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  1. Steam Name: JackOG Ingame Name: Jack OG SteamID: STEAM_0:1:511658441 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Console Reason for Ban: "ALT ACCOUNT" Dispute: Well, I don't even know what to say. First of all, I was banned without being spoken to. I started loading into the server and I went to go fold some laundry. I come back and im banned from the server for "ALT ACCOUNT". I was staff on PoliceRP for a month or two, I bought VIP+. I enjoyed the server. I'm not an alt account. I think its a good thing you have been banning alt accounts but I personally don't see how I'm an alt account. I'm a MSGT in PD and I train a lot of cadets. I really don't know what else to put into this appeal as I don't believe I'm an alt account and I believe this was a mistake. I don't know who exactly banned me but I would have liked if they spoke to me before banning me so I could at least put up my defense as I've dedicated time and money into the server. Thank you.
  2. Ill pay the beans to join we can 1v1 for the spot you can use your negev and ill use a normal AR
  3. -Support You are pulling false warns from over nearly 5 months. Im going to need to see some evidence of him being bias in a situation or him taking a sit with his friends involved before you use that as a argument against him. A few warn appeals dont hurt too much. While I do think he should just have a talk about the amount of warn appeals that have been accepted.
  4. Your In-game: Jack Goat Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:511658441 The admin's name in-game: Sull The admin's steam name (If you know it): n/a What warning did you receive: ltap | rdm Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://gyazo.com/2d97bf3b3ff60cef90bd4105fdbe6f34 Why do you think this warn was false: I think it is false because I talked to Mikey after I got the warning from Springs and I got off the server after appealing my warn on the forums. I just checked the ban pannel now to fill out the appeal and get the warn removed (it was accepted) and I see I was warned after Springs warned me for "ltap | rdm" I personally dont know why I was warned whatsoever as I when I left the server it was after mikey returned me and I was never in a sit with a staff member named Sull. I did not even know there was a staff member named Sull. I would like Sull to explain to me why I was warned because I know for a fact I did not RDM and I did not LTAP from a sit. Remember, for it be LTAP I have to be brought for a sit first and my game has to be actually disconnected by myself, not a crash. I dont know if @[GL] Mikey can confirm this but after our talk about the warn from springs I posted my warn appeal and hopped off. Any extra information: @sull why did you warn me??
  5. JackOG

    Custom Class

    im trying to get on a custom class anyone got a open spot? I'll pay for me to be added and maybe a little extra fee if necessary to join a CC. All I need is negev
  6. Your In-game: Jack Goat Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:511658441 The admin's name in-game: Springs The admin's steam name (If you know it): n/a What warning did you receive: FailRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://gyazo.com/dc1396aae4e222206212867f6dc21af2 Why do you think this warn was false: I was defending my home and a FBI agent tried arresting me. I got in a shootout with the FBI agent as a gun dealer and I was arrested for FailRP. I asked Mikey if this was ok to appeal on the forums or if I was going to waste my time. I told Mikey the exact same thing I said to Springs and Mikey told Springs and Springs said I should appeal it and he will +Support. Now since Springs somehow didnt see the two messages I put answering his question on why I got in a shootout im appealing it on the forums. Mistakes happen though so its alright. Any extra information:
  7. -/+ Support Mature Knows the ins and outs of staffing Not active
  8. I understand this can aid in the case for h is ban at this time, but what im saying is that it is not evidence from Eternity to show that he is a alt account at the time on PoliceRP. I was trying to explain id like to see the evidence he gathered to make a ban on JJ.
  9. @EternityAgar would you like to provide examples of when ive sided with friends of smoke?? I don't know who smoke or his friends are. All im saying is just because someone says something their word shouldnt just be taken for it. You dont know when there is going to be someone who is not a alt and is banned falsely, that is why we have ban appeals and thats why even though it may seem like it is a blacklisted member all of appeals should be closely reviewed. Also, Eternity if this is true you know you are in fact supposed to bring and inform someone of their rulebreak before issuing a punishment. @Voxis you made a very good point, I guess we just look at this differently. This is why im not leaving a support, like I dont leave a definite support on many ban appeals I like to give my input so there is another point of view in the sitaution. Eternity it babbles my mind that you are trying to use this SCP-RP video as proof, you banned the person BEFORE they were on SCP-RP and were banned. So why is this your proof of you banning them for being a alt account if it happened after the fact?? What lead you to ban this person in the first place without bringing them to a sit. Remember, just because you suspect someone of being a alt account does not mean they are, there are a lot of compelling facts in this circumstance that can lead someone to believe this is a legit account. So, Eternity, I would like to hear your thought process and evidence that lead you to banning this person for being a alt account. I'm just going to ignore the staff handbook infraction.
  10. For EMS to remain neutral I believe they should not have a radio and not prioritize reviving Government before criminals. I dont see how helping government and making callouts makes them neutral
  11. Government has the numbers and tactics. Learn to counter it, its not hard to do.
  12. As long as they arent offensive or reference any past terror attacks/school shootings I dont see a issue. Although this is to a extent, I would say leave that to the staff member to decide. If it is going too far, the staff member should intervene, but a casual bomb scenario wouldnt hurt, if anything it'll liven things up for gov.
  13. I dont think I mentioned anything about race, gender, race, or nationally