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  1. DENIED Rarely see you in game. SteamID is not provided.
  2. ACCEPTED Come speak to me in Teamspeak please!
  3. That's awesome! Best of luck!
  4. Wow. Words cannot describe the amount of happiness and overall emotion I feel writing this. Ever since I was a trial moderator for PoliceRP I have been welcomed by this incredible community. It has been a great honour managing the incredible server that is SCPRP and helping manage PoliceRP. I have met so many amazing people during my stay, and look forward to meeting more. This is a big milestone for me, and I am excited to continue reaching for further ones!
  5. PENDING. Despite a well written application, SMT positions are usually given, not applied for. This will be discussed with Zeeptin and Igneous.
  6. While I like this idea, I feel as though it would be nearly unenforceable due to the amount of D Class. Will be considered.
  7. O5-1 ----->Pirate Captain------->Hacker
  8. hi I'm Carpenter I drive a polar bear apparently
  9. Carpenter John

    MTF Heavy

    Denied. We have the Juggernaut
  10. Will be discussed with O5
  11. This will be investigated by the Administration.