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  1. We take out our Rescue when we get dispatched for RIT but we've been taking out our rescue a lot so we're gonna change up one of the engines to use for RIT. RIT Rapid Intervention Team or I have heard RIC Rapid Intervention Crew And I think your talking about a EMS/EMT
  2. Not fair they didn't go to fire school
  3. Mayday as in if you have to call it or they did You HAVE to save yourself When your airpack malfunctions you put it into the radio and HAVE to leave unless you are told not to and it is safe to stay (Purge Valve Manual) I would never take a risk like that because if something goes wrong RIT has to come mostly depends on scenarios
  4. 1. PW ( Pressurized water) 2. DryChem 3. CO/AFFF (Making it easier)
  5. Okay so my friend decided he wanted to see how it worked so I go to my bathtub first thing I do is set a cotton ball on fire and show him how it burns then I take it out next thing I did was use a cotton ball with acetone (100%) and dropped it and showed how fast it would burn the next thing I did was fuel it with acetone as it is a fuel like oxygen and an accelerant took it out with water to show him but instantly he looked drowsy as it took up most oxygen out of the room and left us with carbon monoxide so the next thing I did was leave the bathroom with him after lighting it and shut the door for thirty seconds to show him what would happen to the fire and there was no fire (bonus points for who answers this correctly: what extinguisher works the same?) and the last thing was just letting it burn out (please do not do this)
  6. 1. You never know if your gonna come out. 2. Command, Command, Command! Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! /Also links in with one of your brothers or sisters dying on the inside 3. (Search and rescue for entrapment call) Typically in search and rescue if you don't find one you won't find any but when you find one chances are there are others and when you only get one out and then you hear over the radio or after the fires out there were others inside that died you can't do anything about it but blame yourself for them dying. 4. Ladder truck while climbing up for my first time I was so scared I was not hooked up to a harness and I had to pull the hose until we got a aerial ladder that was pre pipped but when you get near the top of the ladder it shakes/wobbles and falling to death well that is kinda painfull if you ask me. 5. my Air Pack malfunctioned twice once for some reason it went to flashing red and my face started to vibrate and I had to run my ass out but I still had full air in my Cylinder and the other time it malfunctioned was with the Don don button (When you breathe air comes out instead of free flow) so I had to manual it with the purge valve.
  7. Too tired to upload pics will do later stay tuned
  8. ARG

    Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: ARG Ingame Name: ARG SteamID: STEAM_0:0:152620203 Ban Length: Indefinite Admin that Banned you: Snar Markov(STEAM_0:1:67277135) Reason for Ban: Warns+ Dispute: My oldest warn was at 20:45 (8:45 PM) On January 8th 2017 that was long ago when I decided to just be a minge and just mess around till I understood the severity of warns as this being the first PRP server I ever found with this being said I also never read the MOTD till later on and started slowing down on warns trying not to get them at all I have warns from Valk at one point even though I did nothing wrong but holly fuck he was annoying I was told if I had VIP not to worry just stop getting warned a lot and you won't be banned so I did Warns should be deleted/not count after 6 months to a year that would be more fair
  9. ARG

    Opinions needed....

    Alright as some of my close friends know I drive a 2012 Lexus RX 350 and well I have seen the Prices of the Tesla Model 3 and I need pros and cons yes I know the logo looks like a uterus but shit if I am getting the Model 3 I will definitely be getting the performance or the Long Range but I am worried for going on long drives and not having enough battery because shit happens and I won't be able to find a charger I AM LEGIT ONE CLICK AWAY FROM PRESSING BUY (Legit I have all the required info to fill out filled and ready to go...) also I am worried where would I put my interior light bar
  10. If you get called in for RIT alot like we do well then you always know to hurry tf up recently we keep getting RIT calls and the second we do we get recalled because they didn't even check if they needed us just calls us or not
  11. Noooo you know what sucks when your legit in the truck and just arrived and then they recall you. They are so excited to recall us they legit do it so fast and at the same time it’s hell
  12. It’s like the worst time we get calls either we’re eating sleeping taking a shit or jacking off and then bam it’s a all company call that’s what pisses me off so now you know you have to go AND THEN WE GET RECALLED!
  13. I barely have downtime now and holly shit in the summer we get lots of calls hell even FD assist PD pepper spray deployed type of shit just to ventilate but hey I love what I do so if it means a one week ban on CSGO well one week ban it is!