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  1. +Support. Maddog and I were fooling around and I got into a sit then He killed me not realizing. I told him afterwards and he did apologize in-game +Support
  2. FBI High Command has decided to follow in your decision
  3. - Support I had my suspicions about you. I first started to question you when you landed 5 perfect headshots on me with an AWP though fencing that was materialized then the time you hit me twice though the map walls. Also how you landed all headshots with the MP9 and killed 23 gov by yourself in that one raid. I just put it up to you knew how to fire well. I was still suspicious so I started to spectate you randomly. Last night being one of those times. You were locking onto people though walls and fences + you were landing all AWP shots while the target was moving. As a top GL Marksman who has seen every type of marksman from bad to hannah grade, Your shots would not have been possible. Sure you could just be great but It looks very sus.
  4. Player Has 51 Unique warns as of September the first 2019 Player is also Permanently minged by JMT
  5. Because you can't make another account if your original is banned. You can get blacklisted from doing that
  6. You guys are speculating. Are we all forgetting the fact that the subject is most likely banned from the forums? So what? His friend might not even play on GL and made an account to post this for him which is fine! Let's not use the Narrative of "guilty until proven innocent" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Support I believe after 2 years you had the time to change your ways I also believe in Second Chances
  7. It's really sad to see you go. You were a really good member of ARU. While short-lived, I hope to see you around on patrol!
  8. What you want to see? - The Removeal of the Rule: You CAN steal government vehicles, but it must be three or more people stealing the car. If less, you can be warned for "Breech of Stealing cop car rules". You, including the entire group of people and family, can only steal cop cars every 15 minutes. Stealing a cop car can land you 10 years in jail. The person driving has to advert carjack and everyone involved has to advert assist. Why should we remove it? - This rule is causing more problems and is outways the RP it was supposed to bring. Heres a list of what the problems are and issues that will happen: A. I was on the server for 5 minutes and had it stolen by a group of 4 people waiting on the side of the road 5 seconds after I left it in a foot pursuit. B. This allows a group of people to target Officers now. C. This is a new excuse for Families to get into huge NON-RP shootouts with police because they know that the police will shoot at the cars. ( I saw this happen 3 times in the span of 15 minutes). D. It's not stated that you cant steal EMS Vehicles and EMS won't be able to get around. E. It will get really annoying to have your car stolen in mountains with or without a prisoner and having no means of transport. F. As proven in practice, People do not keep with the MOTD and staff will have a huge volume of reports to deal with. (I had 7 in 15 minutes cause of a family Car Hopping) G. Its Unrealistic. Most Police Cars will not start/SecureIdle won't deactivate if the Police Officers Keys are not within 3 feet of the car. H. What are the advantages of removing this? - Reduces the amount of terroristic like shootings by huge groups of people. Reduces Mingling. Diminishes Harassment and targeting Who is it mainly for? - Government Links to any content - N/A
  9. Bro I stopped the train myself alone mid-way without any props
  10. When a staff member tells you to stop doing something then you need to stop the action. The staff has the final word overall actions on the server and I felt that your carjacking their gtr would only lead to more drama hence why I told you to not do it again. You never said I then AM A then DUMBASS. You Said IM MOVING then DUMBASS (I distinctly remember that being the deciding factor for the warning. While other admins may be laxer with Player Diss. I take using Gay as an insult more harshly for my own personal reasons. You followed them. I was watching you for over an hour mind you. You rammed them more then they rammed you. Not to mention every single time you saw them you Leeroyed right into one of their cars then took off, They followed you once for mabey a minute or so.
  11. - Support ( I don't have any evidence for anything I talk about here so you take it as what you think) You were not fully honest in this Appeal 1. Player Diss---You said "IM MOVING" then "DUMBASS", Not "I am Dumbass". You got hostile towards me when I told you it was playerdiss. Called someone Gay and a Dumbass is not Acceptable in RP or not. 2. The GTR---The reason why I did not warn the person first was that There were 3 people named Tay K and there was not enough evidence to who actually stole the car. After the second time, I thought that your staff calls were a response to getting warned. While it was a bad decision on my part to not look into it more I do believe that you were attempted to get back at them (At the time) . You were harassing them. A, You kept stealing there GTR, Driving it to a random spot (Your base or other Place) then Abandoning it then Called staff when they respawned it after 5-10 minutes. Staff got what, 5-8 Staff calls from you about them respawning the car? I asked you to stop taking the car and you Flat out said like "Nah, I'm going to keep doing it" or "Nope". I set up a trap where I asked the owner to let me have the GTR and I let you have it. You took it, Hid it then Stole another car. You called and Admin when you saw them with the GTR at Car Spawn 7 minutes later. 3. Harassment--- You were Constantly Harassing the Family. I spectated you for around an hour and I was really close to warning you. You were consistently ramming them and saying "THX FOR THE CAR" and "HAHAHAHAHA" after you stole the GTR. When you were asked to stop by the family and even a DD member, You refused and kept on doing it. Then you ARDMed and said "Pay back" or something around that. You were Tanting them in chat and Arguing in chat with them even though I told you to stop. In my opinion, this Warn appeal should have never been made. You left out a good portion of what actually happened and Also you were not honest in the Appeal @K1LLER._.
  12. Nah. We would have killed each other