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  1. my niece was found dead (murdered) a week ago, I feel our friend's and families pain of loss. No-one deserves to go through the pain of losing someone they care so much about. I've been sniveling for about an hour over Devitt because of some past memories and recent memories and the pain myself and others have felt over the passings of loved ones such as my niece, a few close friends of mine, grandfather, and knowing that others here in the community probably feel the sorrow I do. I am especially worried for Devitt's family/IRL friend's emotions/mental status. My heart goes out to all of your family and friends, Devitt. Kick back and relax, good sir. God Bless your soul. I'll miss you brother, Rest in Peace. <3 I really do wish there was something I could do for his family and friends to help. I hate seeing any human or animal in distress/pain. My heart hurts so damn much right now.
  2. MASSIVE +SUPPORT -Helps Every person in any way he can/the best in his abilities -Mature/is good under pressure -Smart/quick thinker when quick decisions need to be made -Trains everytime he's online -Active as H E C K -Not a minge (like me, lol) -never rude to anyone -Has a great Friendlyness, yet good disciplinary actions. If you don't get LT, Im going to literally cry. PD Command, please get him in as a LT. He's a perfect one... and they're rare.
  3. I hate to say it.... -Support -Rude/disrespectful to others -Mingey as hell -Inactive -Power-hungry -does not train 3-6 cadets a day -If I remember correctly, Bob Bob said 20 Warns or more is an automatic denial. -In wrong spot for Promotions... didn't know this is the new spot for Command Promotions.... Hmmm -Is not fit for Command/immature and selfish. Sorry Fam, I hate -supporting people's Applications, but you have not impressed me once, but you've pissed myself and many others off many times before. :/
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