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  1. +support Would increase level of RP but also make it that PD can't think your speeding
  2. I will be leaving State to try free up more time for other divisons imm currently high/low command in. It been a plesure being on State and I hopenit grows. (I'm staying in DOC) Sion 10-7
  3. With great sadness I will be placing my 48 hour notice since I feel that CERT isn't the best tac unit for me. Thanks Alistar for training me and all of my other troops for helping during raids. Sion out
  4. With great sadness I will be leaving SS due to me not having time and I've list intrest being a SS Thanks Charlie for training me Cheers to all of SS low and high command Sion out
  5. What is your in-game name: Sion What rank are you in DOC: SGT (5/11) are you active? Yes/No why: Yes Why should you stay in DOC: I should stay because I'm very active and rp alot What do you think command should improve on: try get more people on and maybe try get SMT to give us more guns or add more specialist for DOC like roof sniper
  6. Proof of second account Edit: SteamID been added to main report
  7. Your in game name: Sion Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:161096629 The player's in game name: Laidler The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:500100179 What did the player do: I was on PRP around 10:45am (BST) and just doing police stuff when 2 cars started baiting me, I didn't do much since I don't see the point in going after a baiter. Anyway, I did my duties and just patrolled outskirt (as state). I was driving near hospital entrance to outskirt when this black sport car bumped into me, I didn't stop him since I stopped suddenly because of lag. But I drove into city and he followed me honking his horn at me, I realised there were no staff on at the time and decided to speed up a bit cause I knew it would end in a admin sit and I drove off and went to DOC to doa check up. then a hummer was also following me I decided to pull up to DOC and realised the hummer had blocked me in and Laidler running up. I took out my shotgun incase and pressed panic since I was outnumbered. (first link shows this). He didn't kill me or anything just talked about the fender bender. The hummer backed out and I drove away. The hummer then over took me and Laidler cop baiting rammed into me for no reason and there was nothing blocking his sight. Then I went off for a bit hoping they would of left when I got back. But I was wrong. They also fearrp X10 failedrp X20 and RDM X2. Over the course of 5 hours I reported them to admins 4 times (Sadly I don't have evidence of FRP only the baiting but. Eternity also realised he has made another account to make himself look cleaner, his other account had 30+ warns and this one has very few. Freeze was also watching him for a while. Evidence (required): (He is In the black car not the hummer. The hummer is his friend) What do you believe should happen to the player: I believe he should be banned for around 6 months because people like him just spoil they RP and gets on everyone's nerves Any extra information: Expect more info and evidence to be added over the next week when I have more encounters with them. If anyone else has proof just post the link. He also has a friend called Calvin. He helps him a lot during stuff, both are as bad
  8. NAME: Sion RANK: PO STATUS ON ROSTER :Active Why do you want to stay in the department: Because I like a challenge such as protection the President Any Changes: New guns, more duites, have a sniper job,
  9. -Support Maybe, instead of just looking at Nucleus, look at the person that respawned, they should be punished cause they failrp and they came foward to that, they should be punished not Nuculeus, he was just trying to do his job, look at both sides of the story and don't be bias!