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  1. Huge +support Death troops are suppose to have the responsibility to protect the high command without dying in 2 seconds (very epic) High command may argue, but remember you have a whole squad to protect you. That's why it will still be the same since their main goal is to protect high command and do as told by them.
  2. my guy committed the non living from being depressed and bullied by his fellow gungans for letting palpatine to gain power and starting the Galactic Empire
  3. In-game name: China Rank: PVT Last promo: 2/1/2020 Reason to stay in 501st: The 501st is a battalion that went through many hardships and works hard along side Lord Vader. I am proud to be in this battalion
  4. Huge -support Nothing has to be changed, just who is on that job has to be dealt with. Staff should man the Hek up and deal with the situation like any other cases they get, Follow the guidelines -Warn for whatever they did EX:(FailRp, RDM) -If janitors are being targeted than this is also an issue. Let people rp and once the problem occurs than you may act. (if you have an issue with the player than make a player report on the forums) -Ex Senior Mod China
  5. ? what you mean you dont have minge? did the !minge command get removed? Anyway +support -Active -has read the guidelines -Could put more detail but its okay
  6. Huge +Support Extremely Active Good Application Great past Game Master Experience Great Mega Event Idea
  7. +support Let people be what they want to be, instead of other jobs More room and no harm/issues
  8. Waiting on proof of this racial claim so far leaning towards +support due to past choices of being a minge
  9. IS no format for bug reports. +support fix
  10. Huge +Support -Mature and well respectable -Very dedicated to his branch and respects all -Great person and Great leadership GoodLuck
  11. All do respect, if he is new to Gmod and his ban just said go to the forums, they will just automatically just go to the ban appeal section and write something and post it. When banning, you should give steps on what to do since they can be new to Gmod and the Forums. (Just reread the MOTD/Rules of the server and start fresh again when back) +/- Support Overall is new and needs to read the rules before rping
  12. China

    Player Report

    +support Evidence is shown clearly Rdmx1/PropBlock
  13. Huge +Support Lol everyone there said we are allowed to search due to the drug dog smelling drugs, not the printers. Also imagine in real life if the police arrest you for calling 911, XD
  14. +support There is clear evidence Kaylah L is here just to enjoy GL and not an "ALT ACCOUNT" Staff should of studied more into the situation before making false accusations #FreeKaylahL