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  1. I’ve been quite busy we’ve gotten two fires in one night we responded to a fifth alarm fire and I’m also quizzing someone about fire one (what’s a fire tetrahedron uhhhh I forgot BOY ITS HEAT CHEMICAL REACTION FUEL AND OXYGEN ITS LIKE THE FIRE TRIANGLE JUST WITH CHEM REACTION) I also got a second alarm fire I have pictures of that but not the fifth alarm we were put straight to work let me know if you guys wanna see them (I think it’s about time again to appeal)
  2. ARG

    Summer calls...

    For some companies summer is the slowest time of the year... but when there's a call it means shits going down so for this month alone we had two burners same night for my twp and then the next week nothing at all not even a lift assist later on we did and when they said on the notes 28 YOM FD assist police I was like alright we get there I see the ME and I'm like fuck but It's my job so but props to the fireboard for clickbaiting the crap outta me but other then that we had multiple car accidents I have no pictures because we just went to work and we had a elevator rescue with a infant stuck on board other then that it practically ends that month (June) I promise I will take pictures next time
  3. ARG

    Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: ARG Ingame Name: ARG SteamID: STEAM_0:0:152620203 Ban Length: Indefinite Admin that Banned you: Snar Markov(STEAM_0:1:67277135) Reason for Ban: Warns+ Dispute: My oldest warn was at 20:45 (8:45 PM) On January 8th 2017 that was long ago when I decided to just be a minge and just mess around till I understood the severity of warns as this being the first PRP server I ever found with this being said I also never read the MOTD till later on and started slowing down on warns trying not to get them at all I have warns from Valk at one point even though I did nothing wrong but holly fuck he was annoying I was told if I had VIP not to worry just stop getting warned a lot and you won't be banned so I did Warns should be deleted/not count after 6 months to a year that would be more fair
  4. ARG

    Opinions needed....

    Alright as some of my close friends know I drive a 2012 Lexus RX 350 and well I have seen the Prices of the Tesla Model 3 and I need pros and cons yes I know the logo looks like a uterus but shit if I am getting the Model 3 I will definitely be getting the performance or the Long Range but I am worried for going on long drives and not having enough battery because shit happens and I won't be able to find a charger I AM LEGIT ONE CLICK AWAY FROM PRESSING BUY (Legit I have all the required info to fill out filled and ready to go...) also I am worried where would I put my interior light bar
  5. As some of you know I have been Perma Banned from PoliceRP and well I keep taking 24 hr shifts and now I'm really bored with my two days off and I keep crashing at the firehouse randomly. I never want to come home because it's boring and my basement is still burnt down also I said I would upload pictures but haven't had the time to so today or tomorrow I will upload them to this post. The main reason I am making this thread is to ask should I appeal again. So with that being said should I?
  6. Depends on where on a normal structure with multiple rooms and fatal funnels or a more dense Urban area
  7. Being a Firefighter doesn't mean you just take out fires it's making the ultimate sacrifice because at a moments notice we're ready to charge headfirst into hell on earth we leave our families and the comfort of safety behind us all for a stranger in need. It's where you and your co workers turn into family. It's when you put someone else's need in front of yours. The second you put that air-packv on and pull back on the straps for your mask and pull your hood up click that helmet in (Right handed searches mean right hand onto the wall searching left hand searching on the floor and person behind you has their hand on your left ankle but if it was a left handed search their hand is gonna be on my right ankle) run inside that building with or without that hose my company will always remember this "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"-John 15:13 But the second you don't feel that hand on your ankle you start screaming your partners name louder and louder until you hear nothing that's when you call in Mayday and either RIT saves your ass or your whole company jumps in because I've been on that side when you hear it on the the radio Mayday Mayday and then you hear the tones then dispatch calls in multiple companies nearby but I swear to god your heart stops the second you hear it get called in but once I've heard on the radio where one went down and the whole company jumped in just to try and save him multiple EMS units were called 6+ firefighters were injured but they were ready to lay down their life for their friends. Legit got a Assist to EMS call while typing this "Lift assist Male 280 pounds recent heart surgery// RED SPD" ARE WE A JOKE YOU!?!?!?!??!?! "Thanks we appreciate the help"
  8. ARG

    RIP JUUL *Updated

    I replaced my juul and now I’m getting a Njoy Ace and a Smok Nord I’ve actually used the Njoy Daily just for today not a bad experience
  9. ARG

    RIP JUUL *Updated

    With all the smoke inhalation I already do I probably have cancer by now so hey I die faster at least
  10. ARG

    RIP JUUL *Updated

    Smoks hit hard AF like the Njoy ace but they suck at sealing and online the juul starter kit is 20 so I have to consider
  11. ARG

    RIP JUUL *Updated

    Aright so after a long day I like to kick back and have a smoke so I pop in a pod and it’s not hitting so I take out the pod and flip it I grabbed some alcohol and a cotton swab when I realized I was missing one of the prongs was missing so should I a new Juul or something different any suggestions? *No Smok Badges
  12. ARG

    9/11 pass alarm

    Wanna know what sucks the constant alarm going off in my head like PTSD and it's horrific to keep hearing it over and over again I really hope I get unbanned Gmod it used to be the only thing keeping my mind functional all that baggage adds up but you just have to let it go I legit washed all the trucks went through them and practically have done everything I can but I currently play two Games GMOD and CSGO I have a comp ban for kicking people but hey I put a lot of dedication into PoliceRP If I don't get unbanned I'll just keep Appealing until I realize it's finally time to let go I still will post and keep you guys updated for example today we had a small house fire we ventilated the roof and made sure it was good enough to be a output and let out the Off Gas (Meaning it was hot but not hot enough to ignite) and that was being used as an output whereas the window was being used as an intake we go a ladder up and started hosing it down from there our ENG got the attack hose out and was ready with RIT visibility is little to none so we always have to run with the pipe as we start heading in we start taking out the fire little by little I used the hose and followed it outside to grab a Closet hook and a shingle scrapper to make sure there were no flames after it was hosed down it started off as a kitchen fire not only could we have saved more of the house from damage if only they had shut the kitchen door and kept the window closed so if we did open the door with the Irons we wouldn't have felt a backdraft
  13. ARG

    9/11 pass alarm

    During the September 11th attacks 343 firefighters died as in that result. The pass alarm on the air packs would go off when a firefighter is down or unresponsive last night a few firefighters pass alarms went off and it’s the most horrific thing you will hear as a firefighter because that means one of your own has fallen I remember everything that happened that day of 9/11 where were you when you heard About the World Trade Center attack