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  1. youre not being reported.
  2. raiding the base in the gun store, needed to move people along.
  3. I was committing a crime and I wanted to move witnesses along so it wouldnt be seen so that the police wouldn't be contacted whilst on my Pink Panther CC. he asked me lol its okay rest
  4. you cant -support your own reports? you can only make a statement lol
  5. Your In-Game Name: Finch Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:146331101 Staff member's In-Game Name: Jeff Jr, Eternity E,. What did they do?: - False Warn & Minge + Making up rules + Favouring staff over players + Racial Discrimination + Giving False Evidence (using plogs as evidence when its only a logging tool to see events - seeing that I killed someone isnt proof that its RDM) + Ignored that I was denying an allegation and asking for evidence of something that happened so that I could defend my case. Additionally, Jeff used a witness in a sit which is against the handbook as WITNESSES DO NOT COUNT. Jeff also ignored my requests for another member of staff. Jeff also continually talks over me. I also admit I called Eternity a "cunt" unintentionally causing offence and ill accept a warn for that. Alton and Eternity are chiming in for no reason in a sit and Eternity are technically taking his own sit since he issued me a warn for RDM when he was the so-called victim. Evidence (REQUIRED): annndd this happens: What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Removal of my Warns & Minge Status + Compensation from losses of income from a job. Additionally, a staff strike for Eternity & Jeff Jr.
  6. Finch

    Stop Shitposting.

    Shitposting: "The constant posting of mildly amusing but usually unfunny memes, videos or other pictures that are completely random or unrelated to any discussions." stop doing it it gives me aids to scroll through pointless threads because its 1.23 am and im bored i love everyone but save us the time.
  7. -support mugging in public is against the rules as there were multiple witnesses so making him invaluable to his life additionally yuo combat healed 26 seconds after the final gunshot
  8. Finch

    Document Ownership

    @Snarlax you're gonna be flooded with my files lol sorry in advance idk which ones are still in use.
  9. its retarded some issue here been that way for ages on like 3 different pc's.
  10. -support you're rude and target members of the community. In addition, you also neglect your duties as staff like every time i see you so yeah nah sorry not sorry.
  11. So its pretty self explanatory, just make the member name a bit more vibrant or atleast give donators a tag that makes us stand out from the forum's color.
  12. Angus & Julia Stone or Paul Kelly: I record this at a concert: @Dane
  13. @Munchiessaying staff are minges is a warnable offence according to kim.
  14. you posted it under creative commons, open for anyone.