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  1. it was great having you in state and you were a awesome ACOL it is sad to see you go but I hope the you do well wherever you go in life. from:State LT Jack Lancer 1H06
  2. it was a great time serving with you and I will miss you but I hope you will always do as good as you did in state. from: State LT Jack Lancer 1H06
  3. +Support Especially for Command Tac Units. 1 Gas isn't enough
  4. thx for all your work kai hope you get it
  5. Name and rank: Jack Lancer Active,Semi active,Not active[ Active Suggestions for state: more SPMU Signed by: Jack Lancer
  6. Name:Jack Lancer Rank:TL / 2LT in state Activity (Active, semi-active, LOA):Active Recommendations for department: cert Breacher kac PD-W pls
  7. Name: Jack Lancer Rank: C.E.R.T Specialist How active are you in CERT? (Semi-Active/Active/Inactive): Active as i can be What do you want to see change within the department?: Breacher needs Gas pls What do you think command can improve on? N/A Is there anything you think command should know about yourself?: N/A Signature: X_ Jack Lancer
  8. In-Game Name: Jack Lancer  SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jack2221/ my steam id finder would not work Rank: trooper SNR/ CERT Privet Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): Today - unknown Reason for LOA (If private that is fine):  Private/ livebate knows I still have TS on my phone . ?
  9. New Rollcall to determine who is active and who is not active Ingame Name: CERT PVT Jack Lancer 1CT80 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:98586176 Rank: Trooper SNR/CERT PVT Activity: (Active/Semi active/Inactive) Active What do you want to see in state going forward? Why?: For people to be more serious on job and understand that when you are on the job of state you are representing the whole of state. In addition, try to control your driving on the roads. The last thing I want to see more of is state to go to more PD meetings and if they let you try to help out as best as possible. Any Suggestions?: One suggestion is for the state to consider having a training on using "/me" and going more indepth into role play when you are on the state job.
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    +support should be sold by blackmarket dealer