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  1. +support handled extremely poorly feel like the staff member should get a talk to by SMT as he didn’t really do anything correctly/ is a admin so he should at least know the basic rules of the staff handbook
  2. I am the owner of the class and he has my permission to change it !
  3. Gotta agree with Willy.... No
  4. you just need to get x10 to be on my level
  6. Roooookie get on my level xD
  7. Yes warns are bad but warns doesn’t mean you won’t be able to be promoted in staff and I have good experience of that but you should be fine
  8. Okay let's calm down here
  9. -support - we just switched map
  10. Name: Jeff Jr Rank: Major Date of submission: 1/12/2020 Last Meeting you attended: 2020-01-05 Reason for joining command: To help members of PD to have a fun time + help out the RP on the server You have 5 days to fill out to form or receive an instead demotion to SM.
  11. -support I don't see any need for a new deparment/ job being added to gov right now