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  1. +Support Reasons Above.
  2. In-Game Name: Derick SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123730107 Job Name: Department of Homeland Security New Player: STEAM_0:1:123730107 (20$) - Paid By STEAM_0:1:123730107 New Weapon: tfa_csgo_awp (20$) - Paid By STEAM_0:1:123730107 Owner Of CC: Echo @Echo Total: (40$) Paid By STEAM_0:1:123730107
  3. I mean I want the old warn system back but theres like no chance they would bring it back.
  4. Sad to see you go hop you enjoyed FBI while you were here.
  5. Marked! Hope everything goes well. Goodluck with school.
  6. - Support Idk bud. I dont think ur ready.