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  1. I was going to put you there but you arent in DS anymore
  2. Name: frog What job you want: Music Man Why you want: i like to play music
  3. Its been fun guys, ill miss all of you Ill still radio for you Ecott, Calamity, North, TheJayden - Thanks for being great command, love you guys Rein, Shindoom, Phil - Will miss the EU homies Winkle, Whale, Pittman - loved chilling with you guys Zoey, Jay, Tiger, Zerg, Bird - all around good friends ribbit
  4. +/- Support + because you should be able to answer questions that are asked on your application - because it could make the applications more disorganized
  5. -Support In this community Racism = Not Ok, how hard is it to understand that?
  6. BIG + SUPPORT Towelie is honestly a great guy, hes a great command member and one of the most helpful staff members I have had the pleasure to interact with. He knows a lot and really loves what he does. He would make a great Senior Moderator and I'm pretty surprised that he isn't already SM by now. Best of luck!
  7. damn im really gonna miss you
  8. frog milk

    Frog's LOA

    Name: Frog Rank: SAIC LOA Time: 5/21-5/28 Reason: Need a break.
  9. DJ name frog weeks idk cc yes why job: porman said to be dj
  10. frog milk

    BRUH'S Retierment

    BRUH, you've been a great mentor to me in the FBI, very sad to see you go. I wish you the best