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  1. What do you want to see? - I would like to see the Vanilla's Ship Destruction Tool added to the server for event use. Why should we add it? - This would greatly enhance ship battles and immersion, as the ship would gradually explode rather then just dissapear. What are the advantages of having this? - Much more realism and enjoyement. Who is it mainly for? - Event team useage. Links to any content -
  2. + Support This man is a hard working trooper, and in my opinion a great candidate for the VCMDR position. Best of luck!
  3. I didn't think I would be making this post, but I don't have much of a choice. A lot of IRL things have caused me to shift focus away from Gaminglight, including SCP-RP. I need something new, and sadly SCP-RP isn't what I remember it to be. I want to thank Fool and Site Administration for giving me this oportunity, as it means a lot. I want to keep this brief and short, but in conclusion, it was a good run. MTF NU-7 COL Carpenter ONX1, signing off.
  4. PTF is Granted. Sucks to see ya go Nimo. Stay in touch.
  5. You spawn with a sniper rifle, a SMG and a molotov. Along with 100 armor and health. And an automatic pistol.
  6. Please note, before reading this, this is indeed a contraversial topic on SCP-RP. Keep the comments productive. What you want to see? - All D Class Custom Classes have their spawns moved to the surface. Maybe instead, any D Class custom classes that spawn with a gun must spawn on the surface. Why should we add it? - Security, and more importantly, Research, has taken a major hit due to the mass amounts of riots and to some degree, "OP" D Class custom classes. With the NLR timer being almost non-existent and the heavy weaponry they spawn with, it does not follow lore or RP. The important thing to note is it is not mean't to be fair for D Class. They are prisoners, and escaping is mean't to be almost impossible. It is High risk, high reward. In my opinion, moderation of these custom classes is necessary due to ensure everything remains balanced for both people who do and don't pay money. Many people find it infuriating as to how difficult it is to handle these custom classes, combined with the number of D Class. It is tiring for many people. What are the advantages of having this? - Research and Security have more chances to RP. Overall, I believe it would help with RP and D Block in general. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. Custom Class Owners mainly. Links to any content - N/A
  7. +/- Support Warns are worrying, application is decent.
  8. +/- Support I think maybe boosting the required rank to allow a PK would be better.
  9. + Support Evidence is obvious. The SO is seen attacking other security and Nu-7.
  10. - Support Evidence is inconclusive. Chief provided us with a video from his point of view. It is not uncommon for MTF to stand guard at Gate A. I don't know why that is being used against him.
  11. - Support While I understand why you may think this is a good idea to represent the female players, this would severely backfire for a few reasons This would be a pain in the ass for staff members. I guarntee you there would be a dramatic rise in ERP and overall mingy behaviour in security, with everyone running around as female security. Right now, there are more important issues in my opinion. The branch would be quite empty sadly, as we do not have much female players on the server. It would serve no purpose other then to divide people in my opinion.
  12. +1 Could definitly bring something new to the table and be interesting.
  13. - Support Sorry Logan, but that is unnaceptable.