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  1. -support - we just switched map
  2. Name: Jeff Jr Rank: Major Date of submission: 1/12/2020 Last Meeting you attended: 2020-01-05 Reason for joining command: To help members of PD to have a fun time + help out the RP on the server You have 5 days to fill out to form or receive an instead demotion to SM.
  3. -support I don't see any need for a new deparment/ job being added to gov right now
  4. I think you would be a great staff member but as your activity is not the best I would say the best thing to do is to reapply in 1-2 weeks but for now +/-support
  5. well he can but needs perms for it but +support was a mistake
  6. Well guess it is only 1L45 left now
  7. well you have missed something I am telling you that
  8. well have you played dying light before?
  9. well yes Dead by daylight is a great game but....... Dying light is better
  10. +support agreed with calamity on this one you should get a shot as a senior mod
  11. Gotta agree with Ronin you should put more effort in this ban appeal if you really want to get unbanned