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  1. +support good man good friend knows the rules active on the server
  2. Your In-game: ligist Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:140212035 The player's name in-game: ebrown The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:549928127 What did the player do: Mass RDM in spawn| LTAP Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: week ban, or perm, up to you. Any extra information: killed people in spawn, and left the game, could be alt, account made 5 days ago.
  3. ligist

    Pride month coming up

    harassment wound be a big issue, just need to make sure that the people are harassing, not stating their opinion. stating your opinion is fine, yeah it might hurt someone's feelings, but at the end of the day your opinion is your opinion, the issue lies with those people who are actually harassing, if staff can figure that out, we'll be fine. and I don't think that staff will have a huge issue with that.
  4. ligist

    Pride month coming up

    I don't believe this is a political thing, and I fully support it as a homosexual myself
  5. This is a copy of your previous application? You just copied and pasted?
  6. cut out in the middle, but you cant even kidnap pres. if it doesn't meet the requirements in the MOTD to kill him. not to mention, under the circumstances its also technically copbait.
  7. -support, I was also there, and there are, and were no SS on, I am recording, stand by for youtube video
  8. +support -fun. -keeps her composure very well. -very helpful, and knows too many rules of the MOTD. -wholesome. -smart. -knows how to handle situations well in which there are annoying, or mean people.
  9. -support -Racist -kicked out of DD for many reasons (PM me if you want details) -Known minge -15 warns, 12 from the last month -don't believe he can keep his composer -"04/03/2020, 20:31:30PoliceRP(GL)DemokillerPlayer Diss X2" -if this is a warn he has to get, especially in last month, then I don't tthink the composer he can maintain isn't the one we want as staff. -look at rocco screen shot, and that says everything I really need to say.
  10. Hey eternity, it was actually added for us. thank you though
  11. +support as much as I like calamity, this is something that shouldn't be an issue, I realize people make mistakes, but removing someone's fading door during a raid really isn't gonna end well. not to mention this mistake im guessing costed them the raid.
  12. for a short amount of time, you have a high number of warns, I would advise you to have a bit more experience on GL first.
  13. I agree with BRUH, im sorry, but chances are that you cant get unbanned for a year. im sorry, all you can do is hope.