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  1. Bye I'm leaving thanks to everybody that I met cya now! -soup95 -PS I might come back in a few years cya then I guess?!…
  2. Dude I loved your events man best of luck in life! soup said it so requote
  3. WHAT IS THIS bro chillllllllll -support
  4. +/- Support -Buffing this would mean players would want this job faster and go in debt buying credits. But this seems a good idea other then that!
  5. +/- Support -Would Be cool to see for online members. -Only Problem I have with it is that non online members dont get to do it too though do.
  6. In-Game Name: Soup Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:485218185 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): Platinum How many hours do you have on the server?: 2 Weeks. What is your general knowledge on the rules?: Well Understood as of 28 days. How many warns do you have? (No more than 15): 11 Why do you want to join event team? (150 words+): I want to join the Gaminglight PoliceRP Event Team because I want to create fun events for the community and I want to have a fun place where community members can have a fun time and win prizes cash and keys etc, and I feel like me becoming event team I could also work with the other members to make a great event where everybody would like to come back and play the same event or whatever me and or somebody else etc, is doing/hosting and I like to read suggestions because if I run out of event team events I could listen to the community and pick an event what I think is not going to be racist homophobic deal with any health issues, (Colorblindness Epliepsy Etc) and I want to make sure the event team can grow get more members and more players playing in all the events! And That is why I would like to join the PoliceRP Event Team. Describe an event you could create (Be specific): I could make an event called Pirates Awaken! The event would be where there is a pirate ship in the water by yellow wherehouse at ghetto and there would be two teams the Booty Stealers and the Pirates so at the start the Booty Stealers would start at a place on land with A Rifle and there would be 2-3 pirates with Snipers (not overpowered like barrets and stuff like that) like AVP and they would have to keep the Booty Stealers away from the Pirate Gold what is a room with a keypad All Booty Stealers get a Keypad Cracker (Non Advanced trying to make event rounds like 10 mins long or shorter is possible) then a third Pirate is inside the Gold room (would be best if all pirates are gone first then third) then the Booty Stealers are trying to kill all pirates and touch and bring back a moveable object with hitting E no gravity or phys gun (Of Course) when they bring it back to the platform with the couch they spawned on they get 100K (price is low because such an easy event) BUT IF Pirates kill ALL Booty Stealers and I make sure they are all dead and object and Pirtate still alive in the gold room THEN the Pirates win and the Booty Stealers get 10K just for being there so nobody feels left out on a prize each round and thats the event I could make for the Community. If accepted, what time(s) are you available to hold events? (Must be in EST timezone) Monday - Friday: 6-7 PM Friday is 4-10 PM (School) Saturday and Sunday: Saturday is 10 AM - 10 PM Sunday is 10 AM - 7 PM (School) Have you read the Event Team Guidelines? Yes.
  7. +Support -Event sounds fun and cool! -Good RP -Professional and mature. Good luck Greg/Lewis! -soup95
  8. DENIED After Intense review by soup you have been unfortuantly DENIED! Please see wait time below. No.
  9. im broke it already dose 4013 damage drippy breh
  10. so nobody is going to ever be seen on it? noice
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