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  1. Oh come on. It $1! It a joke! Look at the bright side. If something is dark, what do you do? Turn on the light to see it better!
  2. -support What about EMS? Fancy letting someone die? What if a officer is being held hostage or being shot at? Holding back support that could save their life What if someone doesn't see the roadblock and drives into it accidently? Got a crime scene and possibly a fatal crash to deal with now aswell...
  3. Hello from the other side
  4. Wait... I thought it was always 100.... makes sense why I got stopped alot...
  5. +support I've picked up on this aswell. Yes if it a obvious rule infraction such as self supply or stealing gov car it fine, but when you get in with RDM it tends to have more behind it, sometimes it might be a hit, sometimes a murder. As a senior admin he can hold sits off duty do why isn't he using this privilege to his advantage? And I think he has forgotten everything about verbal warnings, he warns everyone for whatever they've done, no matter what. Staff aren't ment to be warn robots. They are ment to help develop a player understanding of the rules and to enforce them. Not scare new players away.
  6. Again, another incident where senior admins jumping to a conclusion, this really should be looked at (warning off duty not will specifically)
  7. think those lines aren't caused by the CC but rather by blood decals, it a common thing, usually when blood ends up on something it wasn't ment and then splatters all over the map
  8. Not to be biased or anything l. But citizen is pretty sick
  9. Sion

    Lil JJ Ban Appeal

    After reviewing your steam account it seems that you have just recently bought the game(13.5hrs) However, the fact Eternity suspected you're an alt is supported by the lack of activity on your steam account
  10. +Support Adams has matured over his time here at PRP, from being a OFC to being apart of PD HC, leading the servers departments making sure everyone is treated equally and fairly. If this doesn't prove he deserves his restriction revoked I don't know what is. I also see it unfair that he himself doesn't get to know why he was been restricted from staff.
  11. Sion

    Ban appeal

    +support Banned for 3 days because he ltaped once? LTAP is usually just a warn unless they've done it multiple times..
  12. +support Active Mature Ready for staff (Do we really need to -support the entire application over a small error with the poll?)