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  1. I'm not gonan comment on what actually happened. But I will comment on the fact that if he is trying to get blacklisted or whatever. It shouldn't have a knock on affect on this report or his position as a SM (unless he breaks the handbook). I will also like to point out that Raven never actually commented on the incident but instead commented on that his feelings and that he took it to another command. Personally (nothing against you Raven) it looks like you know you were in the wrong but trying to cover it all up...
  2. @Alton You must say. Some wetwipes are better...
  3. -support I remember you. You were mingy and showed 0 respect for others
  4. Sion

    Stafff Skin

    @Freeze Pft helicopters are nothing. Drones are better And just no. Why would you need it. If you are in mountains and someone is MRDMing i n spawn you are kinda powerless...
  5. -support This one is annoying if you have minges.. press panic and it will make you deaf...
  6. +support You can't use your physgun at all no matter what the situation is. Only sen admin+ can. You should of known better.
  7. Why didnt you just warn him straight away... You are same rank as him so you can..
  8. +support He rammed the charge and was a direct threat seeing how he kept following the main car. Adverts did say 'KOS' so
  9. +support Warns don't randomly come out you know...
  10. 12 of his warns are from same staff member... Seems like hes targeting him. But +support
  11. +support Over 40 However, personally it seems like Goose has been targeting him with the amount of warns he has..
  12. Sion

    add a better tow truck

    +support This vehicle is more realistic and It has working lights I belive