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  1. What happens with there is no donator rank on?
  2. In real life if you got shot you would start bleeding and wouldn't have the energy to get out a Heavy machine gun and start shooting. Also in the video he may have been shot but he was still under FearRP even when he was shot so he still coudn't get his gun out. Another thing is criminals in real life would sometimes shoot there Victim to get answers our in this case money. Still a -Support
  3. I 100% agree with Steve. You'e been making so much reports and Appeals it going to the point of being annoying. People are starting to dislike you for the actions you do. I dislike you for the things you do. You need to admit to your mistakes. -Support
  4. I have to agree with them. From talking to you, you act immature.
  5. I do have to agree with War. Sorry Emoo
  6. -Support -Immature at times -Not that active -Annoying at times Sorry Bread but this is just my opnion