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  1. Mega +support -actual no life/major supporter of the server -involved all over community and still active on staff -knows all rules, up to date -active (again, 0 life to speak of) -deserves the rank, pretty obvi Not gonna write a lot im lazy. ghostly is a litboi and puts in a lot of time to make the server fun, not only for himself, but for everyone he plays with. Great dude
  2. Not really sure why this got denied in the first place with almost 100% support but whatever. Major +support, its PoliceRP server, and after a police officer arrests someone, they become an inmate *gasp* I know, shocking. Some people want to rp as an inmate, set up their own cell, and interact with other prisoners and doc. It's a good idea that has been offered up more than once, and it kinda does't make sense that this suggestion keeps getting ignored. Again, (so far) 100% support. Lets see if we can get this one added boys.
  3. What you want to see? - A change made or a new rule implemented for combat healing. Something like no firing of weapons for (insert fair amount of time, maybe 15-30 seconds) allows criminals to heal up. Could also let EMS heal cops who want to keep fighting and not just die to reset armor and health to wait 3 minutes. Why should we add it? - Some criminal situations, like bank robberies or money silos require that fights last much longer than the NLR for cops and crims. Cops can just run in and die and come back to these situations after NLR, but crims, who are usually outnumbered to begin with, cannot heal at all for that 8-30 minutes without dying and coming back. Also lets EMS actively participate in cop crim situations in a way that is role play friendly. What are the advantages of having this? - Allows for crims to balance out the cops ability to return at their whim by healing. Again, this still doesn't allow crims to get new armor, just to hold their own with the resources they (may or may not) have. Who is it mainly for? - Crims (who have a majority of the medkits), or EMS who want to heal cops. Links to any content -
  4. Awkward. So I have also decided to resign from Mace Windu. I'm not active enough on the server to hold such a high ranking position, and while I helped old Yoda build up the jedi and get our infrastructure in place, I think it's about time to let the next generation of Jedi move ahead and lead as they must. Best of luck to @Beckettas Yoda running things moving forward. You are a lit boi. Also, thanks to @BUBTHESTUD for trusting me in the first place and letting me work my way through the ranks. Shoutout to the other council that helped us get stuff done and setup the foundations for the council as it will hopefully continue to stand. @salty, @GhostlyNinjaDude, @China, @To Rose Or Not to Rose, @Koda @ high command, please don't fight the jedi. They are a big part of the server, and indicative of server health and growth. They aren't greedy and trying to take over the ship, but don't jip them either. Thanks Mace Windu -P.S. Thanks to all the ARC and Rancor boys that dealt with me as the Jedi general. It was a fun a$$ battalion and it was a really cool dynamic to be a part of. Thanks all again ?
  5. Cherry Force

    Nerf the jedi

    Borith was complaining that we command too much. So idk, sounds like lots of random, opposing complaints to me. Does that count as proof?
  6. Cherry Force

    Nerf the jedi

    -Support This is a pretty baseless claim and frankly disrespectful. The jedi are a part of the server and the universe we are playing in. Additionally, it has roleplay and adds to the server. To claim we are "taking over" when asking for jump courses for training to be propped in training rooms, or offices (that every other command member gets mind you) not to be removed seems pretty outlandish. You never complained while you had the role of Quinlan Vos about how the jedi worked with or interacted within the server, and not much has changed in the way things are run. We don't pull rank on clones and haven't been known to abuse power. You are working your way towards command. I expected more from you, and a superadmin too. The point of jedi are to work alongside the clones. If you leave them out of events completely, of course they will complain. You are literally complaining that you have more to do than the jedi in events and on ship.
  7. weak response IMO LMAO XD raWR
  8. I'm sorry, how many kills do you have total bud? I bet it isnt much higher than 7 LMAO
  9. yo trios overwatch inbound? I think yes, + smurf reacquired Lowkey, sad to see you go but I'll keep in touch on discord so I wont keep it long here. It was cool setting up the jedi order with you, and making it run how we saw it best. You were the best man. Sucks that they had to remove the best GM from the team. Good luck with yo shite m8 Memester of the Order Mace Windex
  10. +/- Support -Good friend -Gets on for ratio (semi active) -Just came back from "LOA" maybe should wait and improve activity before applying -Application has almost 0 effort for question 14, barely any grammar, and probably didn't even read it back over after typing it out once -Q15 is wrong Sorry, would have loved to +support but this was a weak application in my eyes