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  1. Mate. What part of 'No' do you not understand?
  2. I've made an appearance yes... Last time you where staff you would never get on to fill ratio, and if you did you left 5 mins later. If you would be 'dedicated' you wouldn't of left the staff team twice. Not sure if you have changed but your last time wasn't your highlight..
  3. Don't have him as your buddies.. easy solution
  4. Sion


    West highland Terrier
  5. Sion

    Dogs or Cats?

  6. Sadly I have decided that I won't be returning to GL. I won't go into much detail why since it isn't very civilised to name and shame people. I making this post because I want to end on a high note, and note go wild on the server and try getting blacklisted. I enjoyed my 6 months on PRP. I still remember my first day, when @Charlie trained me for PD and it all started. I would like to thanks everyone for making my time here a enjoyable one and a one to remember. I will also like to request to remove my reserves status from all departments. Enjoy your new year, and goodbye
  7. HOLD UP. YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME! HOW!. I'm now dissowning you
  8. He is a senior admin so he can take his own sits. However, it shouldn't be used to avoid arrest/rp
  9. @EnderKnight57 shhhh. We don't talk about that... I'm colourblind....
  10. Sion

    Who is cuter?

    We can agree that Mikey is cuter
  11. Sion


    Max. No it mid summer. Some wacko kid thinks it Christmas. Pft
  12. Sion


    I just want all of my family to enjoy the day