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  2. -Support It literally says "recording has started" on the top right so it's a old video.
  3. +Support How is he still Senior Admin? This man has been his rank since I got Senior Admin over a year ago lmao. He deserves it 100% without a doubt. Good luck! -Ghostly
  4. Welp, I haven’t been as active on the server as much as I wanted, with my resignation from State and Staff, I also am resigning from PD Low Command. Thanks everyone in PD Command for making PD a great department. Hope to see you guys around more. For one last time, this is 1L45 signing off. Good luck and thank you all for everything. -Major Ghostly 1L45
  5. Weeeeelp, here we are. I just wanna say how amazing it has been to lead State into the great department it is now and how proud I am of it and it's troopers. Unfortunately, I have decided that I cannot commit has much time into the department that I want to. It's not fair to my troopers and it's command. So, after really thinking about it, I have decided to retire my position as Colonel. Yobo will be promoted to Colonel and Jeff Jr will be promoted as his Lieutenant Colonel. I've been apart of this department for over a year and it's been so much fun. I've had a blast with State, starting from just a basic Trooper and working my way up to Colonel has definitely been amazing. State has had it's ups and downs, going through 4 colonels within a span of just 5 months, 3 of which have been blacklisted, the changes that have gone through State, updates, different sub departments, etc. I'm glad to say that I've lead State to the best to my ability and it saddens me that it is time to put up the curtains for me. I will still be around, as a Reserve Colonel, so you all will still see me around patrolling with all you fellow State Troopers. Thank you all for everything. -State Trooper Colonel Ghostly 1K45
  6. ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: 11/22/19 HamsterOfTF2 Frost Silverduck Julio Gonzalez Cameron N ISaac Oslo Jag Dondi Wolf Rick Sanchez Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations!  -Colonel Ghostly 1K45
  7. Big +Support right here for my boy. He would make an excellent staff member. Good luck m8 -Ghostly
  8. Rank, Name and Call-sign: MAJ Ghostly 1L45 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60269264 Time zone: Central What is your opinion on your activity (Active/Semi-Active/Inactive)?: Active Why should High Command keep you in PD Low Command (RESPOND SERIOUSLY)?: I’m an active, mature, helpful and responsible member of PD Command. I help the lower ranks and supervisors in growing within PD and work with other Command members on issues in PD. How many meetings have you hosted/helped in the past month (BE HONEST)?: 0 hosted and 2 helped.
  9. While yes he did use his physgun, it kinda just seems like a simple mistake. I’m gonna -Support. Mistakes happen
  10. ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: 10/28/19 CPL RiftLegit 1D76 LCPL Sauce 1C45 Noah REmiX Torty James Mattis Derick LCPL Nepsin 1C21 LCPL Rick Sanchez 1C37 Trevor ReaperLite MadPup vuaghn Yedi Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations!  -Colonel Ghostly 1K45
  11. +Support Yobo is a long time member of GL and is very knowledgeable in the rules and procedures of PRP. He is mature, active, fun, has a amazing application and would make a wonderful staff member just like he has in the past. Good luck! -Ghostly
  12. -Support Does not meet requirements.