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  1. +/-Support Although it would be helpful in terms of getting more community feedback on the application, it may lead to bias and for people who have very little interactions with the person to post opinions based off what others see.
  2. Get gunned down by massive ass families over a $100 ticket
  3. This used to be in several years ago but caused some issues. It would be cool to have but will cause a lot of problems with interactions with PD and usage with other add-ons. +/-Support
  4. how come the price increased a bunch? addons with 1 skin in them are basically always under 1MB, usually about 0.15MB
  5. Name: Bob Bob / Unkn0wn_F1R3 Rank: Retired Dep Comm --- Reserve Dep Chief Date of submission: 13th January Last Meeting you attended: some time the weekend after new year Reason for joining command: it was over a year ago and im still alive
  6. Welcome back, hope to see you on every so often
  7. Not for 90% of players, still 2019
  8. Oof got revoked. Should be fixed now.
  9. Wrong section, go to the custom jobs section. I also believe you cannot use the KF2 Deagle on your xlass
  10. Huge +Support its great to hjave a map change every few months, I think we should definitely try the custom GL map again as many people have had good memories on it and it hasnt been used in a while.
  11. now youve shown that, I definitely -Support this post. You have been warned for a lot of different offences, a lot of times. For just coming back a couple monhs ago, you have picked up several warnings which further indicates you have not learned from your mistakes.
  12. Mine was made on December 31st, 2014, so will be 5 years old in 3 days.
  13. My view is you've had consecutive warns over an extended period of time, indicating you have not changed. In that time, you coul have had 1 everyone, could have several one month then none the next, at this rate it appears you may continue with a pattern of warns. In my opinion for that amount of warns you should be on your best behaviour for another 5 months. I've had 1 warn from several years ago but have never appealed it, if I was in your situation I'd say 1 month without a warn is not good at all and I would wait a few more months before trying to appeal old warns, if that's even allowed anymore.