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  1. Steam Name: Nodez Ingame Name: N/A SteamID: STEAM_0:0:490098914 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Matthew Reason for Ban: Blacklisted | EMT Diss | Server Diss | Ban Report Accepted | ~Matthew Dispute: Hello I am Nodez, I was once a part of the “GamingLight '' community and I recently got banned for the dissing of Zeeptin and the community. That was when I was staff for Civant Gaming and I was a little on Civants side over GamingLights side because you know that whole “My server is better than your server” kind of thing; and even Bambob01 said that he was corrupt. So I went off of what Bambob01 said because he was the HOS at the time so he’s higher he knows what he’s talking about and wouldn’t lie. I was talking to one of my friends trying to help my get unbanned and he was like say this say that. He said I will help you on one condition “If you do get unbanned you can not minge or do anything that’ll get you banned and if you do get banned after this unban I won’t talk to you I won't interact with you for a long time”. The person will not be brung up for reasons. Whilst I was staffing for civant I always wanted to get back into gaminglight (now referred to as GL) because of all the good times I had there. Like joining Kami and Reaper and a bunch of other gangs and having gang wars with Kings and including the people I met along the way. Then going to war with Supremechow and having a bunch of people do a firing line on him because he backstabbed the gangs. How about some of the staff members that I would have fun with. Just the good times in general that I loved about GL like staying up till 4 and playing getting money driving around cars. The way I’ve changed is once you get a mic you feel less mingy because talking to people means a lot more than you think from just typing over and over because you get that little bond with people. By using your voice makes huge connections like me and a few people were talking just by typing and we had no real connection. But then we decided to get together and talk with our mics it took everything and just made it better cause we heard each others real voices and we can imagine what they look like and that alone makes you not want to fuck around and get banned on servers because the bond and connections alone. When you’re typing you feel like you’re the man because no one can judge you over that. The way I could prove that I’ve changed is using a spy menu on me. So you can see what I am doing in game 24/7 365 days a year. If I keep failRPing and all that kinda of things I’ll get brought to a roof talked to and yelled at on what I should’ve done and what I could’ve not done. With me knowing that someone is watching me or having the placebo effect on me could easily change the way I play. Plus I’ve made many attempts to try to get better at RP and not minge as much. Lets assume I do get back on GL the first thing I do is ask for an admin and get them to tell me what I can’t do what I can and get a general refresher and if they don’t want to do that I’ll just read the MOTD a few times and get the rules on what I can and can’t do. If I do get unbanned the way you could punish me is something along these lines Wipe everything Remove all my warns Set my warn ban to 10 As long as I don’t get a warn my warn ban will go up by 5 every month (8 months to get 30) Make me start as if I was never banned by Lose all my money,cars,guns and ranks in PD and any department
  2. Steam Name: Nodez Ingame Name: REDACTED? SteamID: 76561198940463556 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Steve Reason for Ban: Warn limit Dispute: I would like to formally apologize for my mingy ways I have been playing Civant Gaming as a replacement over GamingLight and it's not the same. I've realized that what I've done is wrong and unlike real me. Ever since I got a working headset and mic I've realized how much less mingy I am when it comes to speaking. I am so sorry for every thing I've done and and the things I've done to people. And every thing I've said. I am very sorry for being the way I was and I've straightened up since that ban on October 22, 2019. If any high up sees this a way to punish me if I get un-banned which I don't think I will for the stuff I did. If you want to fully reset my account so take away all my guns, money (expect for starter amount) and hours. I will be very happy, I've missed the Gaming Light community and all that it offers. I am very sorry for what I did. Over the time I've banned I've been reflecting on how this won't happen again. Thank you for your time on seeing and reading this. Very sorry for what I've Done Sincerely ~ Nodez / Redacted
  3. jackmarshton57


    Does anyone still play this server? It was broken and dead as all hell when I joined
  4. Your In-game: REDACTED Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:490098914 The admin's name in-game: CPT Zage 1L37 What warning(s) did you receive: RDM|PLAYER DISS Evidence of the warn(s) (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I do not feel as if it is "false" but, I would like to apologize for "player diss" on who ever the victim was. For the RDM I have no idea who I did kill but I want to say sorry for killing whoever I did. Any extra information: Sorry for being a minge >﹏<
  5. Steam Name: [DN] Nodez Ingame Name: ? I don't know SteamID: STEAM_0:0:490098914 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Console Reason for Ban: 60+ warns Dispute: I know this is not an excuse but I have warns from there GL servers such as PRP, and 1944rp, most warns are coming from PRP, and I do love the SCP-RP server I've spent money for bronze and I use props for RP but admins say other wise like me being a "disabled" D-Class
  6. As I stated this it was a joke and I'm not really going to DDoS a pace maker I don't even know how to DDoS in the first place
  7. Listen it's a joke you really think I'm that much of an asshole
  8. This is not an excuse but it says for "60+" and it's on other servers and not just SCP-RP as I said it's not an excuse.
  9. You did speak to me and I said "if I get banned I most likely not appeal it as the last time I did it about the 40 warns almost everyone -supported and so it would be somewhat useless to appeal it as it would get too much -supports for it top be accepted and because of that I would most likely not areal l appeal it and I might leave GL as it does appear that the majority of the community would rather me be gone than be there
  10. I meant to add this crims go up into mountains to lose PD
  11. What you want to see? - A new ranger class Why should we add it? - since the new addition of the map there is a mountain area and I think rangers should be useful for that part there What are the advantages of having this? - Having people who know about every square inch of the moutain area as it's a good way to get PD lost in the area Who is it mainly for? - GOV. Links to any content - None
  12. My 44 warns are in a collection of multiple servers and not just SCP