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  1. Felix

    Money for ranks.

    Oh do you now
  2. Felix

    I'm so sorry.

    Why ask for a perma ban if you wouldn't want it later on?
  3. Felix

    Money for ranks.

    Only for irl people now
  4. Felix

    Money for ranks.

    How much for Head Cadet
  5. I wanna gamble with you
  6. Ima hop on every now and then
  7. I ain’t part of no club
  8. As most of you know I resigned from superadmin and I thought I would still have interest in getting on everyday but I don't. It's been fun being a low command for the PD. I have enjoyed working along side most of you and those people made this experience even better. Final 10-7
  9. Felix

    False warn

    +Support My GMOD does crash a lot as well
  10. +Support Active Mature Friendly
  11. Felix

    whats that?

  12. +Support Old Member Knows rules Good guy
  13. +Support I dont think a ban was necessary. A staff restriction should be fine.