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  1. Im not your favorite squeaker );
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but using donator weapons to kill someone isn’t failrp so this doesn’t make sense, he donated for the golf club and he can use it
  3. In-Game name: Torty CC name: RU: Alpha Assault Force Bug: The vehicle that i purchased on this post wasnt added to the CC (i dont have perms to spawn it) it says "No access to RU T4 bomber"
  4. +Support Good Soldier Active Nice guy Good luck
  5. +Support UH YES +Good soldier +active +Could work on respect for other team but i think its not that bad
  6. -support Terrible at RP Not very active on server/PD in general Doesn't have ANY leadership skills on SCU command Doesn't know how to handle stressful situations Overall just doesn't seem fit
  7. uhm sorry reit, but this is a little clear, but this player in my opinion shouldnt be banned, maybe a warning. but +Support
  8. +Support on the RDM part, but there is no evidence of LTAP This player should be warned for RDM!