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  1. +support he had the same name as someone else i was trying to warn The warn is false sorry Jay my mistake
  2. What you want to see? - A new court room in the empty room in PD Why should we add it? - Well we got no court now and the cells in the PD can act as holding cells until the court is ready for the suspect this will give the judge a place to go and do the job they payed for. What are the advantages of having this? - Judges job will actual make scene in the game more RP Who is it mainly for? - Judge Defendant prosecutor Links to any content -N/A
  3. Zage You know the only reason I know you is because of calamity which is a good friend of mine ive also seen you alitte and you seem pretty friendly have a nice daybye
  4. Please Change Text color so it will be easier to see
  5. Zage

    Hi Im Zage

  6. -Support tho it would be good for crims EMS is not always on and cant heal gov but for EX: if you were fighting a CC with a medkit they could heal but with no EMS pd and other gov are life with 20HP
  7. Zage

    Store NPCs Missing

    yeah i was on staff and i went under the map and right under red warehouse their is a gen Store NPC Misplaced?
  8. Zage

    Karaoke Night

    +support I CANT STOP LAUGHING YES love it we can all get to know each other And just the thought of Bambob singing
  9. Zage

    Matthew's LOA

    YES FREEEEEEDOM FINALlY JK love you have fun
  10. What you want to see? - Separate Spawn locations in spawn Why should we add it? - Everyone spawns in one little spot and when those spots get filled with AFK's People start Dying and spawning under the map or Behind spawn closer to bank. ALSO bank is so close to the spawn location that when it is being gases people in spawn start dying. What are the advantages of having this? - People will not spawn dead behind spawn or under the map> Staff does not have to waste time moving/kicking AFK's and helping people under the map Who is it mainly for? - Any Job that spawns in main spawn (everyone not in gov) Links to any content - N/A
  11. +Support -Active -Friendly -Respectful -Mature -Knows what he's doing I think he's ready Good Luck ~Zage
  12. -support this might cause lag
  13. Zage

    False Warn

    UMMMMM FORMAT -support Please Goto