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  1. Need @ColeSoft Grey side
  2. I will be on on weekends and weekends only. I'm getting around 10 homework a week and my school Is pretty trash and the teacher can't teach so I have to go the extra mile to make sure I reach the standards... best school ever I'll be active on discord and forums just not IG. Enjoy
  3. Ye. A PFC in CERT and a State SNR..
  4. -support It would make FBI pointless
  5. TrueNorth Fire Deparment Informational Links Report Form Suggestion form Application SOP: High Command: Chief - Fame Assistant Fire Chief ~ Struftdot Battalion A Chief ~ Sion Any questions about Fire Deparment DM Sion on forums/discord
  6. Bullying is not tolerated. I would suggest talking to any SMT member to sort things out.
  7. Well Calamity. You were my second trainer. You helped me along the journey. Myself from CST to SGT and yourself from SSGT - MSGT. It been a fun ride, from training to some wacky driving. It been a pleasure serving along side you and hopefully one day I can fill your boots and help others do as best as they can. *stands to attention and Salutes* Your best SGT Sion XS7
  8. Sion

    Perma Ban Appeal | Tony

    Well 2 issues Story is unclear and no one can accept this. Only Zeeptin can accept this...
  9. Sion

    48hr notice

    @thechallenger88 I ainy leaving community. U insane?