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  1. This. Active works hard on the server and for the community, and has been getting active in pd. +support
  2. +/- leaning towards + To me, this is either a jump script or hack. In my opinion, I know I can bhop downhill to gain speed and I also know some god level bhoppers who would be able to achieve something similar to this in ideal conditions. That being said, the server caps jumps with the scroll wheel (tested myself), and the jumps are too consistent to be legitimate in my opinion. While I don't necessarily think this is hacking, it is at the very least a bhop script which I believe is most likely, and I also believe against the rules.
  3. Well, I was the first one to vote so I guess I have to comment now dang it. But for real +support Active on forums, ts and game Good number of posts Experienced staff Best of luck mate
  4. -Support I saw a major improvement in your attitude yesterday during the event. However, I've had major issues with you in the past including failrp, minging, and general NITRP. If your attitude continues to change and improve, and I see you taking your role more seriously, this will change to a +support. Good luck
  5. This, took you long enough. +support -note: maybe start as tmod though, I know its probs annoying since you are already a gm, but I think everyone should start as tmod in my personal opinion if you are new to the staff team.
  6. Sign it it looks unprofessional. And welcome boios. -Res Dep Warden Duv
  7. This. Love you best of luck man! +support
  8. This, too lazy to type. Defs +support
  9. You were a dank LTG. We better still see you (and don't forget OW)
  10. I do like the fists idea though tbh