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  1. Syrup

    Syrup’s LOA

    Hey everyone, I know that I haven’t been the most active but I need some time to collect my thoughts and take a break from GMOD and milrp. This might take 1-2 weeks but i’m not sure. I will keep y’all updated. Thank you for reading.
  2. i am not available at that time
  3. you're all good, i'm still trying to get everything organized and figured out
  4. please name a better time
  5. Hey D.I. Officers! Please let me know of some times and dates that would work for you. Right now I will be holding meetings at 5 PM EST on Sundays, if this will not work for most of you, please say something, otherwise, I will continue with that time and date.
  6. Syrup

    Racs resignation.

    goodbye rac, love ya man
  7. i just need a map that supports btb models
  8. Hey everyone, I’ll be gone this weekend coming back on tuesday, i’ll still try to get on TS but I can’t promise anything.