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  1. -support The reasoning behind this is that the last time we had self breaching it was horrible, I understand the staff team is more experienced now, but I feel self breaching just shouldn't be added, don't get me wrong its well written and thought of, just it would be hard to keep track of everything. It does add extra RP but I just don't feel like it should be re added.
  2. Name: Blackbeard. Permission? (1 HOS/Manager.) HOS Th3. Rank: (Must be Admin) Super Admin. How long have you been an admin? A total over well over a year for being staff, but only 7 days as a Super Admin. What qualities can you bring to the mentor team (100 words minimum.): With almost 2 years clocked in with the community and staff, I have ran into many different types of situations and have gained a lot of experience in the time being, i've learned a lot of things that could end up helping a newer staff member looking to try to move up, or simply just someone in need of advice. I've been on SCP for exactly about a year now, and with that I've been staff about 7 to 8 months and with that I can bring a lot of help to those in need and ones who are looking to improve and become better staff members while doing it. Why do you want to join the mentor system? (150 words minimum): I currently want to join the mentor staff due to how many people are about ready to move up in the SCP staff team. Almost everyone of them are already excellent staff members, and with a little help and a mentor ship they can become better staff members, and that's really why I would like to join. Another reason would be just how low we are on mentors, and since I just recently just got JMT, I've realized how many people currently could go for a mentor ship. Being myself, I enjoy helping others and teaching them, I feel i'm friendly enough to be around and help others while enjoying our time doing out mentor ship together. I've felt that I've built up a decent reputation to be known throughout the staff team that no one should really have a problem with me, and with having no problems with anyone I feel we can build up a very good bond and could easily help and teach the person that needs mentoring. With not only that, i'm fairly active so I can always respond to people quickly and make up a time to do them, i'm normally free majority of the time so I could basically always complete the time needed for the mentor ship to be successful. Appreciate the read, and have a fantastic day everyone.
  3. What you want to see? - Removal of the tranquilizer from the GENSEC Heavy job Why should we add it? - GENSEC Heavies really shouldn't have this anyway, and i've only dealt with cases with people abusing and minging with it. What are the advantages of having this? - Removes the possibilities and situations of someone minging with the M9 Tranq, as well as less sits about it. Who is it mainly for? - GENSEC/Staff Links to any content - N/A
  4. +/-support The DDOS threat towards a player was a huge no no, though you've screwed up plenty, you can do a lot of good sometimes as well as being helpful, when we did talk about this matter you did seem sincere about the ban and seemed willingly to change. I would honestly probably say one more chance would be okay, but the chance to come back should not be taken lightly, seeing you would have to reprove yourself. Though that's not my call that's at least what I think of the matter, either way good luck on the request.
  5. Yeah I don't see how this would work as a class lol.
  6. Noted, please next time try to inform a commander before leaving a branch, and another thing is that E11 doesn't count as a life until SGT+, but since you did just openly quit, you may be retrained if you feel like it.
  7. Good bye cutie ;-;
  8. You're welcome for making you no longer a mute hairline
  9. welcome to the club.