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  1. Prop minge is top 5 worst things you can probably do on a Garry’s mod server. It’s completely against role play even on a semi serious server, even if no one is around it only takes seconds for a cop to respond code 3 somewhere and then get instantly rekkked by your prop. So preventing stuff like that calamity was in the right for warning you. Long story short in my mind calamity was probably somewhat busy role playing and it does take some time to write a warning making sure you spell everything right and go get your name. He probably was in the process of doing it when the other staff member pulled you up, or just decided to do it after whatever he was busy doing. I’m assuming the staff member that took you in a sit was under the rank of admin, meaning he could still warn you for it. - SUPPORT
  2. - support reason above
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    Ban Appeal

    Agree with willy! good luck!
  4. + support reasons above. Plus th3 knowing him speaks volume
  5. I like you as a friend, but I know you have been somewhat mingy and don’t follow the rules as much as you maybe should be. But your character is really interesting and I think your cool +/- support
  6. I mentioned that I did freeze people, I mentioned that me and happy had a "physgun battle" and I apologized. I simply stated that this was context leading up to my offenses. No one told me of the troubles I was giving SMT, as well I explained to fame about what happened with the members on my community and yours, I was in the right and fame even said he has no proof of it thats why he said he cant ban me for that so thats completely irrelevant in the fact that im appealing a ban for the reasons stated above. I had nothing but good intentions honestly, In my mind I was like " Im gonna stay staff on GL until my server is finished, and right before it goes public I will resign. My intentions were to help as much as I can, not in the negative way that everyone is making it out to be. Ontop of that, every time fame would ask me a question, I would try to respond and then he would cut me off basically saying he doesnt care and that I am making up excuses. So thats why I said I did not really get to say my side. And the only person I moved back and forth was happy, which I explained that I did and I apologized for. The person I freezed outside was irwin Bc I wanted to see if he was afk and to get a reaction out of him, me and Irwin are cool. I did not do this to any new players or players that I personally don’t have a friendship with. With that being said I apologized for all my actions I still don’t believe a permanent ban on policerp is necessary and deserved.
  7. Steam Name: [GL]ramonjason98 Ingame Name: Ramon King / Ramon SteamID: STEAM_0:0:173191523 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Fame Reason for Ban: NULL Dispute: Hello everyone, a few days ago I was banned off the server for the main reason that I was staff abusing/Using physgun off duty. When I was pulled into the ts with fame we talked about a few other issues that he had with me, told me what punishments I was facing and to explain myself. This specific topic that I am referring to is something I may not mention because SMT could take it as advertisement. I agree with the punishment of staff removal and staff restriction, I am here to appeal my perma ban only. Fame stated that the reason I am getting perma banned off the server is because I was staff abusing, and that I could in theory have banned and minged people for no reason, as showing that I "dont care" about following rules. Now this is where I believe things went south. I was on the server 2 days ago staffing, when I got off staff (citizen) I saw a bunch of people dead in spawn (bc people were spawning into eachother) so I decided that I would do everyone a favor and move the "alive" people over to the side like everyone ON DUTY usually does. While I was pushing people away another admin spawned it, him being a mod I accidentally picked him up and pushed im away. Then he picked me up, kind of messed around and "abused his powers". Thats when me and happy also got into a physgun battle for jokes (like a lot of staff members do, admit it or not) A few hours later when I got home I saw willy made a staff report on me, the evidence had no context and I never got to say my side of the story on the forums. Next I get a dm from logan saying I need to talk to fame. At that point I dropped everything I was doing and went into fames waiting room expecting the worse. Well... the worst is what I got. After a few minutes of back and forth, he told me my punishment and kicked me out of TS because I was "laughing". I chuckled bc ive never heard of anyone getting perma banned from a gaminglight server for using their physgun off duty. Here is why I believe I should deserve another chance, and why I WANT another chance. I agreed with fame that I was abusing my powers off duty. I hereby sincerely apologize for my actions. I have over 1500 on policerp gaminglight server. Its where my friends and family play. I regret my decision everyday wishing I could take back what I did and when I did it. I believe I deserve a second chance not only because I'm already staff restricted and cant "abuse my powers" but also because I am a very loyal member to the community. Here are some pro's and cons. Pro's: Close to 1500 hours on policerp server over 8 months | VIP+ | Donated a good amount of money. | Only had 5 warns, and they were all within weeks/month from eachother (latest one being 3-4 months ago) | I always support the community | Active on forums | Nice guy | Really friendly | Always help other people in need ( even off staff ) Con's: I physgun and froze 2 people off duty. I am not here to argue in the comment sections, Weather you plus or minus support I will stay unbiased and let the community do the talking. PS: I love gaminglight, I am truly sorry for what I have done. Sorry that I dissapointed you fame.
  8. Hey there it’s Ramon. I’ll try to keep this short. For the past 9 months I have been playing policerp. Gaminglight was the first ever policerp server I joined and ever since then I have not left! About 2-3 months ago I also started staffing on policerp and recently got promoted to Senior Moderator! Unfortunately, tonight I was removed off staff, and permanently banned from policerp on Gaminglight. As much as I saw the staff removal coming, I did not see the ban coming. So it does pain me to think about the fact that I will not be able to play with my many friends on a server that I love playing so much. I have close to 1500 hours of play time on the policerp server and as you can imagine I’ve made a lot of friends throughout those days. I have a few words to each and everyone of you. BeHappy- When I was still Farley new to PoliceRP we would always get on at the same time at like 5 am my time when there’s only 2-3 players on the server. You took me under your belt. I met you when you just started as a Trail Mod. I love you brother you’re the reason I’ve had such an amazing time on Gaminglight, you showed me the ins and outs, helped me and Inspired me to become more known in the community and reach these milestones: SGT in Pd. Get into state trooper, ARU, EMS, DOC, SECRET SERVICE, SRT, FBI but most importantly, getting into King and Staff. I love you and appreciate everything you have done for me Fame- Although our altercation tonight was not ever what I hoped for, I still appreciate the opportunity you have given to me and so many other people. You work hard and you deserve head of staff more than anyone else. You take your position serious and not lightly at all. I also hereby apologize for my wrong doings and hope success on your career in Gaminglight and in life as a whole. Zeeptin- congrats on growing your community this big in just a few years. I appreciate your server from the bottom of my heart. Like I said for me to play a game 1500 hours in under a year is crazy to think about. The continuous entertainment on your server is like no other. I appreciate the work you have done and the community in which I’ve been privileged to play and staff on! Shmoopy- hey brother! Love you! Although me and you have not played together too much you’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you’re an amazing admin! #WeLoveBillie! Willy and Jeff- you guys were amazing and very inspirational leaders and mentors. I look up to you guys to this day. I thank you for helping me whenever I needed you, and helping me when ratio needed to be filled matthew- I have not know you long, but every time we have talked it’s been a blast! Love your little accent as well you’re very fun to talk to! You’re an amazing SRT commander keep up the crest work! To the king family! HANNAH, MIKEY, FELIX, HAPPY, FAME, JOHN, SHMOOPY, BILLY, CALAMITY, DEATHSTRIKER, RONIN, PENTAGON ZAGE, and many more! - You have really taught me what true friends are and what a family/brother good really is. The past months being in king was some of the best times! Weather we did money silos, bank raids or just based and made rounds on the 20 printers we had, I had an amazing time with you guys and for that I love each and everyone of you#Vivat Regas Dredgen- you sir ... are one unique character. We have never really talked to much but just wanted to say keep your head up I’m proud of you bud. SM in pd, and most importantly I talked you into joining staff. You have a lot of potential man keep striving and you will go places! (Loose your temper ) Familys and individuals I also want to recognize and show my appreciation to: Umbrella Corp, Juicy Boys, Tomato, Diamond , Cartel, Southern Brothers, DD. nucleus, Greg, Cheeto, Snar, JoJo, Simon, Moneybags AKA moneybags, Rick, YOBO, Naylor, and if I missed you I just can’t tnink of everyone’s name right now haha. I will hopefully be appealing my ban, but I will give it time. Love all of you! #GamingLightForLife
  9. Once again you don’t argue in here. Fastest way to get your claim denied! -support
  10. +/- support Situation: Andrew called me to a sit about a fail base, while i was dealing with that he said that the president was afk and if i can demote him. I told him I would deal with it after the sit. there was 40+ people on and I was the only staff member on. During that sit 3-4 other sits popped up. So after I told Andrew to resume RP, i took another sit. During that second sit, Zage put on admin chat, warn Andrew for demoting with staff on, so since I was the only staff member on, and there was 4 sits including the one I was on, I demoted Andrew without a sit. I also figured it wasn't as serious because not only did I get warned for doing the same thing prior without a sit, but also because Andrew has 8 weeks of game time, so I figured he new of this rule. To his defense I then apologized for not taking him to a sit, told him to appeal it on the forums so I would give context to the situation. That being said I believe the warn should be kept, because he did demote someone with staff on. If anything this should be a report against me for not taking him to a sit. Regardless if I would have taken him to a sit or not, I would have still warned him.
  11. + Support I honestly had no intention of him getting banned. He was very remorseful but i thought mass RDM like that can not be a verbal in my opinion so I still warned him. I did not know Shmoopy was going to ban him. I believe he should be unbanned. I warned him, shmoopy simply asked how many people he killed, i said 4 and next thing you know he was banned. Him being an admin I did not think anything was wrong with this. Now reading this I definitely want this guy unbanned. Like i said he was very respectful and knew what he did was wrong ( asked me a lot of questions, showing interested in knowing the rules) . All that being said, I dont believe shmoophy did anything wrong punishment wise, just believe he couldve talked to me and him more.