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  1. Can't believe I didn't even get a shout out from the BEST Chief of Police we have ever had... Have a good one bud, going to miss you.
  2. Adams

    Pittman's LOA

    Noted. See you soon
  3. Also, ALL No votes will be Voided unless accompanied by a -Support.
  4. I am not allowed to + or - Support but....
  5. Accepted Congratulations (Already talked to)
  6. Why does it matter? Do you want people like this on the server? Let alone on staff?
  7. +Support For Obvious Reasons
  8. Adams

    This is the start...

    Damn... You right.
  9. Adams

    This is the start...

  10. Adams

    This is the start...

    I thought I said no press
  11. Adams

    This is the start...

    Bruh, it's only cringe if we're all not wearing socks
  12. I have officially started my harem... BOW TO ME!
  13. Again...... 2 +Supports, yet 3 No responses on the poll.