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  1. -/+ Support Can be annoying and sometimes mingey Active Not enough Effort
  2. I LOVED that event. I remember when joining CWRP in the beggining it but it was first ImperialRP but then we experienced player loss so then we changed to CWRP at first I did not like changing to CWRP but then I started to enjoy it. I then got up the ranks and become the 2nd Super Admin ever on CWRP then everything fell apart for me. When Gaur was Manager it was prime time for CWRP we always reached 40 players.
  3. Damn I heard you were the only good GENSEC Command
  4. -Support Disrespectful Mingey at times Somewhat active
  5. -/+ Support -Can be disrespectful -Somewhat active +Good Leader +Good Effort
  6. -Support No Effort at all Just got active Also crashed the server with Bombs
  7. -/+ Support Great Guy Not Active
  8. Alright bet I'm coming When will this event be happening If you need any actors I can be one
  9. Nimo

    Zerg False Warn

    +Support Should have not been warned