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  1. -Support Very Immature Mingey Pisses people off No Effort Not Fit Doesn't deserve rank
  2. -Support on the "DDoS Threat" +Support on the warns
  3. In requesting SMT in our Teamspeak. Our IP is
  4. Onto the forums? If so you need to ask a SMT member to change your name on the forums.
  5. The servers are undergoing maintenence because of the host. The servers will be back up either today or tommorow morning.
  6. Me being higher than @Weareinfected
  7. Damn blackbeard. Already knew about this from a week ago but we will mis you sexy man person
  8. DENIED Sorry Armor, but you have not received the rank of Sovereign Protector. This was a very hard descision. You're a very talented Royal Guard and I hope you continue to be one.
  9. DENIED Sorry Dragon, but you have not received the rank of Sovereign Protector for some reasons. You're not active, You don't have any community support.
  10. ACCEPTED Congrats you have Received the rank of Sovereign Protector, Congratulations.