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  1. No I was just joking I have a Iphone XS Max lol.
  2. ETA on the Blackberry Phone Cases?
  3. My Boy Chiken no brother...
  4. you forgot to make it december 26 lol
  5. I had Garrys mod since it came out and has been browsing all the different game modes and found PoliceRP and gave that a try and it was on Gaminglight now a days I have uninstalled Garry's Mod and play nothing but Legends of Aria and other games.
  6. Munchies slide into my discord ? Death Gun#2018
  7. Are you going to upload the animated one to Wallpaper Engine?
  8. KoreanBiscuit

    Minge Appeal

    If you called all the staff members present "Retarded" as what Rhenic was explaining then you deserve the Minge.
  9. https://gyazo.com/a12d92f9c60df851d3df94aead4d28c3 Nothing Less to Say.
  10. Your right but I still feel that it's a long enough time for the rule I broke and it's still better than permanent.
  11. Thanks and I appreciate the words I did put in the paragraphs that I am wanting to limit my Restriction to 1 year.