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  1. Special thanks to Tigersden for Driving in 2 scenes
  2. Releasing here at 3pm EST 9/20/2020. Moving to the SWAT Forum after 24 hours after relapse
  3. I dunno why I have to make a forums report when this could have been handled ingame but Your in game name: Cole Sladvak UMC Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92941799 The player's in game name: Bryan Bandit The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:443447193 What did the player do: Broke FearRP when he Put his nova away then pulled a NeGev after a few seconds Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Simple Warn Any extra information:
  4. You're going to draw on a drawn gun IRL? Alright Steve Margaret. Please. be my guest and look up any police incident where someone tried to draw a gun on a cop who already had their gun out and on target. it never ends well even if they get their gun out. This leads right back into the whole suggestion. Not only should Drawing on a drawed gun be failrp because its Not valuing your life. It breaks RP. Cops on GL are limited to handcuffs, Taser, Firearm. Cops cant go hands on. Cops cant disarm without using lethal. Which loops back to 1v1 fearRP and why it should be disallowed to pull a gun when gov have you under gunpoint actively trying to arrest you.
  5. What you want to see? - The 1v1 FearRP rule changed. As of now. Civ/Crim class may put anyone under FearRP in a 1v1 if they are Mugging or Kidnapping. But Government may not put someone under FearRP in a 1v1 Situation even if the Officer has lethal out and is actively attempting to detain. Why should we add it? - It makes more sense and it balances FearRP. If a Crim can put you as Gov under FearRP for a mug or to be kidnapped in a 1v1. Its only fair that Gov can put a crim under FearRP when they are actively trying to Detaining/Arresting you in a 1v1. Now, I know it will be brought up. "Then just have more then two people or just get backup". Here are my counter arguments. Then just have more then one person - Yes, I agree that any gov should have a partner or squad. But sometimes its just not possible. For departments such as FBI who cant ride with anyone other then FBI without command permission.. Or if there is a single tac on. or a Lone pd very late at night. Its simply not possible to get a partner so you have to ride solo. Its very difficult to do your job when you cant even arrest someone without the probability of them pulling a gun themselves. just get backup - Back up while always great to have is sometimes non-existent and in an admin sit or another situation, Off radio, too far away, or a situation develops too fast for backup to get there in time or the backup you have is unequivocal. I.E, You're and FBI Agent dealing with a CC in subs and your only backup is an OFC who must walk everywhere who is at spawn dealing with minges. Its gets very old very fast. Gov must deal with crime if they see it or they can be charged with negligence. Meaning If I see a CC pull out a class weapon, I have to deal with it or I can get into trouble. But im alone and I have a 20% chance of actually succeeding in a firefight with the CC and I cant FearRP them. Its not fair to gov and makes playing gov solo un-enjoyable. It also makes 0 RP sense that If I have a Suspect under AWP point barking orders at them to put their hands up, that they can pull out a NeGev and Swiss cheese thye ass before I even get a shot off. What are the advantages of having this? - Changing this will give Government an advantage where they don't have one. Changing this will give Gov, Especially solo Officers and agents a sense of security when dealing with people alone. Changing this will make gov more fun for the lone wolves out there. Changing this will make it possible for gov to carry out their duties when there is only one gov on and 20 crims. Who is it mainly for? - Gov. Links to any content - If you are going to -Support. Dont just say -Support. Leave a comment why and what you dont agree with. If you are going to +Support. Leave a comment why or if you have an experience with this, tell your story
  6. Video Was made using both Single Player and GL Gameplay of me to Reperesent the day to day of a GamingLight PD Officer.
  7. and Im back. Event got canceled
  8. In-Game Name: ColeSooooft Grey Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92941799 Rank: SGT Length of LOA: 6-27 to 7-31 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Down in LA Training
  9. + Support I love Paralake. Its large with a lot of places to base. Has a large jail. A Large PD. Looks new.
  10. What you want to see? - Players Preforming hits (on assassin or on a CC) may not be actively with a Family. ( Meaning the player doesn't have a family name in their name or job title while they are preforming hits. ) What are the advantages of having this? - Prevents abuse. Lately I've seen Assassins and CC's running around with their family doing hits. This is an Issue because it give the Assassin a Unfair advantage and is super frustrating to deal with. Assassin: Shoots at target Target: Shoots Back Assassins Family: That player is shooting at our family member so lets shoot them. This leaves the Target in a 1v# that they didn't ask for or initiate. I have had personal experience with this. Was on FBI. UMC CC had a hit on. Said UMC shows up with 5 others. UMC shoots at me. I shot back. other 5 UMCs pull weapons. Im in a 1v6 that came out of seemingly nowhere. Its really frustrating because I didnt want that fight. I never asked for that fight. I didnt even start the fight. And the RP situation i was in has now turned into all out Negev warfare. I Had an assassin Fubar me. I shot him back and I was furbared from behind by his family. I want to see this as a rule to increase the RP and make the server more enjoyable. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone