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  1. Name: Derick Rank: DCOS Date: 7/2/20
  2. Overall I feel that delta squad has payed its time off for me as I have been here. But overall I've been dealing with things with FBI, School and other IRL things and all these meetings are really making it hard for me. But not only that but delta squad for me was awesome. It was fun rolling around the streets with people like Rein, Tigersden, Bandit, Dr Whale, Bird, Phil, Zerg, Pittman and some others but it was all fun but overall lately its been stressful for me for the meeting times. So overall I am gonna be staying good bye to all the great friends I've meet on delta squad. Again thank you to Command, Ecott, Calamity, TheJayden and North it was fun while it lasted and good luck in the future.
  3. - Support - Never Seen You On Before (In-Game, or TS) - Application pretty sloppy (Spelling And Grammer Mistakes) - Last Question Could Use Lots Of Work - Low Warns - Has Staffing Experience Overall I'm Going To -Support.
  4. +/- Support - Mature - Pretty Active - Knows the Rules - A lot Of Warns (Most Are Old) - Barely Meet Post Requirements
  5. - Support - Active - Seems To Know The Rules - Low Warns - Doesn't Meet Forum Post Requirement (You Need 25) - Steam ID isn't correct - Last Question Could Use Some Work Overall Good Luck!
  6. +/- Support - Mature - Good Application - Pretty Active In-Game - Low Forums Posts - A lot of Warns ( Most of them are old so)
  7. I'm Going To Be Honest With You Daniel. - Your Active - Mature - Seems to Know the Rules - Calm Daniel I feel your ready for staff but - Your Application Doesn't Have Great Detail - You Didn't Bring Up Anything About Cussing On The Last Question So Imma +/- Support. Good Luck Daniel!