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  1. You just need to work on your attitude
  2. I really must agree with this point -Support
  3. There probably not be a Spring Sale but buying VIP+ is worth it. You can get so many things such as VIP Thief, FBI, VIP Printers and a lot more.
  4. You know if people would report IQ breaking Defensive formation with Evidence there woudn't be this problem
  5. This makes no sense at all First of all, your point is "Making troopers more valued" From nerfing IQ or RG how is this suppose to make Trooper more valued. IQ are to follow the Defensive Rule and protect you guys, us protecting you guys should make you "Feel" more valued. Second of all, "Increasing troopers activity" How from this suggestion will people activity boost? It is your jobs to keep your battalions activity up, not suggestion post to nerf IQ. Third of all, "Making things more balanced" We paid to be a little more advanced and a little more powerful and nerfing us would defeat the purpose. Please be more specific on what you want because all the points are invalid.
  6. Here is an easy solution. Make Force Heal during Combat FailRP and you must wait 10 seconds or 1 minute to heal again, just like PRP and SCPRP
  7. Huge +Support The only one that actually does stuff for the Army Very Active Great Roleplayer Very competent Maverick definitely deserves Grand General Good luck!
  8. Name and Rank: Nimo/Overseer Activity (Such as active, semi-active, LOA): Active How many ticks you have currently: N/A What battalion you are a part of: N/A
  9. -/+ Support Inactive as staff
  10. The reason why you didn't get it it's because of your full inventory. It states to not have one.