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  1. Your name was wrong on the roster not my fault so I did not see you you came and interrupted the meeting I was having so I told you you can wait and kicked you if you would have been calm about it and not have spammed I would have done it
  2. Zage

    Leaving the community

    Umm wtf no what im at a complete loss of words I thought it would never happen ugh ok then sion I wish you the best of luck in your future and don’t you dare lose communication with all of us
  3. NO WTF but really man it was fun having you on the force hope you have a nice future /me Salutes
  4. Um sorry say bud but almost every department in PRP already blacklisted the family i don't know who you going to get to join
  5. Name: (In-game name) Zage Rank: (rank inside EMS, NOT FR or FD) DEPUTY How active are you: (Activity approximated, Active, Semi Active, or Inactive; Put reason if Inactive/Semi) VERY Why should you remain a part of EMS department: (Minimum 25+ words) because Im the best and people apparently actually like me being here and i can also still kinda mange the department so like promos and strikes What changes would you like to see: (Anything) nope
  6. Accepted Roman Gardner Charlie ---------------------------------------------- Denied None :} ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for applying for First Responders If you were Accepted please come talk to me (Zage) If you were denied please wait a week to reapply
  8. Zage

    Crease's LT APP

    well +/- support you have the knowledge and thats great but i see you mostly on state i never ever see you on PD so its a +/- support i guess good luck Crease
  9. Well John I like you and all but this is unacceptable and i have seen you do it as well so its not a case of "well that was just one time" you still have a little bit to go before i give you a + support so for now things to work on would be to be more mature and professional -Support
  10. -\+ Support we need a picture of your warns that is current not from the old map XD you used to be staff and you did well good app activity needs to improve
  11. So basically im no longer in SRT due to EVENTS. to some it up to me alot of miss communication went down but i guess a its set in stone. ive done a little for SRT mainly invite people into it but lets get to the point. and also mention afew people. Blitzton-Sorry man thought you could take a joke but I guess i can't fly that way Mikey- you better have High command by time i try to come back Ryan- told you Seb- told you as well and all the other randoms it was bound to happen. just because i have been yeeted does not mean i do not support SRT i will never let go to it and i will come back. sorry for those i apparently hurt in the department and this is EX (Rogue) SRT MSGT Zage 1R37 going off of SRT for now.