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  1. Are you hungry and want some snacks on the go? Well its you're lucky day to buy some China's Fruit Snacks TODAY!!!!!! Simple price of Rolling 50 or above and it shall be delivered in no time. May contain a special flavoring (Egg)and if you get a stroke its not our fault. :D
  2. We have grown our product through out the land of CWRP, we started from a small Venator 3GG, and now the current ground base. Our business has now been sold to Jedi, Generals, and Fleet Members and the whole Galactic Army of the Republic. Join us and together we shall rule the galaxy
  3. MY FIRST CT that i ever trained :(
  4. +support -My boys are growing up -Hes active enough since he has work to deal with -Responsible and Respectable -Trusted
  5. This is old from back in the day xd, he meant he is coming back but on a different account
  6. As I said before which one, it would mainly be 5th fleet since if 104th have it, it’s not lore friendly
  7. Well, Pilot class wouldn't be needed since before we used to just let them fly the y wing And at this point everyone is getting a medic class xd.
  8. +Support BUT WHICH BATTALION xd, this is meant only for the doom bois
  9. This was denied once and that post took forever to get everyone’s opinion, especially with how we are thinking of adding 327th or 187th In the future
  10. +Support Lol Valk is big egged old warn
  11. Huge +Support Extremly Active Great Medic Respectable and Responsible Future potentially of BXO -However what I don’t like is having two Vice Commanders but in this case it might be needed
  12. +support i believe from what fame posted, you may go to a Manager to remove that warn