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  1. Mazgrid

    How is everyone?

    glad to hear.
  2. I read the whole thing, but I did have a long pause and a reflective moment of "why am I even here? I have shit to do by today, yet im reading this excuse of a kinky staff report or whatever it is."
  3. Mazgrid

    How is everyone?

    hello everyone, how are we all? I hope everyone has been good. I have been inactive for quite some time, and I will be for quiet some more time. I just wanted to check up on GL and see how it is doing! Love you guys and have a good day!
  4. Mazgrid

    SS are kinda funny

    Instead of shooting civilians/criminals, etc. they will use dances to fight assassins.
  5. fuck man.. you and me both
  6. the biggest booty b I t c h e s base. Thanks! Already came across snow on the road, met with the exact words of "motherfucker no.. you've got to be fucking kidding me with this dink doink dung no-fun no-sun shit"
  7. Hey bitches, how we doin?... oh, youre not doing to well?- oh well fuck you. We got more important shit than your "issues" you deplorable swine. Lets get a move on, fellow mentally retarded friends. So I have my proper removal from the database of SDF on 10/7/19 (two days from now) but I have already given my rifles and sidearms, so now that I was able to do that, I removed myself from my housing unit on Le Base and am now moving to Florida! Im currently not driving any further at night time, so I only drove around 45 minutes from Eureka, Montana (where I was stationed at on the border) to Kalispell, Montana. Tomorrow I hope to get to Billings. I hope to see you all again soon WITH A PROPER INTERNET SOURCE THATS STABLE AND NOT A SPEED OF 200Kbps. I tried to say hello to yall at least, but to those who didn't see me on PoliceRP, Hello!! If any of you guys have questons or info for me about Florida, feel free to PM me on Discord or the Forums! Discord: Mazgrid#0770
  8. Player lied to staff, resulting in false warn Questions Your In-game: Mazgrid Your SteamID: (cant get this to load. takes 20 minutes to load up not even forums, just The admin's name in-game: BOH The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: FailRP x2 Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): (I am literally rigged to a cell tower for an internet source of 220Kbps-290Kbps and I have waited close to 25 minutes for the image to upload.. so fuck it. I can not upload the image of the warn) Why do you think this warn was false: A player lied to staff saying that Citizens can not own firearms (part 1) and that sitting in the back of a abandoned car instead of resisting arrest/running from police is "stealing cars" (part 2) The admin who warned me already said he will get it removed after he realized that NO WHERE ON THE MOTD does it say anything about citi's not being able to possess firearms or sit in cars (even if its your own car) Any extra information: My internet is absolute shite, so i lag out at least every 15-30 minutes. please be patient with me ingame until I inform of when my internet is more stable than my emotions. Im not an LTAPer so don't say I am. There's no point in LTAP'ing because youre still going to get punished.
  9. What if you wanted to go to Heaven, but God said: 'Error hl2.exe has stopped working'
  10. What would we do with out SMT?
  11. I am so glad to have you back! We missed you! Welcome back! While i wont be on GL for at least another 2-6 months (on a State Defense deployment and on patrol with U.S. Border Patrol) i hope to see you soon again, "Timememememmememsmemsmems"! (I took this photo yesterday for the GL PRP discord with a few cool kids i was talking to there.) On the other side of this concrete wall is Canada! #TBL
  12. Hello everyone, as some of you may have noticed, i have not been seen for about 2 weeks now. Some of you may be saddened by this, or joyful upon my absence. The reason i am making this post is on the topic that i will be on LOA for an unknown time. Some personal issues have come up that completely alter my daily life and sometimes keep me from being able to leave my house, goto work or even get out of bed for days on end. This may end up killing me if i do not deal with it now. The time i have not been on Gmod/seen on discord/ts is due to the fact my internet was unknowningly shut off and a large sum of money well over $10,000 was stolen from me by someone i know and will not be on for a while most likely. So any Departments (EMS. Is one of them) who have removed me/put me on LOA i have no control over this and i dont have a solid way to communicate/write an LOA. (I am at a friend's house currently) To those wondering why i am on LOA, some extremely violent actions have been inflicted upon me multiple times lately by someone i loved and trusted very much. @mjay @smoke @bryce Are the 3 people who know why i am on LOA/havent been on for a while. I love all of you and miss every single one of you. Even the players/staff who dislike me. I hope to return soon to everyone, safely. Until later; "This is 1A27 to all frequency listeners, 1A27 will be 10-7 for a long while. I hope to return to service soon. 1A27, over and out."
  13. IS THAT A STAFF MEMBER TAKING THEIR OWN SITS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Hannah's over here with multi-personality disorder and is yelling at her self like Hannah 1: "DONT EVER RDM AGAIN!" Hannah 2: "WHAT YOU GON DO DUMMY THICC ADMIN?" Hannah 1: "!warn Yuki RDM" Hannah 2: "HAHA, NOOB!" Hannah 1: *whispers* goddamn it...
  14. -support Well yes Hannah should have done a player report instead of getting on staff when you're in Heat of the Moment like that you don't really think about that when you pissed off you don't really care you just want Justice I know from personal experience.