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  1. Hello friends, family and mates. It is without greatness and sadness to say goodbye to Gaminglight and begin my journey through life. I've had the most amazing and spectacular time on Gaminglight, I have met many new friends along the way and I'm forever grateful for all the help and support I was given throughout my time on Gaminglight. Even though this is a video game, I have made many achievements along the way such as reaching climbing the staff ranks up to the Management Team. Now I wasn't the best person to be around while back, I was heaps mingy and naughty which led to my actions of getting a bad reputation on myself. I came back last year around December, with a better attitude and started acting a bit mature and professional and I was forever grateful to gain the trust and support to become apart of Senior-Management Team for the most amazing server TTT Whether this is shocking to people or not, I did not resign, I was demoted from my position of Head-Admin for TTT. Which is understandable and completely would of agreed as well, I was very inactive and my work ethics were terrible. Life has been getting in the way of games etc and I rather focus on life to get what I need to succeed in. I'm not going to sit here and ask for my rank back, I reckon it was for the best to let me go and I'll forever respect the Senior-Management Team. Special Thanks (SMT Only) @Igneous You have been there for me since day 1 and I'm forever grateful to call you a mate. You got me to where I wanted to be for 3-4 years of my time in Gaminglight, you have honestly helped me so much throughout my time on this wonderful community. You're a very hard worker and will do whatever it takes to ensure your servers are keeping up to date, I'm sorry for the inactivity and lack of effort I put in TTT. I wish you all the best with TTT and SCP-RP, I will never forget you mate < 3 @Zeeptin Thank you for the great opportunities you have given me throughout my time on Gaminglight. Thank you for all the help you have gave me throughout my time on the SMT Team, you have showed me a lot and I have learnt many new things that I would never thought I would know. Keep up the good work with this amazing community and I wish you the best of luck mate! @Jayden Cheers for the funniest moments we had together, I had the most amazing time coming into teamspeak to come chill with you and joke about stuff. Had a great time working with you and getting to know you, glad to see you in the SMT team, I reckon you will do the best job ever. Keep up other good work brother! @Rangiatea My Kiwi, My Aussie, but of course my ANZAC mate. Thank you for everything you have done for me and helped me throughout my time on the SMT Team. Was very grateful to get to know you a bit and actually talk about Aussie and Kiwi things haha, You're honestly the greatest mate and I honestly will not forget you dude. You do the most amazing work as a HoS and I know you will go far, keep up the good work mate! @Scoot Was good to meet someone like you, always manages to make me laugh and always a good bloke to have a laugh with. Cheers for the great moments we had together and keep up the great work with MilitaryRP, I wish you the best of luck mate And to the rest of the amazing Senior-Management Team. You guys are amazing and should be really proud of yourselves with the hard work you put into your servers. The dedication and effort you guys give is unreal and everyone should be very grateful and thankful for what you guys do, I honestly had the greatest experience to work with each and everyone of you guys. Learnt a lot and got to know everyone in the SMT Team and will be something that I will be forever grateful to not forget about. Keep up the great work guys and continue striving to do your best! @Emoo Can't forget about this bloke, my main man that stuck by me and always came down for a chat when he was bored. I'm very thankful to meet someone like you, a great personality and a great sense of humour. You always managed to make me laugh with some of your dumb jokes you would say and what you say in general. Keep up the good work with MilitaryRP and I wish you the best of luck my mingy mate And to everyone else that I have met and became mates with. Thank you for the great memories and time on Gaminglight. I'm forever grateful to meet so many new people during my time here on this wonderful community. I hope you guys achieve on whatever you want to achieve in and I believe in each and everyone of you guys that want to get somewhere in this incredible community. Keep pushing and striving to do your best and make sure you follow CoC (Chain Of Command) Thank you for having me Gaminglight. I will forever treasure these memories and leave on good terms. I will never forget the opportunities I was given and the people that helped me along the way, something that meant something really special to me and will always remember my time on this amazing and incredible community called Gaminglight! Peace out - Munchies - When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life. -- John Lennon
  2. +Support I have known Rektify for sometime now and have played with him quite a bit on SCP-RP. Rektify shows a lot of respectfulness and helps others when needed, he also shows a lot of potential to his peers and to his role. Rektify in my personal opinion is a great leader and could lead others into the right path, he is an amazing helper and will stop anything to deal with any staff related issues. He is very professional and mature on what he does and has a very good knowledge about staffing. I feel that Rektify is ready for the rank of Super-Admin and being apart of our amazing Junior-Management Team!
  3. I'm just gonna move this to PoliceRP custom class section. Also, can you provide the steam playermodel link please!
  4. ACCEPTED! After review, theTTT SMT team has decided to accept you for staff! Please speak to HoS+ for TTT in TeamSpeak to get started!
  5. Denied. The TTT SMT has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason.
  6. [Added] Frag Grenade (Traitors) [Added] Traitor & Detective Pass [Added] Detective Shield Gun [Added] Martyrdom (Traitor Weapon) [Added] Teleportation Gun [Added] ttt_cluedo_b5_improved1 Map [Added] TTT Mall Map [Added] TTT Casino Map [Added] Server IP on the forums [Added] New Player Models ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Updated] MOTD [Updated] Pointshop items ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Fixed] Problem In-game ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Removed] TTT_Waterworld_Remastered_2020 Map [Removed] TTT Golden Gun (Duplicated) [Removed] Gaminglight PoliceRP Playermodel 1&2 [Removed] TTT Cloaking Device [Removed] TTT Hermes Boots (Passive Perk) [Removed] TTT De_Dolls Map [Removed] TTT Grav Nade [Removed] TTT_Traitor_Express Map [Removed] TTT_Arctic Map ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Final Note Thank you guys for the continuous support! We are doing extremely well as a server in general, and we are continuing our climb up the ranks. Thanks to everyone who puts forth suggestions, because regardless of whether or not they get denied, you are still doing your part in trying to help improve the server! We hope everyone enjoys this new update!
  7. Of course there is nothing... Zeeptin has not gone through custom jobs yet. Please give him time to go through them and check the issue.
  8. I would suggest to start changing your ways and improving yourself to become a better person. -Support
  9. Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
  10. I'm not going to accept all these addons, just the TTT_Casino and TTT_Mall! Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.