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  1. Huge+SUPPORT -Active -Responsible -Respectable -Support a kid fister (CWRP JOKE) honest and his one of my BB whom would say Hello There and does /me fists person infront
  2. My 1 year warn anniversary :D on GamingLight Warn by Reborn March 20, 2018 Warn by 104th SZ Dalton March 17, 2018
  3. Happy Eggday :3, and that other egg from yesterday STURMZ
  4. Huge+Support -Active -Responsible -Respectable -Good Team Skills -Honest From Ex ViceCommander China
  5. The model you are suggesting was already denied 2 times by Eman and Invaliff for having HD models
  6. That belongs to synergy and it has already been denied
  7. China

    104th Journal

    Name: 104th ViceCommander China Log 7: Seems I have gone rogue from my group of 104th, I have been assigned to kamino for retraining due to my “defective” programming, I will probably be assigned to a new sector/base that is controlled by the republic. My journey with the crew members on this vessel had its ups and downs, my defective part of me is taking over, atleast that is what my medical officer was stating after being watched for awhile. I have gone rogue from listening to some of my commanding officers on the ship because I am doing what I believe should happen, not risk my men and get them into trouble. This will most likely be my last log due to the fact I am being retrained for the clone army and will be acquired to have my mind wiped. Hope to see you soon and hopefully when the war is over -China
  8. Huge +Support Friendly Active Responsible Respectable Keep up the good work
  9. What Logan said, what an egg no fruit snacks for you