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  1. Your In-game: ExoTic Maddog The admin's name in-game: UncreativeDaniel ( DanielSteven13 Forum name ) The admin's steam name (If you know it): I don't know What warning did you receive: LTAP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1834094398 Why do you think this warn was false: I know this is a false warning because I was going to jail and my game stop and then it said, " Out of memory." I don't know how this game could use up all of my 32 GB of ram but it did. Any extra information: I talked to staff about such as MikeY to see what the log says when that happened and he said, that I timed out which is I crash.
  2. Let me make things clear for you Jimmy if you're going to advert that you're going to tazed someone, such as any family members there will be shoot outs every second you step out of spawn. Therefore the adverting you claim is relevant due to the fact that its a one-second thing.
  3. I having a strong believe that you guys and girls don't read what I type, I literally stated the reason why I asked for there ID and I couldn't advert that, just the same reason you cant advert I'm going to catch the person who is going to kill themselves? I'm pretty sure I said he was reaching for my gun/weapons. Not tazer rushed bud
  4. I thought lying on the forums as an admin was not allowed, however if you were really spectating then you will know that be never went to jail, Fallen called staff and we talked about it and I said, " ok we will do an investigation." Its also funny how you use the word "mingey" when you gas hostages during a bank raid basically pulling an ArmyGuy. The only reasons why I was forced on the King's were due to the high intense of violence the family has been doing. People came to me in Teamspeak to help lower the crime rate. The only way to lower the crime rate is to stop those who are causing problems. Another false claim, the text state," Arresting him and leaving him unattended to raid a base was not professional and just looks bad for C.E.R.T." If you can point what where and when did I left him unattended I will apologize for it. The 3rd bullet point is another proof that he/she really wasn't watching if your arrest you will respawn. Everyone that's gov know this about this, which really shows I never arrest him. Another proof that he/she is lying about spectating us, if I wasn't corporating with staff then they would have given me a warn, sweet heart. Since staff were complaing so much I said," fine, here I will let him go." Its funny because Fallen isn't a person to make a player report unless hes forced by others. The real reason behind all this is because I was in actor of being a CERT member and not knowing anyone. However I strongly believe that you have used your staff rank to talk to other staff members that I was in the wrong, but prove me wrong.
  5. Getting my point across the board, however, you stand for what's right not what you think is right.
  6. - Support The player report on me has been dealt with by a couple of staff member at the time. However, the aforementioned is an ongoing problem. I want to make things clear about this. Everywhere in the world has there a rule of thumb ( common sense ); where you're not allowed to get up & close to an officer's or person. Anyone that's non-government should be within a couple of feet back at all-time. However, he has gotten too close as he did in the video, he has gotten extremely close to me, and I have given a non-verbal sign that he was too close to me. This non-verbal sign was me stepping back; telling him that, " Hey, bud, you're too close; stay with our distance." So then I have taken out my stun gun and tazed him. The claim about him reaching for my armed was due to the act that he looked at my gun holster, it also shows in the video @ 0:41. In the police training, anyone that looks at your gun and runs towards you is a threat. Here's video proof of a man looks at an officer gun and gets closer and reach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYnw4sm87UU. Since they're pushing on the server the only other way I can do it is by tazing him. To my knowledge, I thought EMS had already have gotten him, but that wasn't the first thing that got to my head,
  7. I was there and there was no one else in the base
  8. - Support Sorry, but to me, it looks like you cut out a big chunk of this. If you have more screenshots of the chat please send them cause this will give us the full picture. To me, right now with what you supplied it looks like you were telling him to do certain things and he replied in this way. Also, he would have had no clue it was an admin sit since it was made in spawn and well... they are meant to be done where RP won't interfere with them. Yes, he could have said the sentence in a different way but he didn't have any information about the sit. There is also admin chat (if Yobo was on administrator at the time) the admin dealing with the sit might have asked for his help, so it a not very clear what exactly happened since you haven't given us the full chat
  9. So I won the server event on Police Rp and Fame, and Yobo gave me perms to join his custom class. ( That's about it ) I'm being added the Pink Panther , custom class. My steam id is STEAM_0:1:125339230
  10. Name: ExoTic Maddog Rank: SGT How active are you in SWAT: 24/7 ( Whenever I'm needed I will be there ) What do you want to see change within the department?: N/A What do you think command can improve on?: N/A
  11. + Support I have played on the server and he was the one that help me with the server and show me how to play and took his time to teach me unlike other staff
  12. Going on LOA ofc from 7/9/2019 - 7/12/2019 Can't say what I'm doing its private.
  13. I look like like a sad boy XD