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  1. you forgot to make it december 26 lol
  2. I had Garrys mod since it came out and has been browsing all the different game modes and found PoliceRP and gave that a try and it was on Gaminglight now a days I have uninstalled Garry's Mod and play nothing but Legends of Aria and other games.
  3. Munchies slide into my discord Death Gun#2018
  4. Are you going to upload the animated one to Wallpaper Engine?
  5. KoreanBiscuit

    Minge Appeal

    If you called all the staff members present "Retarded" as what Rhenic was explaining then you deserve the Minge.
  6. https://gyazo.com/a12d92f9c60df851d3df94aead4d28c3 Nothing Less to Say.
  7. Your right but I still feel that it's a long enough time for the rule I broke and it's still better than permanent.
  8. Thanks and I appreciate the words I did put in the paragraphs that I am wanting to limit my Restriction to 1 year.
  9. I understand completely and I am not expecting to have it lifted that's why I want a 12 month with no appeal so I still face my wrongdoings but I would still love to come back later and redeem myself and become staff again.
  10. Steam Name: CrimsonRain Ingame Name: Korean Biscuit SteamID: STEAM_0:0:66388539 Have you donated to the server? Yes around 100$ Staff Restriction Length: Permanent Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Fame Reason for Staff Restriction: Being a member of another Community. Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): Hello, Let me first start off that I completely 100% understand that I broke the number one main rule on the staff handbook when I was staff and when I was being talked to by Gaur and Fame I was not arguing with them whatsoever or complaining I was very understanding and accepted the punishment. I then quit the community a week or 2 later being that I was feeling wrong for what I have been doing and I first want to apologize to all SMT for the breach of the Staff Handbook that I clearly broke. Now the few months after I got permanent staff restricted I played a lot of other games trying to take a break away from everything that happened during that time. The last few weeks I have been coming back on the Teamspeak and sometimes on the server and getting to talk to everyone in the community. I have some bad blood with some people and I completely understand and I hope to get to apologize to those individuals that I won't name in this post. I feel that I should have never got too involved after what I heard about Voxis. Now that everything has been all said and done I now know how he truly is. Seeing him trying to player poach was really getting to me. That is why talking a lot with my old friends from Gaminglight such as Chad, Danny and a lot of other amazing people I have been really missing the opportunity to being able to help out everyone as a member of the staff team. Now I completely understand that if I am able to get my permanent staff restriction changed to a limited time I am not looking for a short staff restriction I am still willing to wait out a long time for the seriousness of the rule I broke. That is why I decided to choose that IF I do get this permanent changed I would gladly take a One Year Restriction for the punishment of my actions. I would really love to have a chance to become a member of the Gaminglight Staff Team again. I also want to say something else. I want to thank all the people in Gaminglight that are still really kind and respectful towards me in Gaminglight I appreciate all of you! Also when it happened, I want to thank Fame for being Kind and Respectful as well towards me when I received my punishment for my actions. Thanks for Reading my Appeal, Korean
  11. +Support Held me at gunpoint just joking all jokes aside He is an amazing guy to talk to Good and trustworthy guy and deserves to be Forum Diplomat Active on forums Good Luck!