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  1. Date 4/1/2020 ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST : James M ( STEAM_1:1:80854686 @James M) Tayson Terry ( STEAM_0:1:197725176 @Tayson Terry ) SkullCap ( STEAM_1:1:201454075 @SkullCap256 ) SGT Lesharkie 1A70 1 strike policy ( STEAM_1:0:23764146 @Lesharkie ) LCPL Apollo 1A35 ( STEAM_0:1:442669957 @(NHR) Apollo ) J Paullen ( STEAM_0:0:88411824 @HappehDoge ) Musty 1 strike policy ( STEAM_0:1:155736481 @Musty Flow) DENIED TROOPER LIST: SGT WinkleStink 1B46 Under the word count | Do your research "S.E.R.T" isn't a thing Demokiller Put some effort | Nothing made sense in Why should we accept youn CPL Squibs 1A61 Under the word count | Make sure to know your warns LCPL Dewey 1A81 Warn steam ID | Under the word count Twister Playz Under the word count | Over the warn limit
  2. + Support May staff show the evidence of how he broke Fear RP. My analysis of a Tac Unit being shot at : When someone takes out a gun on you, then you're under Fear RP. However, when the shooting starts, the Fear in this scenario begins to fall off as he is expecting it as well as the confidant of the vest, saving him from the bullets leading him to take shots and fall back to recover his gun. - I was in this shooting, and I was the one who started the fire to begin within. My point of view he did what anyone would have done to fall back and get cover.
  3. -/+ Support need logs to view to make my last
  4. Date 3/17/2020 ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST : ZlatozarBG ( has it ) Hydra ( has it ) Betty ( has it ) Derick ( has it ) Tob1as ( has it ) Hunter ( Talk to command STEAM_0:0:182542409 ) SpadeH ( STEAM_1:0:148873827 ) DENIED TROOPER LIST: Lesharkie ( Pass the warning limit, however, improve your repetition to have a chance ) placecorey ( Didn't write 75 words and as well wrong steam ID ) Twister Playz ( Under the word count Pass the warning limit, however, improve your repetition to have a chance ) Freshhkiicks ( SX Family is ban from State Police ) Mersive ( Read State SOP ) RyanWhiskey ( Wrong Steam ID ) SkullCap ( wrong Steam ID )
  6. That's an irrelevant statement. However, those were given by SMT themself and left them there for years now. And one of them was ArmyGuy who give it to me
  7. +Support for myself as well and the following above Also, before you say I was wrong or doing anything bad or unlawful, look at how I look back when you ran the first stop sign and let you go and if you did it by accident. When I was putting spikes under your car, cause no harm to your well-being. It turns out to my concerns your trying to loopholes the rules. I did state the reasons; however, the recording doesn't pick my mic, but you seem to stop asking it the question and change to us being "hostile" to you when we told you that your family (Payday) is known for causing shootings. It's not SX or Bloods or even Crips. Its either Payday or UMC. I gotten invited to play on an RP server with another a few other people, and never did I saw a staff member broken a rule before. Police RP as a whole has been going down due to how the staff team deals with sits. Banning someone or warning someone isn't going to help the community. If staff talk to those people who "minges" on the server, there would be more people on the server
  8. ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: 02/09/2020 Buddyg Noah REmiX DENIED TROOPER LIST: 02/09/2020 Jeffern - Under the word count of 75 Nathan Goochington - Pass the warn limit