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  1. /me takes out RAID SHADOW LEGENDS and plays... uhhhh +support?
  2. Ok boomer, jk honestly i would like to congratulate y'all on achievements and things y'all have accomplished.
  3. I just dont think that hefty warn is needed *For me* Cause i have Intention to RP and i also had intentions not to hurt you i also understand that failRP but i had intentions to RP and it was not me nor FBI that meta gamed... but if that is what is necessary that is ok.
  4. My side: I was informed that that dog was somewhat of a information dog and could smell stuff like that with a swep they had or smthn, i was later informed it was failRP, if you would like your money back ETC i can compensate for about 1-2 mil that it would cost. My fault i didnt know he didnt actually know they where there +support I dont understand why a warn would take place due to no one knowing what is going on, but that will be up to SMT
  5. +/- Support +Chill kid +Deserves it -Low forums activity -No poll -could use some more activity everyday *Not saying its bad just could have some more*
  6. +Support +Its annoying when all the gov just sit outside and dont follow orders of negotiations then move in and 1min *When there actually is 2min* +There is normally more gov then crim so the only way to successfully raid bank +It gives more time to play raid shadow legends Overall Good idea!
  7. I trained you 3 days ago...
  8. Yes i also see him on early and when he is needed. He also understands when someone says something and has been Moderator a while! Good luck springs!