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  1. Ingame name: Jeff Jr Rank: SGT Sub Department: DOC (Dep Warden) Comments: DOC #1
  2. -support as of right now you don't have enough perms? as will is no longer SuperAdmin also felix is not a HA I could be wrong tho. If i am wrong i will +support
  3. -support on the tea bagging of the body's (no evidence) +/- i feel like this report is not needed could have been dealt with in-game as it was a staff member that was on that could have dealt with it I i think a talk to by SMT why he acted like that could be good then also a warn or just a talk to
  4. noted! thanks for everthing
  5. i Think Nimo should get accepted into support as i is active in ts every day Jeff Jr Support+
  6. Sounds Pretty Fun And weird at the same time! but it should be great to see new support members is it anything new that support+ should know about?
  7. -support -Until I get proof that the Impala crashes ppls games it will be a -support. If i get proof that the car is crashing ppls games it should stay
  8. +support would really help if we could whitelist for every job :S
  9. -support -Don't think you are ready for it just yet