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  1. Accepted! Speak to a FTO+ for training!
  2. DENIED Command have denied this app for the reasons above from Colonel Daedran.
  3. It was a pleasure working with you sam, I wish you best in whatever you do in the future.
  4. Didn't really know you all to well, but sad to see another High Command go. I wish you the best with your future endeavors
  5. Honestly was just browsing the forums and forgot this existed lol
  6. This post has officially concluded Those who failed to reply will be removed and notified.
  8. +Support -Really the only problem with this base for me is the ladder chokepoint, normally once we get passed that, its a whoever does the best past that, or has more numbers, will win. The camping of the ladder is what basically made this post a thing, i've ran multiple raids, where the ladder was just camped, stopping the whole raid in total, and as a result leaving MTF to lose. Now I will say there is ways we've been countering it, but that way is only available if someone has donated for the MTF Infiltrator job. And that option is normally not available since some people don't have it, or want to hop on the job.
  9. This is confirmed by me, I told daedran to post it.
  10. Major + Support! -More then capable for this job -Amazing guy -Hard working member, and well respected -Overall I would love to see Curtis/February get Staff, this dude has done a lot for gaming light even though he was never staff or anything, all I can say is that hes a dedicated guy to GL, and would be a great addition.
  11. Hello Omicron-9, today I will be releasing a role call that needs to be answered by 5/13/20 or face removal from the branch Name in RP: Rank: Any concerns: Again if you fail to reply to the format by the given time, you will be removed from Omicron-9, no one is excused except COL+ and those on LOA