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  1. TTT Beginner's Guide! Hello, This guide is for those, who aren't sure what TTT is and would like to know what it is! This guide should and will give you a good understanding and knowledge about TTT, it's very simple and easy to learn and know. TTT is a great game mode for those who don't want to play Role-Play or would like to take a break from Role-Play. TTT is pretty fun and competitive in some way, it's a very simple game mode that you can pretty much learn from just playing. There's really not much to it! Just make sure you're reading the rules and the guidelines that are provided for you! In this guide, I will explain the basics of the roles, what you should know, what you need to do, etc. You can always come back to this guide, if you're still having trouble with how it works on TTT! Rules on TTT Gaminglight TTT Staff, have provided a set of rules that players of the community must follow and stick by them. Link to the rules: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions In-Game) To find answers for the most common questions we get on TTT, you will be able to click this link and it will take you to a thread which will give you all questions/answers. If you have any other questions about TTT that you do not see in the FAQ, feel free to contact a TTT Staff member for assistance or post it in the comment section underneath the post. Link to the FAQ: Content pack on TTT We recommend you to download our content pack that is provided for you, so you can see everything and load in faster. You can find the content back in the link below, just click 'Subscribe to all addons' It's much easier then to click all of them one by one. Link to the content pack: Information about TTT Trouble in Terrorist Town is a gamemode about a group of terrorists who have Traitors among them, which the Traitors are out to kill everyone that are 'Innocent'. When starting the first round, players are randomly given a role which can be a Traitor, Innocent, Detective. Because the Traitors are in the minority, they have specialized equipment to help them kill Innocents. Detectives are picked and activated when the server has the reached a standard amount of players. Detectives are armed with a DNA scanner, which gives them the ability to see who the player last saw and their own menu to specialized equipment to find out who the Traitors are. Information about the roles on TTT Innocent This is the default team, where you will be often assigned to unless you get the lucky pick of becoming another role. But usually most of the time, you're the innocent. The Innocent team must stick as a group, but have a fair distance between each other. Because you do not want to get bombed for having too large of a group and being too close together. If you're alone as an innocent you have a possible chance of ending up in a traitors arms, and if you're by yourself don't expect backup. Detective This role is given randomly when the server has reached the amount of standard players for it to be activated. The Detective team is the same as the innocents, except you get a DNA scanner which can be used to scan bodies that still have a DNA sample of the killer on them. Your job is to move fast to get it and try and gather as much evidence you can, that will help you find the traitors. As you're the detective, no one can kill you expect the traitors. Traitor This role is given randomly to players, which you start with 1 traitor until the server reaches amount of standards players to activate more traitors. The Traitors are required to kill all of the innocent players while staying "undetected", or having no innocents call you out before they die. You're given special equipment to help you throughout the rounds which, if you're being tested, you can use the ability to trick the system to pretend that you're a "Innocent" Your main job is to kill innocents that are alone and no one will be able to hear them, don't kill innocents in a public opening where everyone can see and hear you. Take your time eliminating all the innocents and pretend to be a "Innocent" Pointshop on TTT To access the Pointshop, you need to press 'F3' or type !shop in-game. This will bring up a menu on your screen and you will have the ability to buy player models, items, accessories, etc. Of course some of them are required special tokens, which you can buy them on our Gaminglight Donation store. But you're still given the standard tokens which you can still use to buy things with on the Pointshop. To earn tokens it's very simple all you need to do is, play on the server for a good amount of time, kill traitors, and you can use the reward system in the Pointshop to give you extra tokens! Reporting information on TTT People sometimes get confused on how to report people. If you type !report in chat or when you die, there is a box that comes up and asks you "Report RDM" or "This is not RDM". Once you have done either of those, follow the procedure that it tells you to do. It's very simple and easy to use, once you have reported a player, a staff member will be notified and will take over the sit. Staff know what they're doing and they have everything they need to sort the situation out! Controls to use on TTT These are all default controls. Drop weapon: 'Q' Drop ammo: 'Z' Callout menu: 'B' Equipment menu: 'C' Voice Chat: 'X' Text Chat: 'Y' Team chat (Traitor and Detective only): 'U' Team voice chat: 'Left shift' Use: 'E' Reload: 'R' Flashlight: 'F' Help menu: 'F1' Conclusion That's pretty much self explanatory, you will be able to learn and understand how the game works just by playing on it. We have people on the community such as, Staff, members that know TTT, etc. You can always ask someone for help or any information about TTT. Just make sure you're following all rules and guides that are provided for you, to ensure that you know what you're doing. This guide should of hopefully helped you and gave you a great understanding and knowledge about our Gaminglight TTT! If you have any questions or need any other information about TTT. Please feel free to contact a TTT Staff member whether that be, in-game, teamspeak, discord, or even private message on the forums. We will be happily to assist you with any answers you need! Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to see or want on the server, please make a thread in the 'Suggestion' section in TTT. We look forward to seeing you on our Gaminglight TTT Server! *Disclaimer* This may be edited at anytime, I highly recommend you checking once and awhile for any updates that may be edited in this thread. Kind Regards Munchies 4/04/2020
  2. Hello Stitch, What Custom class is this going to and what is your steamID?
  3. Cases: 857,487, Recovered: 178,034, Deaths: 42,107 Hello, Thought I would update the COVID-19 and explain how it spreads and what you need to know. The virus has spread worldwide which, It's very unfortunate that people are losing family members, friends etc... from this unexpected virus. People are losing their jobs, shops are slowly closing, schools are closed for the meantime, most countries are in lock down and no one can leave their house. This virus can go for a long time, people are staying up to 6 months+ which we should all be isolating and taking care of yourselves and our hygiene. COVID-19 disease usually spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It can also spread when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. Be careful on what you touch in public and try your hardest to not touch your face, bite your finger nails or nose etc. People in most countries that have come back from overseas don't isolate and they think it's all good to come out in the public and start to touch things, cough/sneeze etc. People of all ages can be infected by this new virus (COVID-19). Older people, and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus. I advises people of all ages to take steps to protect themselves from the virus, for example by following good hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene. You can protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others if you: Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub, Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze, Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell but try and stay 1.5 meters from people in general, Stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell, don't Touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean, Try and avoid shaking hands etc. If you develop symptoms (fever, a cough, sore throat, tiredness or shortness of breath) within 14 days of last contact with a confirmed case, you should arrange to see your doctor for urgent assessment. You should telephone the health clinic or hospital before you arrive and tell them your travel history or that you may have been in contact with a potential case of COVID-19. You must remain isolated in your home until public health authorities inform you it is safe for you to return to your usual activities. If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected COVID-19 infection. Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing. Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly. You can still wear a mask in public if you want to try and protect yourself at all times. That's all I have to say, just make sure you're keeping clean by, washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds+, avoid contact from other people, stay isolated in your home. Try your best to not touch your face, bite your nails, play with your nose or ears etc. It's very sad and unfortunate that this virus has suddenly spread throughout our population and has affected many of us. We can't really do much but all we can do is give you advice and what you need to do in the meantime, this virus can be around for up to 6+ months so make sure you're keeping up to date with everything that is happening at the moment, keep checking for any updated information. This virus is concerning but just follow all the procedures that are provided for you and stick to them. Please be mindful of others that may be affected by this. COVID-19 is something that is not joke able, this is a very serious matter and should be taken seriously. I thought I would make this post just to give any updates or any information you may want to know about COVID-19. The reason why I made this thread was because I'm mindful of others and I want everyone to be safe and know what to do, this thread may be updated at any time with any new updates that come through and I'll keep you updated about it. But I highly suggest to watch the news or read articles about COVID-19 and get a better knowledge and understanding about this virus. If anyone has questions or any other information they want to add, feel free to come talk to me or post below! I would be happily to help anyone with anything they need, I'm always free so pop in and have a chat! that's it! Hopefully everyone is taking care of themselves and keeping clean. Thank you for reading this thread and hopefully this will give you a good understanding about COVID-19 but I do suggest to keep updated with the news about this virus! Kind Regards Munchies 1/04/2020
  4. NEUTRAL Hello, Depending how you look at this situation and people will have different opinions to this but, just like what waffle said, he shouldn't be close to the door because it seemed like he was camping/guarding it. Blueprint making those weird *Kiss* noises and doing it constantly is kinda micspamming and very annoying. Waffle, shouldn't of used his powers off-duty. It clearly states in the handbook and when you get trained. You're not meant to leave someone frozen in the air, where everyone can see them. If your mouse is really glitching because it's "Old" then, I would suggest trying to buy or find another mouse to use for the meantime. You can clearly see Waffle is admitting to his mistakes and has gave us an honest response. Mistakes happen and we all learn from it, we just have to think before we act and find a better way to fix your mistakes. Demotion is not necessary in my opinion, I believe everyone deserves a second chance depending on the situation of course, but this situation can be easily talked to and off with a verbal warning! Moderators are still learning and developing skill and knowledge with using staff equipment and etc, everyone makes mistakes but we fix them and find a better solution for it! Waffle just in the near future, try and not use powers off duty and think before you act! If this comment was confusing or not what you were expecting, please feel free to contact me via teamspeak, discord, private message on the forums, etc. I'm always free to anyone that needs help with anything or any answers to questions. I would be happily to help anything you need, I'm always free so pop in and have a chat! I'll leave this appeal to SMT and they will decided on what they want to do with this report. I personally believe a talking to/verbal warning, but people have different opinions and we should all respect that! Waffle, if you need any advice or need help with anything. Please let me know and I'll help you with anything you need! Kind Regards Munchies 31/03/2020
  5. Hello Ashie, As it states in the 'Store FAQ' All payments are final and are NOT refundable. You will need to change your player model to something within roleplay in SCP-RP. But that's up to Zeeptin, but usually purchases are NOT refundable. Kind Regards Munchies
  6. Hello Obi Wan Kenobi [GL], You would need to contact a Manager on ImperialRP, to get permission. But usually I don't think you're allowed to post your own channel in a topic. I could be wrong! Kind Regards Munchies
  7. +Support Hello Timmemes, While reading your application and other people's responses. Your application has very good detail, and shows you have put effort and time into it. You have a pretty good judgement on what to do in situations, try and not give out 2-3 slays if the person didn't forgive someone, It's usually just 1 slay for a first time playing. Anyways, You seem to be fit for the TTT Staff Team, you show a lot of care and are willing to help out the server. We could use some more hands to help us out when it's this late! You seem to be committed and really would like to help us out. Don't have much to say, But as a Superadmin for TTT, I expect to see a lot of activity, commitment, dedication and always willing to help out when needed. Show us that you really want to be apart of this wonderful team and show us that you're willing to put in the effort, time and dedication into TTT. Just remember, be prepare and ready when joining us! Anyways, just try and be professional and respectful when in teamspeak and in-game. Other than that, I feel that you have the requirements and ability to join the TTT Staff Team! I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you helping around! If this comment was confusing or not what you were expecting, please feel free to contact me via teamspeak, discord, private message on the forums, etc. I'm always free to anyone that needs help with anything or any answers to questions. I would be happily to help anything you need, I'm always free so pop in and have a chat! If you have any inquiry questions about anything about TTT, feel free to contact me or another TTT staff member in-game, or teamspeak! We would be glad to help you with any problems or questions you need. Other than that, good luck dude! Kind Regards Munchies 25/03/2020
  8. Those were his true words! He will probably deny it, but we have witnesses!
  9. Hello October, I was reading through the comments about the Flamethrower and peoples were saying, it's missing arm textures. I'm not sure if its fixed now but if it is that's great! Hopefully it won't cause lag in the server. It's a good idea though!
  10. And that's something we can work on and suggest! Thanks for the feedback Sinnik. Feel free if you have any suggestions that you think that will help TTT, please suggest them!
  11. Warning: Hello for those who're commenting or about to comment, Please be mindful on what you're saying and be respectful to other people's opinions. If you do not like the person's response that was given to you or about the topic, please message them on either discord, private message on the forums, teamspeak, etc. If people keep commenting back and forth, it's going to cause drama and hatred towards members in the community. So, please be mindful and respectful towards others around you and you have a problem with someone, make a good choice and have a chat with them privately! I know people are stating opinions, but if this topic gets out of hand and people start being disrespectful, causing drama or any hatred that connects with this topic. Then this topic will be locked to prevent any further drama etc. Kind Regards Munchies 23/03/2020
  12. Hello, This COVID-19 is very serious and should be taken seriously. Make sure you're washing your hands and drinking plenty of water throughout the day, make sure you're isolating yourself well and often awhile going outside to get fresh air etc. Good hygiene includes: covering your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue, disposing of tissues properly, washing your hands often with soap and water, including before and after eating and after going to the toilet, using alcohol-based hand sanitisers, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, if you are sick, avoiding contact with others and staying more than 1.5 metres away from people, cleaning and sanitising should be used frequently. If you're suffering any symptoms that could lead to COVID-19 which people may experience: Runny nose, Sore throat, Coughing, Fever, Difficulty breathing (severe cases). You must see your local doctor and get tested. It's strongly recommend and important to stay inside and isolate yourself for 14 days, from coming back overseas or you're feeling sick. That's all I have to say, just make sure you're washing your hands and drinking plenty of water frequently. Keep distances from people and avoid shaking people's hands etc...