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  1. I mean I usually get 10+ now when I have been nerding out on it Every game
  2. .... Ingame Name: Jeff Jr SteamID: STEAM_0:1:421604434 Rank: Trainee Activity: (Active/Semi active/Inactive) pretty active What do you want to see in state going forward? Why?: nothing  Any Suggestions?: N/A 
  3. I cant make the meeting sorry!
  4. ^^^ and btw it was not me that applyd for SWAT XD
  5. +support what i have seen from will latley is only good stuff he is super mature and have been apart of the staff team tooooooo loooooong to be honest. Good luck will! hope u get it B
  6. Oooof knows how it feels 1 time they did something worst on me xD the pain after was warier then getting kicked in the nuts