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  1. Name: Zage Rank: Assistant Chief How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Could be Better Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: So I can Help Seb Do things he does not want to What Could Change In EMS?: Seb should start doing things lol
  2. EMS Has One Week To Respond To This Roll Call Starting 1/16/2020 To 1/23/2020 Please Follow Format High Command Has to Respond XD Name: Rank: How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: What Could Change In EMS?:
  3. I’m sorry I can help but thing the “Denied” thing is going to be put on this and it’s going to say “ Denied. The SMT team for this server has decided against adding thissuggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason” LOL +support
  4. +Support my dude great command member does his job when he needs to active gamer!
  5. +\- ugh sorry if I’m killing the + support train but I’m kinda mixed I would + support for reasons above BUT there are times Will where it seems that you push off PD as in you don’t take responsibilities when for say a SNR has a report it’s not like this is oftentimes I’ve just seen it happen I do have another reason but I think I’ve said enough Good Luck will!
  6. What you want to see? - I want to go way back to the old days where we can lock doors from the inside of a car Why should we add it? - well 1 more realistic 2 locks the minges out of our cars when they won't leave after being kicked out and 3 fewer cop cars will get stolen due to police locking cars before they leave it What are the advantages of having this? - i kinda covered that in:"Why should we add it?" Who is it mainly for? - anyone who drives in game i guess Links to any content - i think its a option in VC mod
  7. Zage

    Command Role Call.

    Name:Zage Rank:COL Date of submission: 1/12/20 Last Meeting you attended: 1/11/20 Reason for joining command: -Because I want to make PD a Better and more respected Department withing GL.
  8. What you want to see? - A rule stating exactly what the EMS SOP says "If a situation has been decided to have gas used on it, anyone who dies from the gas may respawn." Why should we add it? - Because there has been confusion on that and yes it is not stated in the MOTD But I've been told that it's just "one of those rules" What are the advantages of having this? - Less confusion Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  9. ... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. Zage

    Leaving SWAT

    So the day has come....well long story short I’m leaving the department it’s been fun I enjoyed myself here but I want to explore abit more who knows I might come back if things don work out lol. and mentions what’s a leaving notice without mentions Freeze- well the only upside to this is there’s less of a chance I will get forced into your car just for you to get me stuck in a tree ronin- *boops on nose* smaug- minge and Seb - oof sorry to everyone less you guy should continue in SWAT it’s a good department you really can’t go wrong in so with that I’m sorry This is SWAT CPL Zage XR01 going 10-07 for now
  11. Thanks for everything you have ever done in our lovely dept. thank you