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  1. I am going on LOA will be back in 2 weeks
  2. I am going on LOA will be back in 2 weeks I will try to be at the meeting tho see ya in 2 weeks
  3. Jeff Junior

    Jeff Jr's LOA

    Name: Jeff Jr SteamID:STEAM_0:1:421604434 Rank: CPT Length (Provide Dates): Reason (If private say N/A):
  4. i will be on a LOA when the meeting is D; can we do it tomorrow? like 7 pm?
  5. -support it is cop bait but I still think stackable could have dealt with it a little bit better instead of just pick your car up he could have brought you into a sit instead.
  6. +Support on the gather/loot rate it takes 10-15 min to make a pretty good base after that it becomes a little bit boring as your base is almost done so +suppopnrt on changing it to 2x or 3x and the rest I pretty much agree with jeffe on
  7. +support staff said that the warn was a mistake
  8. Jeff Junior

    I got ban

    -support -follow the format
  9. @Willy your side also do you have any video evidence? Duff?
  10. It has been a fun ride thanks for everything! If anyone is wondering why I am leaving you can talk to me in ts about it. If I can be put on reserves that would be pretty nice! Other then that i hope EMS will strive for a very long time !
  11. Jeff Junior

    Zage’s loa

    Hope everything is fine! see you soon zage