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    Nimo's Resignation

    Well It's been a long ride from December 20th to August 12. From RCT To CMDR to CPT. I'ved love the Server but I can't keep being on the server everyday. I have school coming and I'm going to high school and need to focus on that. I also need to focus on my life and need to figure out what my plan is and what I'm going to do. I loved going up the ranks of MTF and when I got to CMDR I finally felt like my hard work finally paid off. When i got demoted from CMDR I honestly pissed off for some reasons and some players and I felt like Site Administration would not trust me ever again with the rank again and I felt like I couldn't make it up the ranks again. Honestly one of the reasons I wanted to resign is one player that I won't say but this player really pissed me off with his attitude and how he treated me and I felt like Site Administration was not dealing with that problem as much I would like it to be. Anyway I hope you guys understand and accept this resigniation and I hope to see you guys in the future Some people who really helped me and and made me who i am today Infected, You we're my first friend in SCPRP and still my first bestfriend and only. I remember when both of us worked our way up Nu-7 and us having a great time. You really helped me and defended me when I felt like I had nobody. If I had a choice to meet up with you I would instantly do that i feel like we would get along. I really hope you get O5-2 or O5-1 and Super Admin. I hope to see you again. Carpenter/Crapenter, Where do I start you minge. I got to know you when we both staffed together on PRP and how we got SA basically at the same time as eachother. I'm really proud of you of how you made your way from Trial mod to Manager with how you act sometimes jkjk. I was also your first warn on PRP. Keep doing what you are doing. I really consider you as my best friend. PTF SIR. Igneous, I've known you since PRP days when you got me demoted on Secret Service and I will never forget that. Then we met again on CWRP and got pretty close and then we met on SCPRP and you finally got SA. I consider you as one of my really close friends. I hope you get far on SCPRP with updates and the server in general. Blackbeard, I remember when Nu-7 was dead you became the Commander and when I kept messing up and you defending me and you promoting my up to MAJ. Once I got VCMDR I was terrible but I was improving throughout the months I played thanks to you. I consider you as one of my Best Friends. Jeffe, I remember when I was playing MilRP and you kept telling me about SWAT and how you got Co-Commander and you started playing back in 2016. We also had some fun on CWRP espically that prank you did on me with the Donator rank and how I lost SA. We now see each other on SCPRP and had fun and good times. You are one of my closest friends. I hope you get to HA. Th3, I've known you since your PRP Donor mod days and how you worked you way up from Donor mod to Head of Staff. You have really helped my through tuff times and made me feel better you honestly should become a therapist. I hope you get far and succeceed with whatever you do. Fool, I remember the time when we first met. We we're doing a CI raid together and Command applications were out for Nu-7 and I asked you if you applied and you told me that you did. When we were accepting applications I told Bread and Blackbeard to promote you to CPT and you made your way to CMDR. I'm really proud of you. I know you going to do great as CMDR. Rang, I remember the first time we met on PRP and when you were a SA. I honestly think you wouldn't have remembered me but you did. You are a really funny guy and awesome. STOP RINGING 513. I hope to see you again. OG man. Special Mentions, Deadran Arium Dogz Kade Chief Aleks Sorry if I didn't get everybody but I hope I'll see you guys again
  2. I was told by Chief that there was a CI Raid. So Immediatly after that I advert a Full Site Lockdown
  3. +Support Jeffe has been a BIG help to SCPRP not to RP jobs and ranks but to the server in General Jeffe has been staff for a VERY VERY long time and deserves this responisibilty He has dealt with many situations with helping players so I don't see him doing anything wrong when being a mentor I think Jeffe is most definitely ready for this position
  4. Nimo

    Staff Report

    -Support Don't see how this report is Valid He took a cyinide pill and Jeffe slayed him for RP affect. Second of all you did not roll so that strip does not count. Give us proof that you rolled and I'll change my -Support