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  1. +Support - Very nice guy - Active -Previous SMT - Have previous command - Good app ~Best wishes Thermite
  2. +support - Amazing role model to naval -Very nice guy overall -Active - He is very willing to help out security - Very detailed app ~ SubLT Thermite, best wishes
  3. I’m on my phone trying to do this sorry I’m advance and it’s late at night. +SUPPORT - Great guy - old CWRP & IMP command - app is very detailed to the tee - has previous experience with commanding others - warns are from (3-4ish) years ago Which is good and no active warns - Very serious and dedicated to help this battalion as a whole -Very honest application - Good luck man, hoping for the best! ~ Thermite
  4. +Support - Good app - Seems like a nice person - Has previous command background - All warns are from 3-4 years ago - Good Luck!!!
  5. +Support - Good app - Great friend - Nice to talk to in game - Has previous command experience - Serious when needed
  6. Unfortunately I do not have any more to give for GMOD, and I've been focusing on making music and I feel very overwhelmed as well. 1:) Shoutout to Billy, your the big reason why I joined "State Trooper" Great attitude towards other player and a great representative for the department. Very serious when needed all around an amazing asset tp bring in new member to "State". 2:) Huge Thanks to Dry as well, Very Funny guy, brings awesome Joy and all around happiness. Amazing Checkpoint "Leader" another Great representative for the department. And another huge thanks for all the "Troopers" who I've played and talk with gonna miss you guys. That being said every single one of you have a purpose in life and If there is an opportunity for you take it and spread that happiness that you get from it and encourage others with what you got and don't let it slip away. I Love you guys MSTR Trooper Thermite 1T Going 10-7 Also I just realized this is in the wrong section If someone can please move it from [SRT to STATE]
  7. After waiting for the "two restarts" we aren't able to see our player model for the "Deadpool" custom class, it's still an error, and I was wondering why is there two playermodels available. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2797853493 Link to the old post:
  8. Sexual harassment or not, I believe we're over looking the bigger picture of the application (a warn is a warn) regardless of what moral we put behind it. He is applying for staff, I don't think we should judge someone and stop them from being staff and base their whole reputation for "ERP". Also I believe if the warn was severe he wouldn't be allowed to play. But as it stands. I talk to him personally a lot. +support he said he's here to help regardless of the situation/circumstances +active +friendly person to talk to +dedicated to helping others +Hard worker +always seeking ~Thermite
  9. I was wondering how much it would cost to buy "sans the skeleton" Custom Class on policeRP since that CC has been inactive for a numerous amount of time.
  10. I paid for the (name change, PM Offserver fee, added myself to the class) All Good!!!!!
  11. Yes they were dual, but I paid to change them to single.
  12. Lightsaber: I though I put Single instead of duel for the saber (Snake Hilt only) [PAID FOR ALREADY] Saber name is "weapon_cc_saber_of_knights_lightsaber" Also the saber color was red not to sure but we wanted a pink/magenta and the RGB color scale is (255,0,97) and we got more of a redish color than pink.. Current: We have two sabers but we only wanted the [One Singular Saber Only] that was the (Snake Hilt) Sorry for the inconvenience and the confusion.. ~Thermite
  13. +Support I don't think he should of got warned for that 1st and foremost he jump on a guys head and cloaked to get into a clearance zone that he's not supposed to be in. And he came uncloaked for about like a 1.5 second and saw him and highworks was cleary doing something with his shock, but this guy comes in to interrupt him. Highworks was trying to do his job at the end of the day. I feel this should've been discussed a bit more for highworks even got that warn. Also I guarantee if this was a high command member who arrested him it would've been a different story and outcome. ~Thermite/Harold
  14. Old Lightsaber name was "Knights of the galactic empire"
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