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  1. Steam Name: [DN] Nodez Ingame Name: ? I don't know SteamID: STEAM_0:0:490098914 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Console Reason for Ban: 60+ warns Dispute: I know this is not an excuse but I have warns from there GL servers such as PRP, and 1944rp, most warns are coming from PRP, and I do love the SCP-RP server I've spent money for bronze and I use props for RP but admins say other wise like me being a "disabled" D-Class
  2. As I stated this it was a joke and I'm not really going to DDoS a pace maker I don't even know how to DDoS in the first place
  3. Listen it's a joke you really think I'm that much of an asshole
  4. This is not an excuse but it says for "60+" and it's on other servers and not just SCP-RP as I said it's not an excuse.
  5. You did speak to me and I said "if I get banned I most likely not appeal it as the last time I did it about the 40 warns almost everyone -supported and so it would be somewhat useless to appeal it as it would get too much -supports for it top be accepted and because of that I would most likely not areal l appeal it and I might leave GL as it does appear that the majority of the community would rather me be gone than be there
  6. I meant to add this crims go up into mountains to lose PD
  7. What you want to see? - A new ranger class Why should we add it? - since the new addition of the map there is a mountain area and I think rangers should be useful for that part there What are the advantages of having this? - Having people who know about every square inch of the moutain area as it's a good way to get PD lost in the area Who is it mainly for? - GOV. Links to any content - None
  8. My 44 warns are in a collection of multiple servers and not just SCP
  9. I guess I give this a +support I really don't care tho
  10. Steam Name: [DN] Nodez Ingame Name: I think Father 966 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:490098914 Ban Length: 10 months Admin that Banned you: Rangitea Reason for Ban: "mass prop minge" Dispute: My ban of a fair two weeks jumped to ten months and I have no idea why I was fine with the punishment like I messed up I know I stayed up that night so I could hop on when I was un banned but then I got in and boom baned for 10 months I would like to know why and if it was by mistake can this get revoked please and thank you ~Nodez
  11. jackmarshton57


    I would like too know why my fair ban of two weeks jumped to 10 months
  12. Steam Name: [DN] Nodez Ingame Name: Nodez SteamID: STEAM_0:0:490098914 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: It says console Reason for Ban: "40 warns thing" Dispute: 1: I have a couple reason why I want to get a appeal. Which I am gonna explain in the paragraphs. Also might be a little sloppy haven't done a 5 paragraph essay in like 5 months. I mean I just wanna play and the reason are below now. 2: I've a good 70ish% or all my hours on Gmod all into Gaminglight and I love gaminglight. I know how it works and I've gotten friends because of gaming light including SCP-RP and Police-RP which is what I am appealing right now. And it sucks not being on Police-RP I loved just hoping on and getting in police chases getting busted. It was fun it was a new feeling. Like no other servers had the same feel, the same atmosphere as gaminglight they couldn't match it. 3: Families, I'm in a family on there. I can't really play on there because of the ban and I really want to play on there. And I've played so many hours on police-RP and I liked getting money,ECT. And it was just fun in all like I said in the last paragraph. 4: I've made too much money on there to throw it away. I've made like a good 50 mil but I threw it away because of the ban. But the 50 mil was on cars and stuff like that. It's not the same playing on other servers. I just so fun too play on Gaminglight compared too every other server. 5: So that's why I want my ban to be appealed. I know last paragraph not impressive. 1 more day till this is hidden/taken down