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  1. Thanks for notifying me October. As of now, just contact an admin+ for whitelists.
  2. I apologise. I will get to this as soon as possible! Could you get me the link to the SOP to make sure you can whitelist as that rank?
  3. Sir Yes Sir Sir Alabama, SIR!
  4. [ADDED]: SCP 1048 SCP 1048-A [CHANGED]: Updated MOTD Added SCP 1048 + SCP 1048-A rules Fixed whitelists for R&D Command + Shades Task Force E4 Thank you to the dedicated players who make suggestions, continue to do so!
  5. DENIED This was posted in Accepted and the format is not followed. Please refer to the application guidelines.
  6. Accepted! I will begin coding. this should be done by next weekend.
  7. ACCEPTED Please come speak to me or Jeffe in the teamspeak and in-game for rank and further info.
  8. Like Chief mentioned, if you put 1.002 in your radio you will be put on 1.001
  9. CLASSIFIED May Only be accessed by Clearance level 3+ This Saturday, January 19th at 8:30 PM EST a mandatory command meeting will be held. This is mandatory for the following ranks: All Site Administration Researcher Manager+ Security Major+ MTF A1 CPT+ MTF NU7 CPT+ Epsilon - 11 CPT+ If you are unable to make it, please message me on the forums. Approved by the O-5 council.
  10. PENDING I do like the idea of the training room being in a separated box. This will be discussed with the SAs and Security Command.
  11. DENIED This has been considered in the past, and at this point we don't see a need for a change. A lot of the time, the unregistered shots are client-side.