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  1. MEGA +Support -Active -Responsible -Respectable -Previous Hard Working CAO -MY BB
  2. Oof my bread resigned You were a great bread 74th Bread 501st Rex/Kix/fives/Bread Hope ya have a good life ahead of ya
  3. Hek no Mega - i mean Mega +SUPPORT Hes a Jedi Master Kid Fister, (Clone Wars Rp Joke) Active Responsible Respectable Hope you get it chief man thing ish person idk k never mind ima go
  4. +Support -Active -Responsible -Respectable Only thing I have to say about this application is that 15 needs alittle more detail
  5. If you click f4 there is a section for the forums but what your saying is a good idea as well
  6. Umm chief it’s not a CPT Application, it’s a Major Application fix it xd
  7. +/- Support When I was Cody, you were a great and loyal trooper, you deserve a shot in this, but you must fix your problems which is stated above, I wish you luck
  8. Take time bb, have a umm good time I guess
  9. Oh hek Mega - i mean Mega +Support -Good Application -Active -Friendly -Responsible -Respectable -GoodLuck I’m getting Trial Mod my friend
  10. China

    MISSION LOG 2521-A

    Love your vision of these events, I will try to work on somethings given from you and the boys
  11. China

    Maps bug

    I guess it’s kinda fix sine it got deleted but yea sometimes when we have it in our pack it still won’t load for all players