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  1. I dont think this video is clear enough to make a decision. It could be have been a simple, legal shooting window. With the gas and most of the props being black, along with your recoil it makes it hard to determine.
  2. Sorry Correction: I do not think the rule should be added as it is crucial in making it at least close to being fair between government and criminals.
  3. +Support There is a warn and punishment based system on the discord. You should not have been warned in game for a discord offense. There is no such thing as "FailRP on Discord".
  4. -Support I, for one, believe that the rule is completely fine and balancing. Government has the numbers, gas, shield, guns, and much more. I believe the removal of this rule helped to balance the raiding scale. I do not think it should be removed as it is crucial in making it at least close to being fair between government and criminals.
  5. +Support Way more convientent and realistic then handcuffing someone to see if they have guns If for some reason it would cause the server lag or any other kinds of issues, I believe it should be accepted
  6. Please use correct format
  7. +Support I think this a great, realistic idea. Example: Crips Own Subs and Bloods own Motels Of course I think since a broad location would make the most sense, there would need to be some sort of conflict to happen before shooting on sight (series of adverts etc. | Maybe a given time of 5 minutes to leave)
  8. The things that we ask for and require for our staff applicants is what we need for our server to operate fairly and according as planned. It is necessary for our staff members to be completely qualified, when we leave "hurtful" things we dont mean to bring people down, but to bring possible errors to light. We do this so that you understand, and if you get denied, you can correct your errors in a new application later down the road.
  9. JackOG

    Stafff Skin

    This is the worst suggestion I have ever seen (no offense) If staff were meant to be easily seen we wouldn't cloak We are supposed to watch for minges and not be seen driving around in a car More vehicles would increase lag, completely unnecessary and a waste of SMT's time It's extremely inconvient and if you hit a cop car and they call cop bait on you, what happens then? A staff member deals with a sit with another staff member and leads to sits being stacked up. I hope this is a joke because it makes no sense whatsoever
  10. -/+ Support Nice/Mature/Active A bit more time for experience needed as Moderator Low effort in application