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    Ban Appeal

    +support like I said before there should be like a year grace period where warns are removed. Everyone gets warned over time we should ban everyone that gets 40 warns or like after four months old the warns don’t count but will still keep track of them
  2. +support will be great play more learn more and do this community great
  3. +support should of gave verbal
  4. +support committed to event team wants to build the community great guy don’t judge a book by its cover
  5. +support cool guy mature need more cool guys on the server to help me
  6. +support sat in a room while he was minged told us he would tell us the exploit if we made sure he wasnt banned for exploiting and crashing the server three times. admiting to crash the server to me a yobo multiple times made a ban appeal needs to be perma banned. his ban appeal
  7. -support crashing server needs to be perma banned
  8. I know what’s going on. Been on police rp with him a few times he was being rude. Toaster is a very immature and disrespectful know it all and doesn’t need to reply to every -suuport on his post. it’s people opinions and it’s not toasters right to know why stop trying to change them. Still a HIGE -support....
  9. Very mature and not argueing just stating facts change mine to a HUGE -support. 1. lying saying staff wasn’t on 2. He’s obviously building 3. You put your tazer away without saying a thing and were just recording him
  10. they need to put in a rule about length of warns don't count cause he has ones from july than he gets back around November.
  11. -support until proven there aren’t duplicates
  12. Yes new evidence of me locking on is clear..... “makes troll video of locking onto heads and still gets called for hacks....” This forum report is just showing how one sided the staffs are we are supposed to be mutual but this went from me hacking to being immature and deleting content to me hacking more after the fact to me still being immature. Obviously I wouldn’t turn on hacks record it than post it on my own player report lol.
  13. I’ll do this in caps for everyone in the back of the line “IM NOT HACKING AND I DELETED MY REPORT ON DEATH BECAUSE JOSH ME AND DEATH HAD A MEETING AND WE REAOLVED IT AND DEATH ASKED ME KINDLY TO DELETE THE REPORT SO SINCE HE ASKED NICELY AND THAT WE CAME TO A MUTUAL AGREEMENT I DELETED IT” “if you see above in my videos I’m clearly aimlocking onto peoples heads I means it’s clear lol I’ve just got a lot more skill at games than you guys considering you don’t know what a hacker looks like....” I talked to josh yesterday and you lying and saying me deleted evidence makes you look like shit since josh was there when death asked me to delete the post I made about him lololololol I’ll be on after 5pm Alaska time zone to 1 get more proof for Danny and 2 talk to josh on teamspeak. “Be a little more mature about this Danny seems like you might not be able to handle your rank with all those false reports and assumptions”