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  1. -Support With the Palpatine rank people could easily abuse it, how? They can demote anyone from a rank, have the final say, a lot of sits about stuff like RDM if that Palpatine kills in RP, ETC I just cannot how this would bennifit the server in anyway.
  2. There is no Senior Admin on ImperialRP
  3. -Support Semi Active No Effort The event you put is a basic rebel event
  4. -Support No Effort at all. Shows that he doesn't care.
  5. +Support Active Great leadership Would be a great CMDR
  6. -+/Support Active No Effort Not great judgement Not that active on staff
  7. That's still 56 MB which is still too big.
  8. He doesn't have experience as staff.
  9. Nimo

    ban appeal

    +Support I beilieve he has already been unbanned.