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  1. It depends on If you want a fast car go for the Nissan GTR
  2. As the title says we hit 100 players yesterday on PoliceRP!!!!! Just wanna say thanks to everyone that got on Players/Staff and let’s try to hit 100 players every night now
  3. Sad to see you go ); Will miss you my hawiiiiian boi
  4. Sad to see you go i will miss you bro
  5. If I am not wrong Calamity contact me about this issue. As you did PM a staff member randomly with a fishy link, And you had a low playtime/ left the server I decided that the best thing to do for the safety for other members of the community and staff is that you should get banned. So I told calamity that he can ban you. Also, I forgot to extend the ban to perma that day as I was stressed about something in real life. But it will be a -support from me.
  6. Guar got that on point but i agree with gaur
  7. -support I see not point why you should be unbanned. Before you got banned you were causing a lot of problems. So -support
  8. Nooo not my hawiiiiiian boi
  9. Welcome!!!! I hope you enjoy your stay here buddy! If you need any help feel free to pm me at anytime!
  10. Looks very nice you can also make one for me yes ;3 ?????
  11. -support it's only for 8 days! it will go super fast!! just wait it out!
  12. Just looked up the ban you did get banned about 2 years ago but it will be a +/- support as you don't have so much proof why you got banned. But I think you should get one more shot as you have been banned for 2 years now almost
  13. - support No I don't think he should come back
  14. I will keep a lookout for it as willy also said. But I can agree that the staff ratio is not the best tho