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  1. Deathrun is an entirely different game mode, this is PoliceRP
  2. Hello everyone. Recently I have become very inactive and unmotivated to play on the server at all. Around a month ago I decided that I was going to resign, but not after trying to help command and the rest of the police department before I left. Now it has been a month and my resignation is long overdue, so in 1 weeks time I will officially be leaving the high command team. I have been contemplating my resignation for a long time - around 5 months. This was the time when my activity decreased a lot and eventually became near non-existent. I have been with the community for several years, most of that time was spent with PoliceRP. I first joined the low command team in late January, 2018. I have been a command member for over one and a half years, High Command for over one of those. During this time I aspired to improving the Police Department. I have made many updates, developed a lot of liveries and dedicated a lot of time to improving the department. These updates may seem good or bad to you, but I have done the best that I could have done, and hope you will too. Next weekend there will be a large event on either Friday or Saturday to mark my leaving. What this involves, you will find out, but you must be respectful and mature. After my resignation, I will be a reserve Colonel in the Police Department and other departments will be up to their high command to decide what I hold. I have been holding my Deputy Commissioner rank for a while now, but these last 3 months I have been inactive and have not done enough in the server. I am resigning respectfully as I am taking up a command spot whilst being inactive. To withhold a command rank you must be dedicated and motivated to stay on the server. I am thankful to a lot of people for a lot of things, but I am not going to mention that here. I may personally thank those that have helped me, but listing that here would be too much effort and would make people feel missed out. I hope I have had a good impact on as many people as possible, and hope that the department runs well in the future. I will still visit the server on weekends but will not be active. I will remain in department discords unless told to leave by their high command members and will still be here to help out from time to time. It has been a honour and privilege serving with you all and being able to help as a command member. This is 1K51 direct to all units. I would like to thank you all for this amazing opportunity to serve with you, learn with you and to have fun. I wish you all the best of luck in the future, please do what is best for you and others. Show dedication and commitment to what you want the most. I have enjoyed my time here and will now be signing off. This is 1K51 going 10-07 for the last and final time, over and out.
  3. It's pretty much always been like that, don't see much issue though, all you have to do is lift your finger off the W key then press it back down.
  4. Even if it's a group with your friends, it is still classes as advertising.
  5. Please apply when your warns are gone.
  6. Please just leave opinions, High Command will decide wether the spots are filled or not.
  7. Denied Please pay attention to the format and application rules.
  8. Who did you receive permission from to apply? You say you have 11 warns.
  9. The only ones I've found that work with vcmod have been declined by smt due to file sizes & other issues.
  10. We haven't added it to PD because it can't be marked with a custom livery.