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  1. +Support Active Respectful Good Judgement Nice Mature Good knowledge of staff handbook Good knowledge of MOTD Good App. Put my name in green (XD) Deserves the PROMO!!!!!
  2. + Support Mass Minge | NITRP | RDM | Terrorism A gov. custom class killing DOC and then breaking into DOC because he wants to when he's in control. Also he said," see yall next time! terrorist out !" The fact that he kills Chicken at DOC and RDM him, he also claims to being a terrorist which we all know terrorism is not allowed.
  3. ExoTic Maddog Face Reveal ( Not Fake ). Heads up I'm a football player and a basketball player also 6'4 Explaining why I'm so big
  4. You need to show proof that's all
  5. + Support Very time I try to call staff for a person breaking the rules they come half an hour by that time I just tell staff the reason why to warn him. ( Ex. !warn Tom Cop bait | Failed Rp | NITRP | NRL | Ltap ) I do this every time staff takes longer then 10 minutes and I this is very common. The Rp on this server gone down hill. We need more staff and also more staff looking around for the people who are breaking the rules where there's people that really want to RP but can't because of the minges. I catch 20-40 minges a day and active staff can tell you that I get recoding of it and I'm in a admin sit almost very time I got on because of minges. 1) Get more staff on duty doing there job right 2) Stop minges don't join them 3) All staff should read the Handbook and understand the rules because there some staff where I tell them if they even know the rules and some of them don't even know what there doing. 4) Stop gun dealer from self supplying 5) Staff should take there job more serious