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  1. +/- support not very active low forums activity after saying you are active on your app. good application mature
  2. +support adds rp
  3. What you want to see? - Being able to shoot tires (again) Why should we add it? - In theory we want the safest way to stop the driver, like using spike strips. However, sprike stripes are hard to use because it isn't very hard to off road in this game. Being able to shoot the tires will bring the driver to a stop safer than any other way. What are the advantages of having this? - We can save time during 10-80s. We also save the driver from crashing or being shot. Who is it mainly for? - Government Links to any content - N/A
  4. -support inactive Previously blacklisted Loses temper easily Not fit for role I have physical never seen you on
  5. +support People act better once they are older and if you think other wise get new friends
  6. +Support Was taking a hostage(Taking a hostage is a crime if you didn't know will) which gives Jimmy james full authority to shoot government.
  7. +support beans pulled out a gun while being shot at, this means that he can pull out a gun if he desires. (Because he is dying)
  8. +support active low warns senior admin so he knows the rules LT for a long time so he can handle situations very well lots of field experience good application
  9. +support unrealistic doesn’t matter if “automatically code red” In theory we want the safest way to stop the driver, not kill them