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  1. This guy is a 10/10 minge.

  2. I honestly think both of you should be warned +/- Support
  3. Wow. This is this just... terrible Huge +Support Player should be perm banned for this. Sexual Harrasment is the worst thing you can do. @ZoeyPlaysGames, I'm very sorry this has happened to you, this is disguasting what this person said. Also +Support for the Racism
  4. -Support for the Mouse Droid +Support for the other droid
  5. +Support Active Friendly Great guy Would make a great Staff Member Goodluck!
  6. Nimo

    Suggestion! - Accepted

    Same I don't see the differnce too lol
  7. Nimo

    Killer's 48 Hours

    inactive smh
  8. This suggestion has been denied so many times now. It will not work on the server since this LFS Vehicle has a really high Tick rate and we have a low Tick rate and cannot increase it for reasons. The DX9 is also the best ship we have.
  9. Damn I was not expecting this. I've known you for a year now and tbh on SCPRP I disliked you but getting to know you on ImperialRP really was some good times. Thank you for the support you gave me whenever I needed it like IQ help or just in general. I hope whatever you do is what you like and go forward in. Best of luck! ~Nimo