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  1. by the time SMT gets to this youll be unbanned
  2. posted it in the evidence thinga
  3. Your In-game: Torty Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:160202308 The admin's name in-game: SpadeH The admin's steam name (If you know it): no clue What warning did you receive: FailRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): so i have a video but my shadow play isnt letting it upload i can always screen share it with someone... (i will try to upload it but idk if it will work)... update video uploaded right here Why do you think this warn was false: So i was on crip and i had a hostage and i was negotiating with spade on his life. there was a white taurus infront of the gen store belonging to SPRT... i told him to get the the officer that owned the car to move it onto the street and away from the building, at this point the SPRT came out from behind the building and drove the taurus directly behind the building... i put 2 and 2 together and thought well since he drove the taurus behind the building he will also be there... so then i told spade to get the person that drove the taurus behind the building to drive it back out and drive away on the road... he refused to do so at which point started threatening to move in and take my life. after he made that threat i kept repeating my demand which was move the taurus out from behind the building and drive away with it on the road. he then said no and threatend me to move in again this went on a few more times at which point he threatend for the last time to move in so then i killed the hostage since he was threatening my life. Any extra information: i know that he is allowed to warn me like that but i believe that something that is complicated as of this one should be brought to a sit or should talk to me first
  4. Torty

    48 hour notice

    I like everyone in the department.. but i dont think it is the one for me ive made my decision over the month or so ive been there. i would like to give a thanks to Ender-amazing command member and thank you for putting so much work into the department Elapin-Your just the best my man
  5. yea i was sitting in this screen for 30 min, unitil i took a few hard looks at my C drive and found i had a full gmod file. this issue has been resolved
  6. So when i load in i succsefully load in then it doesnt fully load it as seen in the SS here... if anyone knows how to fix this this would be great
  7. Name: Torty Rank: SSA Date: 7/3/2020
  8. "Ya know not doing this is a option" IM WEAK
  9. Torty

    911 Calls - Denied

    Yea so the reason of this is number one speed. and number two cadets will have to have extra training to know the entire map. i like that you are trying to update Dispatch. but i believe this is the wrong way to go about it.
  10. What you want to see? - HD Air Why should we add it? - The air is not HD enough What are the advantages of having this? - we can see more clearly, and it is 0.000 MBs so it doesnt cause lag! Who is it mainly for? - Everyone! Links to any content -