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  1. 41st should of already had the sniper in ARF because they are the reconnaissance unit which should have the weapons -Sniper -Dc-15s -dc-17 for scouting missions (Agree with Myles)
  2. SMT/Head GameMaster accepts these. and these don’t need +Supports it’s just something fun to do for a characters backstory
  3. This post is from August 10, 2018. Long before your time coming to the server. Its also been used by the arcs so dont worry about it. This is just an idea, and this idea has been used already ever since the time i started on GL. (BTW you arent allow to accept these anyway, its the General+)
  4. China

    Nepsins ban

    The quote "WTF IS THIS SHIT, IM GETTING 10 FPS" Doesnt mean the server is actually shit, it can also mean like "WTF my fps are low from the map and due to my computer"
  5. China

    Ban Appeal

    +Support -Old Ban -By corrupted Valk If his name was Valk than oh well, it’s his steam name to bad.
  6. I got to be honest, PoliceRp is one of the servers in this community to give the most warnings. You are definitely a nice person in general but you don’t follow the rules. Also, you somehow have a job involved with the government but don’t follow the SOP +Support Second chance on the server
  7. And you should know the lore of the 104th, not that randomness that you call “defense”
  8. Past 38 models And false, 104th isn’t a defense battalion. It’s an specialist battalion that focus on search and rescue, Engineering and uses of Jetpacks
  9. Huge +Support -Great person -Friendly -Helpful to all when needed -active Goodluck -China the Ex CEO of the Fruit Snack Company
  10. +Support Ruins my immersion while rp Abuse of staff power Rdming
  11. China

    Job Suggestion

    which is something support because i thought this was fixed long ago
  12. F for Blungi the great lad
  13. If you can please list the load out of the classes you want them to be on so i can check on if it needs an extra weapon
  14. Is this still a thing anymore... This reminds me about the csgo scrimmage we had last year in gaming light with team reborn vs team Spencer form the MilRp Community.
  15. China

    Job Suggestion

    Well this is something bad for some attack battalions since they need to push a lot so less armor = More death and res pawning a bunch of times is an egg move +Support on Armor