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  1. +support false warn no sit was started will should know to start a sit if someone did something wrong. warned out of nowhere only one sided story
  2. Ok you can stop but you did say pax and I have proof of calamity saying that he was in the sits, and it’s proof over your words
  3. Ok so calamity did not review the footage of pax. Why lie ender
  4. You were in the sit and he was removed hours after the sit (from payday) ender even told me you were reviewing the footage lmao don’t lie now doesn’t look good on you
  5. So that’s what he’s asking for no harm in hating
  6. Maybe read it and see what it’s about
  7. +support no actual reason to kill me it’s a ticket clearly breaks nlr minge was warned many times that same hour before this invisible door
  8. raz you were one of my best friends on ems and we grew as a family on ems but agian all good times come to a end. its sad to see you go!!!!!!
  9. damn 5'4... Bye bye kitty, it is really sad to see you go!
  10. ?????? what ??? but the reason is true, im getting bored too.