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  1. +1/Support -Active -Good Rper -Calm and respected and resposible
  2. Huge +support -Great Lad -Good application -Respectable and Responsible -Amazing person in general - China
  3. Huge +Support -Friendly -Old time member (Wadu Hek) -Respectful and Responsible -been In 501st for awhile -China
  4. Phoenix my friend, go look at other applications and compare it yourself. fix your issues and add more detail to help you out for the events On Base/ship is like Venator/Janio/Rishi moon events Off base is like when we switch maps. now create some ideas/missions for these events -For ULX I am pretty sure you are just confused on the word ULX but understand commands a little. you just need training and that’s it. -China
  5. For the 1st one. C-21 Highsinger was part of the bounty hunter group with Boba fett, Bossk, Lattz Razzi. so you would most likely should do events with this group if you are doing one for C-21 Highsinger +/- Support 2nd Models. Looks perfect for tactical droids. +Support
  6. If you looked closer, it was the 501st Legion with out the blue markings
  7. +support he has self promoted himself before RDM Minges Alot Broke alot of the rules
  8. +support Don't have to switch constantly fits with 41st
  9. Actually it wasn't, it was under the 501st
  10. The models are already on the server and people like it more
  11. These were almost the default models for the server Everyone is complaining about it and it all really should be decided of the 212th
  12. If everyone is doing it off by this than might as well give 501st everything. They do every single thing Recon, Attack, Specialist
  13. All do respect, it should actually be the person that called the ticket because they are the ones asking to warn them
  14. +support -its something different from 501st -can get peoples attention -nice and decent job for 212th
  15. A Clone commando unit is not equivalent to a battalion Clone Commandos are in a squad, made up of 4 and only 4. -support