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  1. #RIPRifdo will always be MY grand admiral
  2. Some look duplicated by the picture as you can see by the time on this one. If you send more screenshots of all the warns and it turns out to be over 40 still I'll support it
  3. wow thought you loved me but guess not but you were one of the few people i liked in GL man i know your not leaving but your leaving cwrp which is a major loss
  4. I may have been disrespectful in this post but like I have said multiple times I have praised SMT for months. This is my first time having that negative opinion. Its good your defending them but when you want our opinions and we have those negative ones you should seriously look into it more and fix the problem besides having this stupid argument on a post. You could have messaged me or moved me into your channel besides letting the ENTIRE community seeing this and now not wanting to even be friends with me.
  5. Did you never see me praise SMT? Even in this post you can clearly see me mentioning some SMT and praising them for the work they have done. I've always done it but this is my first time ever having a negative opinion on SMT and stating it. "Your Opinions Matter" but once I am negative it dosnt matter and it results on people talking behind my back.
  6. Because as soon as they something negative the entire SMT team and EMT will say your wrong and wont take your opinion. "Your Opinions Matter" but when I do state my opinion I get bashed on.
  7. Like I stated before MANY times. I have supported SMT for months. As soons as I say the negatives I get hated on. Bashed on etc. This is why players are afraid to go to SMT.
  8. This post was locked so I wasn't able to reply on what I thought and why I only brought up negative feedback. I do not wish to argue on here any longer because people are talking behind my back already because of this. I sent Fame a message so please respond through there.
  9. Be more direct with players besides shutting them out with their opinions. I've said lots of good things in the past about SMT but only when I say something negative you guys respond.
  10. @Fame For months I have defended SMT. I pointed out the things wrong with it. I have always defended how much work SMT has done and always told people how much they did but the second I try saying something negative I get shut out and can't even respond to my own resignation post. I understand all the stuff SMT has done. I only put the negatives because I was stating why I was leaving the community. It had nothing to do with what the SMT has done. Plus on top of that I praised Eman and Mike for their hard work over and over and over again on the servers. I always thought John did a great job with the other Managers. You also need to respect that we all have our own opinion. There's good and bad on SMT. Over the last few days I have been hearing rumors which I doubt are true that even if I speak my mind about ArmyGuy I'd get blacklisted which I took that risk because stuff needs to be said besides left alone. Same goes for players not wanting to contact SMT due to being scared to going to them. I have multiple friends that dont go due to that reason alone. Please do not take this as me going against the community because it isnt.
  11. All that standing around just for an extra 0.. lol
  12. -Support You were removed from the Event Team (I think) for doing things you shouldnt of been doing.
  13. I'll visit the cheeseman sometimes dont worry
  14. I will if I'm not blacklisted at the end of the week.