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  1. Name(in-game): Carpenter Steam ID(must be in the steam group): STEAM_0:1:41745305
  2. + Support Rarely see anyone on Stealth.
  3. +Support Within lore, SCP 096 cannot be tranquillised.
  4. In-game Name: Carpenter John Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41745305 How many active warns do you have: 0 Current Warns Recommendations if any: N/A Do you have any experience in high command: O5 Council on SCP-RP, High Command on various other Star Wars RP Servers (Mainly Omega Squad Lead). On a scale on 1 to 10 how much do you know about WWII: 7/10 Why do you want to become a Infantry Staff Officer ( 70 words or more): Overall, the idea of travelling back in time and playing the role of a Infantry Officer is very appealing to me. I naturally enjoy and am good at leading others. Additionally, I believe I would be a great person for this position due to my experience and overall dedication. I wish to lead my troops to victory and set a good example for new players joining the server. I also want to become a officer to meet new people and expand my understanding on commanding, overall improving myself as an officer. In conclusion, I wish to improve myself and make the server and division the best it can be. Why should we trust you with Infantry Staff Officer (70 words or more): To start off, I have a long history of filling high command roles both in staff, SCPRP, and Star Wars RP. I am respectful, disciplined and would ensure my troops show the same qualities. I would regularly ensure my men are treated equally but also disciplined accordingly to ensure professionalism and respect throughout the server and the division. As an individual, I do have flaws. I can become heated when others insult what I find very important, but I have learned to control and regulate this. Overall, my mixture of experience and good qualities make me a good fit for Infantry Staff Officer. Are you able to think quickly and act in a moment's notice? Yes, and I can do it well. What do you believe US Infantry's main focus is (50 to 150 words): The US Infantry's main focus in my opinion is supporting other divisions/battalions and to serve the country well. The Infantry were the backbone of the army, and it was vital they knew there role and how to use it correctly. In the server, the US Infantry is most likely one of the first divisions new players will be introduced to/part of, so I believe it is vital that it sets a good example for the rest of the server. Would you be willing to set aside your personal time to make sure your branch is the best branch: Absolutely How much time do you have on Garry's Mod: 3,021 hours on record Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) What time are you available to join the server: I am available for almost all of the week, but will occasionally have to stay off due to homework or work. I am usually on in the afternoon in weekdays but on weekends I can be on almost anytime. Would you be willing to attend a team speak interview for the position: Yes NOTE: For whatever reason, I was unable to insert a poll. I spoke to a staff member concerning the issue. There is no content and poll tab. Thank you!
  5. + Support I actually quite like the Rancor ARC models. All of these models look quite nice and would fit in my opinion.
  6. This is a good idea.
  7. Damn man, hope things get better.
  8. Well y'all are having gang fights i'm over here getting good grades.
  9. Hello! Im Carpenter. A quick run through of my history, I was SMT for both SCP-RP and PoliceRP. I have a long history with Gaminglight as it is one of the best communities I have been a part of. I will most likely be returning mainly on ClonewarsRP, but will also be playing on SCP and PoliceRP. See you around!