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  1. But then the issue with using a discord is that it's secluded from support, it doesn't have things such as talk powers, it would take ages to set up people's roles, it would mean less communication with other departments as they would use teamspeak, etc. From a high command point if view, this isn't going to work very well and I know that I would not be willing to sit there changing hundreds of people's roles, moderating the voice channels, making sure everyone is following the discord rules, making sure everyone is in the correct discord channels, etc.
  2. Here is my entry :P In-Game Name: Deputy Commissioner Bob Bob 1K51 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:105614491 Logo:
  3. Any immature, joke, offensive, etc. Posts will be ignored and result in demotion.
  4. Some criminals do run from the police, but the majority of people don't in real life. Whereas in PoliceRP, probably at least 90% of criminals run from police. Keeping their freedom doesn't mean whipping out a Negev from their back pocket and massacaring all the PD, that would end in their death which is not freedom.
  5. Your supposed to arrest wanted people... That's something you do in real life...
  6. Accepted Please speak to high command over Teamspeak!
  7. Accepted Please speak to high command over Teamspeak!
  8. i mean the video doesnt show much, but i have to agree with you about criminals rarely roleplaying and hence PD and players are leaving due to it, resulting in PRP to slowly decrease in popularity. Id like to see some roleplay once in a while, and i think that it should be enforced. so im gonna +Support this thread but more ideas need to be layed out and explained and maybe get some more video proof of the issues.
  9. Unkn0wn_F1R3

    Buff PD

    I'm working on a possible update right now. Dep Comm Bob Bob
  10. Hmmm my first time on the server I went around successfully robbing the bank, was fun when we had prone mod and good RP - that was back some time in February 2017. First time as a police officer was a week or two after, I passed the test we had at the time then rode along with MaxD, Kitty and Naby. From there I got promoted to CPL in 2 days.Afterwards it only took another week to get to SM, and look at my position now as the Deputy Commissioner
  11. Denied You require Chief+ permission in order to apply for Major.
  12. Users can't decide what songs they play, there's set radios with song rotors on them. Users can only choose which channel they listen to. SMT can also set what channels are available and I believe they can also set what songs are played on the channels.
  13. Denied Activity needs improvement.
  14. Denied Activity on PD needs improvement.