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  1. Accepted. Come speak with me in the teamspeak to get trained, please!
  2. Accepted. Come speak with me in the teamspeak to get trained, please!
  3. Accepted. Come speak with me in the teamspeak to get trained, please!
  4. Accepted. Come speak with me in the teamspeak to get trained, please!
  5. Fame

    Jets Support App

    Accepted. Come speak with me in the teamspeak to get trained, please!
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    Nimo's Support App

    Accepted. Come speak with me in the teamspeak to get trained, please!
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    Spection Staff Report

    If Spection, the SMT member, feels you are minging excessively, he can kick you from the server, ban you from the server, Minge you, or warn you. It’s his choice. Your were in mid RP..Okay? If I see someone minging I’m going to ban them, mid rp or not. I’m not ganna say “oh let me wait for this rp to end before I ban you” Now, would I personally kick someone from the server for mugging me for one dollar and shouting in PD meetings “when are OFC’s getting negevs”? Absolutely. Infact, I would have instantly demoted you from whatever Pd rank you are for shouting that in a Pd meeting. You think spections punishments are harsh? Spection could have striked you, or even banned you from the server for minging as as admin, a point I think you fail to realize. Instead, after another chance, he simply kicked you from the server. His punishment wasn’t that serious, and it’s not that deep. Again, you think Spection’s punishments are harsh? At the end of the day, punishments handed out by Staff Members are unique to that specific member. For example, if I’m hosting a PD meeting, and someone yells “ HeY cAn oFCS GET nEgEvs?!” I’m going to demote them. Rhenic, on the other hand, may demote you down a few ranks, and spection, may even kick you from the server. That’s the beauty of the staff handbook’s “Staff Discretion” rule. Everything is handled differently by everyone. We don’t specifically train our staff to handle a situation in a specific way. All staff are encouraged to use their common sense in judgement when making decisions. That’s why that rule is there. “Spection I think you should have some humility and own up to a mistake” Spection is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. There’s a lot of stuff you guys don’t know about Spection. But Spection never had it easy. Spection wasn’t just handed Head Admin, Super Admin, or Any staff rank. Spection worked harder than any staff member I’ve ever seen. And he’s been on the staff team longer than me, and most staff. Infact, I can honestly say that Spection is one of the few people that worked harder than me on the staff team that is still here today. Spection understands how it feels to be a low rank on the staff team and how it feels to work hard to get what you want, even when everything is against you. So how dare you tell him to show some humility and own up to a mistake? Spection has Humility. And The only mistake I see, is your rude, repetitive, and social justice comment on our forums page. A lot of you guys still don’t understand what an SMT member does, or who we are as management members. All punishments given by us are final and non-debatable. Spection, along with all the Head Admins, the Head Of Staff, and the Manager Of the Server run it. So you being kicked from the server, Smoke, is not false and is valid. DENIED
  8. Unfortunately, after an intensive review by the PoliceRP SMT team, this Application for Staff has been denied. Please re-apply in two weeks.
  9. Discord Support Server: https://discord.gg/EMzHgxH If you're not in this discord in by tomorrow you'll be removed from support, even if you're not support you can join this discord, but you;ll only be given ranks if you're support
  10. Hello Folks! I'm proud to announce that support will be opening up to all members of the community! That means, if you're a member, you will be able to apply for the support team! Thanks and i look forward to working with all of you soon, Fame (Head Of Support)
  11. It’s unfortunate that It had to end this way. Chiken. Honestly, you are one of the only people who I can sit here and say knows how it feels to legitimately get targeted by other members and staff, other than myself. I’ve been there too, and it sucks. It breaks my heart to see OG’s going out like this, and even though you were banned, I still thank you for playing on our servers and Supporting PoliceRP for the longest time. Through its Ups and Downs, you stuck with PoliceRP, and you never gave up on it, no matter how mad you got at it, it’s staff, or it’s players. I will always respect you for that, Chiken. Thanks for being who you are and I hope to still see you around in my discord. Again, sorry this happened. Sincerely, Fame.
  12. Pending Come speak with me in the teamspeak
  13. Accepted In the future don’t spit on cops and run away, but I do not see this as “NITRP” as it happens in real life and isn’t something that’s insane or crazy. Also, in the video you can clearly see the Officer with a tazer out so he brought out a gun for self defense. Now, if this was a warning for Cop Bait, than it would be a different story. @BigJhonny Come speak with me in the Teamspeak to get your warning removed.
  14. Accepted This is a verbal warning from my self. Logan is obviously stalling in the video and probably waiting for backup to arrive. However, it is probable that he couldn’t hear the demands of the people robbing them because of the screaming. A few points I wanted to address 1. If a player is dissatisfied with the sit In game they can report in on the forums and should not be harassed in the coments for doing so. 2. Now with that being said, a lot of people forgot about this rule so i’ll restate it: ** FAMILY MEMBERS ARE NOT TO TAKE SITS OF OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS* This prevents the possibility of biased conclusions being drawn from the staff sit.