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  1. + Support - Previous command experience - Noted to be respectable and fun - Has strong ideals ~ Good luck | Lieutenant Ruben
  2. +/- Support From what i have seen is that you have a good performance but i personally i feel you need to develop your soft skills and bordering abilities. If you give yourself i bit more time i would give a + support. Good luck! ~ Lieutenant Ruben
  3. Huge + support - Friendly - Mature - Helpful - Good leader ~Good luck
  4. - support It is hindering officers when having to wait for an ems when they go to prison anyway. I like that you are thinking and giving input to beter the rp in the community.
  5. I am creating this thread in hope to improve on cadet trainings. When I was PD Major, i used to sit in during random training sessions of cadets and listen to Supervisors train fresh and motivated officers. In case of any kind of misinformation you are able clear it up aswell as rate the quality of the training and give a small training debrief to the supervisor in question so they know what to improve and what they are doing well. This will in my opinion improve the overall training quality. Note: This is just a recommendation/ suggestion. Feel free to post any feedback on this thread, if you have an idea yourself on how to improve training quality. Please PM me as i would love to hear Kind Regards, Ruben ~ PD Lieutenant
  6. + it motivates you to prevent breaking rules in the future and get to know the rules. if you follow them, they can be appealed later
  7. this meme should be obsolete as we expect them to be trained correctly…. but ye its meh.