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  1. DOC ACCEPTED LIST 7/13/19 DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST The following have been accepted into DOC. Please contact a SGT+ in DOC . Congratulations! Randy Gow Ender Charlie Timmemes Congratulations!
  2. What ship can I take over now Well sad to see you go and good luck in the future and hope to see you in ts from time to time
  3. Nha that is Jeff Jr @Jeff Junior aren’t you the best
  4. oh yes i forgot that photon was the one never mind then i take back what i said before i mixed 2 of them up..... but +/- support reason above
  5. yes and it caused major lag if i am not wrong thats why they removed it. It was back when nolan was manager like 1 year ago
  6. - support SMT has tryd Simphy before and it lagged the server extremely bad it was even worst then vcmod
  7. Good luck in the future and good luck with school!
  8. use this link----->
  9. Not gonna lie pretty fun to see friendly Steve being roasted........
  10. R&U -Trooper Major Jeff Jr
  11. ^^^Pretty sure it is just VCMOD
  12. yes it is a way!