $180 Paid for by the following: STEAM_0:0:71697976 ($60) STEAM_0:1:120670592 ($60) STEAM_0:1:456500954 ($60) Total of all 3 SteamID's: $180 Owner of CC: STEAM_0:0:71697976
  3. Approved Job Name: Fire Marshall
  4. In addition to that they should not have any access to the PD car dealers because those belong to GOVERNMENT not a neutral class
  5. SteamID of Owner: STEAM_0:0:71697976 Job Name: Fire Marshall SteamID of player added: STEAM_0:1:96164252 SteamID of player who paid: STEAM_0:0:71697976 ($20)
  6. - Support No evidence
  7. Hi all, I feel burnout with State and I will be returning to reserves and I will be working on TTT. Hope to see some of you on TTT, the best time is when I am on ;). As the canadians say : Peace OOOOOUUUUUTTT Adios, Echo 1K34
  8. This is a Map Secret for Minecraft City The secret is the hidden cake room. This room just has a nether portal that will teleport player to a location on the map. To to this you must flip the torches in the specific order. The first torch is located in the castle as you walk in. Click the torch and it should turn blue The next torch is located in the boathouse on the wall near the the window with torches on them. The torch you need to click is the one furthest to the left in the row of torches. Next go to the main house and down the ladder. Follow the path till you reach a torch near gravel above a ladder. Click the torch. Then the next torch is down the water path leading to the Tester. You will see some broken cobblestone for you to break. Break it and click the torch on the inside. Finally head back inside the house and click the torch on the right. Once you do that then the bookcases should open and you should have access to the Cake Room !! Thats all folks !! -Said Looney Toons, But thats basically it for this map. Hope you enjoy
  9. Hello this is the Map Guide on the map Minecraft_B5 In this map there is one easter egg/achievable goal for innocents. This is the diamond block. To do this easter egg you must find all 9 raw diamond ores located around the map in these places. When they spawn in there is 9 different places that the blocks may or may not spawn at. Pictured below is the possible spawn places for the ore blocks. As you are getting the ores, put them in the furnace and then once you get 9 a Solid Diamond Block will appear out of the furnace. In addition to that the sign next to the furnace will tell you how much more diamond blocks you will need. After you get the Solid Diamond Block bring it to the second floor of the tower and put it on the chest that asks for the Diamond block. After this the round will end and innocents will win !! All players will be teleported to the End where everyone can shoot each other. A fun fact with rules on Minecraft B5 is that if someone is seen throwing away the Golden or any of the diamond blocks then they can be KOS 'ed Have fun with this little secret and secretly win the round if the traitors are not paying attention or hesitating !!!
  10. Hello All, This is the first of many map guides !! MAP: Community Bowling In the map community bowling there is one hidden secret/ easter egg and that is the hidden knife. So first you will have to find this button hidden at the back of the alleys and behind the shelf on the wall. Press this button and continue (Pictures will displayed under text) Click the button once and move down the hall and take a right till you reach a hallway of doors. Then go in the third door on the right coming from the tester . The button you will need to press is in between 2 boxes a wooden stack and a cardboard stack. It looks far but just look in the general direction and you should be able to hit the button. The next button is located in the alley near the restrooms. Look for a couch near a door and you will see the button in the space between the door and the couch. However with this button you will need to press it 5 times. The button will go down but don't panic as it will reappear in a second or two. Then you are going to head to the tester and go all the way down and enter the door on the right side. As you enter the room on your right should be some metal tables and there should be money on the table. Using you Magneto Stick pick up the bill and go to the other room down the hall. In this room you should see a vending machine. Touch the money and vending machine together. Then the vending machine should open and display a laser inside. Then walk in the the laser.\ Finally hit the orange button in front of you and the doors to your left should open and viola there is the Secret Knife. Grabbing the knife will kickstart the special music. And once your done if anyone enters the vending machine after grabbing the knife they will slowly take damage. Thank you for reading !!