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  1. Felix

    Buff PD

    -Support Tac units take down CC’s pretty well and as BigJohnny said the PD should work to become a tac unit if they want to take down a CC.
  2. Good luck with all that!
  3. +Support Active Mature Good guy Trusted
  4. I know you don’t want me to feel sad but I am. You were truly a great member of the community. I loved joking around with you every day. Stay in touch.
  5. +Support Active Mature Friendly Good guy
  6. +Support Mature Active Friendly
  7. +Support Active Mature Deserves to be support
  8. Felix

    Jets Support App

    +Support Active Mature Used to be staff Good luck
  9. Felix

    Nimo's Support App

    +Support Active in TS Long time member Used to be staff
  10. I’m pretty sure they want us focused on situation events like bank raids, pursuits, etc.
  11. +Support Activity could improve But overall deserves the position
  12. +Support As long as it is not abused then i think it would be a great addition
  13. Felix

    Adding Lean Back

    -Support Not really used
  14. Felix

    CHIKENs Ban Appeal

    +Support He changed a ton. He is a great guy now. And some of the warns were accepted and duplicated