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  1. now this is how u know i really support this i am about to use COLORS MEGA +++SUPPORT -Active -Respectable -Responsible -Helpful behind the scenes -Overall Amazing
  2. So everyone knew this would happenn, the resignation of 104th commander wolffe 3636. My Overall goal when i kept on battalion hopping was to help rebuild broken battalions. During my mission to rebuild the battalion i have things to do which is complete -Find Amazing Officers, Checked -Work on new SOP, Checked -New Teamwork/Communication problems, Checked -Minge Players, PT/Training has improved them and the on going minges removed, Checked This will probaly be the last time i Resign from anything in clone. I know high command will see this and get mad at me again for leaving/resigning from Commander. But i did my promise to at least be Commander for 2+ Weeks - To High Command - I am sorry that i am resigning AGAIN. But this will probaly be the last time and this will benefit me because i am getting stress from listening to some people, not going to name. I have found a Great Potential Commander for 104th which is my 104th MAJ Raven, He means well, Has assisted me Behind the scene's on our battalion and he constantly shows great leadership and is supported from his fellow brothers. - To my 104th - Great troopers i fought with, I enjoyed working with them in combat and this reminds me of me working with the 212th and 327th. I will be focusing on my Jedi life since when i was a kid i enjoyed the clone wars but in this server the clone world for me is not enjoyable because of a few things. I will surely enjoy jedi and hope i see you guys in the field -------ONCE AGAIN I AM SORRY HIGH COMMAND :(---------- ------------Full 327th Blood--------
  3. +Support -Ready -Active -Responsible -Minge level has gone down
  4. +Support -Active -Responsible -Friendly great and up for the task
  5. Accepted Speak to me Later in Discord/Ingame
  6. +support -Great Rper -My Boss when i first started 327th -Active when available
  7. I have seen a lot of amazing troopers lately in the 104th Wolfpack and I will be needing a good Vice Commander and maybe a future replacement, vote now
  8. Steam Name - [GL] China In Game Name - 104th Commander Wolffe 3636 RP Rank - Commander Battalion(s) you command - 104th Wolfpack How often can you be on? - Everyday Weekdays 4:30pm-9:00pm Weekends 12:30pm-1:30am
  9. +Support i have done something like this before with the phase II NPC pack we have, it’s better for rp but I keep seeing players kill the npc for gc