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  1. +Support This will make carjacking more useful This will make the tow truck driver more useful This brings more RP Maybe it could be set so you can pull out up to two cars from a dealer so if your car is gone, you can drive around to find it.
  2. I breathe approximately every 61020 minutes, I breathe in for 0.6 seconds and breathe out for 9 minutes.
  3. Denied Please do not repeatedly message High Command to review your Application. you may re-apply in 3 weeks.
  4. -Support I feel as though CERT is balanced considering it is a sub department and not too hard to get into. Also last time i checked the CERT Commander, it had 250 armour
  5. +Support Maybe just use a keypad with like a 3 second timer. Having a bunch of shooting windows where people sit behind them with awps, press the button for a millisecond to shoot you, leaving you no time to return fire is rather bullshit.
  6. -Support Although it's a cool concept, there won't be much use for it in the server as RP is fast paced and 90% of people don't have the time to do out needing a fire service. Also there wouldn't be any fires to out out as it dramatically increases lag of there was a fire script.
  7. No, the only Police Department roster is the command one, which only high command may view.
  8. I mean you could just use suit zoom, scope zooms or the camera zoom But +/-Support
  9. I also think this idea could be adapted into a slightly different but more useful department. I have been working on something like this in my free time but would require some custom models which im trying to make.
  10. Denied Read the info and apply in the correct way Your also gonna more detail
  11. Denied Read the info and apply the correct way Your also gonna need a lot more detail
  12. -Support i Believe this is not needed and if we do need a new department, there could be better ideas for ones. The SOP would also need a lot more work to it and more detail. SOPs ive made have around 15 pages and at least 1000 words. Here are some of the Issues. Prisoner Transport is DOC's Job and Prisoner Protection is also DOC's Job. Eyewitness Protection wouldn't work very well as a lot of people do not RP like that and even if they did, there's not much involved. Anyone can Capture/Kill wanted people, and its better to engage sooner rather than waiting for a special person as if they do run, you have more chance of capturing them if your already there.
  13. There are NPC armour stations, but armour can't go above 100 after you lose it