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  1. I feel as staff needs to be held at a higher standard. That being said I feel as when they break a rule it should count as a staff report because they are not just a player they are staff they are supposed to be the example and uphold the rules not be the ones to break them.
  2. I guess freedom of speech is no longer a thing.
  3. Not the place to post this my dude Also, anyone can record for whatever reason they want.
  4. The rule states you "can not make a post asking if you should leave" and he didn't he just made one saying he was thinking about it never did he ask if he should go through with it; in the post or not. Also this was in the staff section were only staff can see that. You only just now let the whole community see it. Also him replying to his false warn is ok. Him not replying is like telling a defence attorney to shut up and take the hut. There is no point, let the man defend himself. So what it goes on for ever or they argue, if you have a problem with it just don't read it simple. Honestly this report is crap nothing wrong was done here. Somethings come close but come on Bryce nothing report worthy I've seen you do worst and no report has been made.
  5. Don't recall this incident. I think this happened before he even got Mod because I have yet to warn another staff member. I have also already cleaned out my recording files as I do it on the first of the month and the 15 so this is most likely long gone. Usually, every warning I give has a reason for it but his name does ring a bell. Idk I can't say 100% but his name just rings a bell for some reason and I have given too many warnings to remember them all. If I was HA I would give him the benefit of the doubt and remove the warning. Sadly I can't be 100% certain on this it has just been so long.
  6. @Freeze OBS is good but it can cause a lot of frame drops if it is not configured correctly. There are youtube videos to help you out to configure it so it uses the correct drive and graphics card ex.. as well as to make it record in HD and all that. I use it but it used to suck when my settings were default. Now they are fixed and I can record 1080p 60fsp no problem with no performance issue.
  7. - Support - No Evidence. - Application was made with little to no effort. - Bad Grammar. - You got nothing to back the halfway story you made.
  8. This would just turn into an aids fest. No thx - Support
  9. Yet you still said: We are talking about you saying that he cannot complain or make this report as he as not on duty at the time as well. We are not talking about you saying that the report is not needed as no calls or whatever. If you look at our replies it is about that specific part we did not touch or said anything about the rest because that is your opinion. We just pointed out the part that you had wrong for a fact not the part about you thinking this is invalid because no calls or low player count. Again stop putting words in people mouth and changing the text to suit yourself.
  10. We are just pointing out the obvious that you didn't read. If you would have then you would have known that he got on saw no staff on and then made the report. I am not going to PM you, you were the one who made an opinion without looking at the facts That is why this report is here in the first place. Sadly the admin instead just said:
  11. there is it was just added yesterday that per every 20 players a staff member must be on. But they are taking this out of context and saying that if there are 19 then they don't have to be in and that it is not their problem.
  12. He didn't counter your -Support he just countered the last sentence you made. The one about him not getting on himself. Don't put words on other people's mouth. Also as stated before the report is because when he got on there was no staff on yet a staff call was there and that in staff meetings it has been said multiple times that at least one staff member must be on especially when there are 4 of them on the server.
  13. read the report before posting please you are just making a fool out of yourself.