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  1. Also, ALL No votes will be Voided unless accompanied by a -Support.
  2. I am not allowed to + or - Support but....
  3. Accepted Congratulations (Already talked to)
  4. Why does it matter? Do you want people like this on the server? Let alone on staff?
  5. +Support For Obvious Reasons
  6. Adams

    This is the start...

    Damn... You right.
  7. Adams

    This is the start...

  8. Adams

    This is the start...

    I thought I said no press
  9. Adams

    This is the start...

    Bruh, it's only cringe if we're all not wearing socks
  10. I have officially started my harem... BOW TO ME!
  11. Again...... 2 +Supports, yet 3 No responses on the poll.
  12. Accepted Congratulations! (Already talked to)
  13. Adams

    TwizKury Resignation

    Hate to see so much time dedicated just to be thrown away... You will be missed and remain a name everyone shall know for years to come.