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  1. Make sure you follow the format.
  2. Felix


    +Support Would help out a lot with all the false demotes and people going crazy with it.
  3. +Support After watching this video multiple times over and over, you were facing him the whole time he had a nova out when you were healing so no matter what it is still FearRP.
  4. -Support Been suggested before but it’s gonna cause lag
  5. -Support Reasons above Staff dissing isnt taken lightly
  6. SA's can't ban you permanently from the TS.
  7. Felix

    Unknown ban

    -Support No format followed No context given
  8. +Support Meets requirements
  9. You were a great HA! Glad to see you're still playing
  10. Felix

    Perma Banned

    Please give SMT a SteamID not your steam link. You can search up “Steam ID finder” and paste your profile link in to get your SteamID
  11. +Support Active Mature Would be a great fit
  12. Maybe a mistake, it happens, so just get well known and liked in the community and then you're good.
  13. Felix

    Nexieys Ban Appeal

    That's weird I would assume you would be banned across all of gaminglight for DDOS Threats