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  1. Thank you everyone who left a comment on my resignation. I hold all of you in a special place in my heart. Now to everyone in this community and staff members: Keep chasing after your dreams and keep fighting. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do it. And if they do, tell them they’re wrong. Because you can do it. And when no one believes in you, remember that I still do. I believe in every single one of you guys, and I know you will all do great things, if you put your mind to it. I had so many people tell me I was a worthless staff member, who was never going to get anywhere In this community. So many people doubted me, and wronged me. But i ran the race, and I did it! You can do it to. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Be your own cheerleader. Push forward. And when all the odds are against you, when everyone hates you, when everyone tells you won’t do anything with your life or within this community, take that hatred and use it as your building blocks to success. That’s what I did. Every single one of you guys are special. And I believe that everything happens for a reason. I love you all, and you have all have served me well; now go and make me proud. Yours Truly, Fame. (Animerp Manager and Creater/ PoliceRP Retired Manager/Head of Staff/Head Admin) (Retired Head of Support)
  2. Captain, You have served our police force well and I congratulate you on your promotion to Major. Please continue to do great things and be an exemplary leader in the True North Police Department. Accepted
  3. Fame

    Ban Appeal

    Appeal your warnings
  4. Fame

    Ban Appeal

    Appeal your warnings
  5. Denied High Command does not feel you are ready for this position yet. Things to work on -Activity
  6. Fame

    Ban Appeal

    We have policies in place to insure everyone on our servers are following the rules. At 40 warnings you are issued with a permanent ban and you unfortunately reached that limit. However, what you CAN do is appeal all your warnings that are over one year old, as long as you have not been warned in 3 months! I have more information in my post in the report center.
  7. Denied High Command do not feel as if you are ready for this position.
  8. Denied PD High Command do not feel as you are fit for this rank in our Police Force.
  9. Fame

    High Command Policy

    You would have to choose one.
  10. Fame

    High Command Policy

    This Official High Command Policy Has Been Instated By, "Deputy Commissioner Fame" and "Commissioner Snar", Please Comment Read and Understood ("R&U") in the comments. HC Positions (High Command Positions) will be limited to ONE HC Position PER department PER Person. This means that being High Command in two departments is NOT allowed anymore. You can only be High Command in multiple departments if you have expressive permission from either Myself or Snar. If you hold multiple HC positions in multiple departments right now, please choose one and resign from all the other ones. Thank you for your co-operation.
  11. Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uyC25qM3rK32Zh_dO2aqkWAPVo5bMZ5z_QOPivtdtpY/edit?usp=sharing