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  1. -Support In the topic thread in question, there were a total of two forum diplomats that had made messages on your post, which one of them was a senior diplomat. Since these diplomats had deemed content on the post to be in violation of forum rules, which happened even after they had given users a clear warning the thread may become locked due to this behavior, neither diplomat (including Sage) would be in violation of the staff or forum diplomat handbooks. Moved to correct section.
  2. @ZoBodo Could you make a ticket in our Discord so that we can look into this more? https://discord.gg/TU8aNx7w
  3. There were a few times we upped it to 110, but the sad reality of the situation is that Gmod is a 15 year old game, and really is not optimized for large player counts. Because of that, you don't see a lot of servers out there with player caps above numbers like 128 (or lower in some cases) because the game is just that old.
  4. Earlier today, four members of the Gaminglight community decided to meet up with each other on the east coast of the US. We had a great time walking around town, enjoying lunch and dinner together, and even enjoyed some quality time at the arcade. It was great fun, and can't wait for GL meetup next year! @Smaug @YuckyDuckyKids @GL Travis Sandman
  5. Any SGT+ with a LT or higher's permission.
  6. -Support Ridgeland, while I'm sure you'd make a fine staff member, there are a few requirements that you are missing in which led me to giving you a -Support on your application. Namely, your activity on the forums is rather low, having only 3 of the required 25 posts that are needed to apply for a staff team in the community. Your activity is another thing that I must question, but will not comment on right now since I have been on a LOA for the past week. Nonetheless, it's just a couple of small things that you need to try and work on is all! I suggest staying in TeamSpeak and talking with the people in the PoliceRP related channels (you don't need to be in a particular dept to join channels, unless if they are password protected), going around the forums and read posts and comment on them, and last but not least, do your best to talk with people in the Discord! It's just those smaller things you got to work on, and you'll be good to go in my opinion! Best of luck!
  7. Cheers to one year, and here's to the many more still yet to come!
  8. Forum Diplomat Message Your ban appeal has been moved to the SCPRP ban section, as this post does not relate to ImperialRP. If you are having issues connecting to ImperialRP, or believe you are false, please make a ticket in the Official Gaminglight Discord server, and create a ticket for Ban Support so that our Support team may look into the issue. (https://discord.gg/JFWN55K)
  9. So this is it for my time in PD. 2 years, 9 months, and 30 days ago, I came to PoliceRP on my first ever computer (that wasn't a Chromebook of all things). Up until that point, haven't really used my Steam account or played any games from their store. The first time I booted up Garry's Mod, I went over to the multiplayer tab and took to the PoliceRP section. Of course running on Intel integrated graphics and the place Gmod was at in 2019, almost everything was untextured and an error. The first thing I did after loading in for my first time was immediately go into the F4 menu (after asking people how to change jobs), and try to become something like Police Lieutenant, which didn't work since I was not whitelisted. I then tried some other ranks such as Chief, Commissioner, Lance Corporal, etc., before finally being able to become a cadet. I spawned into the garage at PD (which since then the placement of the garage and where we hold trainings has changed. The first things I remember doing was having to figure out TeamSpeak, and how to make a forums account, and actually get a mic working with my system, before my trainer @thebigr came through and trained me to be OFC. Since that day, I progressed through the ranks rather quickly and up to Colonel, where I stayed there for almost a whole year before being inducted into the High Command team in late 2020. PD has been my home for these past few years, between hanging around in TeamSpeak just chatting with fellow Low Command members and officers, to the intricate RP scenarios that I had with so many people. For everyone who does play in PD actively, or if you're active command, I ask you all to do your best to try and preserve the magic that made this department my favorite; what helped me stay connected with this department, and overall the community, so that others may be able to experience it and perhaps even enjoy it as much as I did. For those looking for a resignation letter, I did my best with writing one, which can be read below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VYBwQPNSa1VkkxFEmhhyvcI3VGbJA4MOEOvYC481eyA/edit Like with every resignation before mine, I of course have some shoutouts. I will have to amend it so it doesn't turn into the length of the Bible, so please don't feel bad if you're name isn't listed here! @thebigr - Ryan, while it might not have seemed like much, you kick started my journey in the community and ultimately got me to where I am now. Thanks for doing your duty as a Sergeant, and hope to see you back on in the future. @Eternity - My Colonel buddy from back in the day; the person that gave me my first promotion to SNR and my last promotion to Chief. For all the times we shared with each other (especially that time when we were Colonels together in 2020), I gotta thank you for everything you did for the department and for me. @Zage - Zage, you were a great mentor and an even better friend when I was coming up the ranks in Low Command. I recall there was one night that we were up at 1 AM or something I was helping you out with a biology quiz (which I hope you passed btw), but just the little things like that really made an impact on me and my time here. @Matthew - Unfortunately I have no CSGO knives for you this time around; however, I would like to thank you for all the mentoring and leadership you gave to me and the rest of the PD command team (I mean, you're the person who came up with the Police Officer Handbook years ago, so you got a ton of respect from me and other from that alone). Aside from that, I also wanted to thank you for giving me a chance back in that summer of 2019 as a Lieutenant, and one year later adding me in as the Assistant Chief in the winter of 2020. From the bottom of my heart Matthew, thank you for everything. @Calamity - Back when I was starting off on Rockford and TrueNorth, I recall your name always popping up at meetings and trainings. Thanks for eveything you've done for the department, and for helping me start off. @Springs - Minge. @TurdBerglar - I enjoyed the times we shared on patrol and challenging each other between the different ranks as we each got promoted. Thanks for the good times. @Adams - Y'know.. I think that dancing Pepe icon with the lightsabers on the Trello is finally starting to grow on me.. Anyways, thanks for all the great times we shared on patrol and especially the leadership you gave to me and the rest of the Low Command team back then. @Alton - Mr. Deputy Commissioner that for whatever reason sounds angry all the time, but in all reality is just a British guy. Thanks for everything. @GL Travis Sandman - Who said you're my favorite Colonel? I'm just kidding! But seriously tho, MOVIE NIGHT!?!?!?!? @Tayson Terry - Tayson, you've earned my respect as just about every interaction I've had with you has been extremely professional, and mature. Keep that up no matter where you go in life and you will go far, trust me on that. @BruceyBoyo - For the record (and while I still have the authority to speak over you) this is a bag of CHIPS, they are not called "crisps". And these are french fries, they are not "chips". Besides that, you make a fine assistant chief, and I can't wait to see what you do next in PD. @Tactical - My number two in high command. While I may not have the title of Chief going forward, I'll still be around to help out if there ever is something you need help with. Best of luck to you, and thanks for everything you helped me out with while you were command here. @Solomon - Thanks for everything you helped me out with, between getting me onboard with the whole Chief thing and Dept. Supervisor stuff, as well as all the good times we had in game and in TS. @Snarlax - In August of 2019, I was a SM and not even staff then. I was sitting in the Patrol Room 1 channel on TS alone, where all of a sudden you joined my channel out of the blue and started to drunkenly sing Christmas songs to me before disappearing a few minutes later. That was my first interaction with an SMT member and the Commissioner of Police nonetheless, which was one of my favorite interactions I've ever had with someone in the community. Thanks for the laughs and for what you've done for PD (and while we're at it, the community). @Jimmy James - It's been an honor to serve under your command for these past few months, and quite frankly, it was a hard decision to make to leave my post. You'll still see my face around the PD, and I'll help out when needed (all be it that I won't have a 1K callsign anymore). Thanks again for the opportunity of being in this position; I'll turn my badge in after the meeting this Thursday. To everyone else, thanks for making PD such a magical experience for me these past few years, y'all really mean the world to me!
  10. +Support Regardless if you had a spas12 on you, that does not give you a right to run. Hell, unless if you had pulled out the spas and government just so happened to see it, then you would have a reason, but that is not something I saw happen in the video. This is a clear break of priority rules, and administrative action is needed.
  11. +Support The video shows all of the listed offenses in the OP, which a punishment would be necessary.
  12. Forum Diplomat Message Please remember to keep posts on this topic to a + or - Support with any supporting arguments to go along and back up your stance. As a reminder, posts that violate forum rules and that are written to flame or insult other users may be hidden, and punishments issued to those who write them at the discretion of forums staff and senior management. Those wanting to read up on the forum rules can do so here.
  13. Will

    Trumpo LOA

    Noted! Hope to see you soon!
  14. As Tactical said, this looks really nice! I would recommend talking with @BruceyBoyo in TS or over Discord as he's the guy that's in charge of training and meetings, so he would be the best person to coordinate with to integrate this. Keep up the great work!
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