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  1. I mean it’s just him responding back, many people have done that in the ban appeals for all servers, they just want to clear up their name. Chicken knows what’s up that’s why he basically said chill.
  2. out of most SOP/applications I have never seen a SNCO Application. I would see an Officer Application being used but this is just a hmm
  3. You have to make it public for people to view
  4. Huge +Support -A lot of things were going through your head from drama when you did this -I believe in /me chances -Chill person when calm Goodluck -China
  5. Huge +Support -Active person in gl -Ex GameMaster for CWRP -Nice person -Great eggo
  6. Maybe this egg? -support sending random fishy links to staff Abusing staff chat/tickets
  7. I don't like sand. It's all coarse, and rough, and irritating. And it gets everywhere. -Anakin
  8. This is from last year by the old Cody/old 212th cO
  9. -Support its the commanding officer decision and I would make people do it too.
  10. There goes another old timer from my commander Cody days You are a chill person and hope you enjoy your other businesses on this server
  11. China

    212th Player Models

    New Model added Basically its the old models but it has been updated *Don’t bs about HD when 41st and 91st/Shock models were also labeled as HD|CGi
  12. Good bye lime juice the best medic