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    Bambob01's LOA

    In-Game Name:Bambob01 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:105047825 Rank: SSGT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1 Week Back on (21st of JAN) Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Due to me getting a lot of Work I have to go on a LOA The job is going to take a week to do and is a lot of hard work therefor I have to sleep a lot and will not be able to make it on I can hop on everynow and then but not for long
  2. + support Active Friendly Extremely Mature Been admin for a long time Deserves Sadmin Good Luck!!
  3. -support im sorry but the warn seems valid Valid Warning
  4. u know I mean EMT as in Executive management team right? lol
  5. its cool man we will miss u till u back
  6. +Support Active Amazing Personality Good App Very Mature and respected Good luck -Bambob01
  7. Should get a second chance and he is a great guy
  8. Bambob01

    PoliceRP Status

    Congratulations Zeeptin!!! I love how much hard work u show
  9. that was just the people in the video not people in matches or illd have to mention @Yobo @Ghosted @Dane
  10. practicing there driving lol
  11. nah I got another video just after where they got off duty server was empty at that point
  12. its all explained here xD involved people was @Kitty. @Alton @EternityAgar Andrew @Lee Carter @deathstriker124 David Carpenter Helped me to Improve it No Cars Were Hurt in the making of this video (I lied)
  13. i already spoke to zeeptin about his bans look at the ban dates it was a long time ago I was curious about why he banned people when he ahd staff and he gave em an answer now remembering what he said I think that this was a long time ago and he should be given one more chance but im waiting to hear what Zeeptin says