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  1. You posted this in completed, and that model is also a None RP Model which may cost you more.
  2. Its not a TDM Vehicle so most likely not.
  3. Bans over 1 year old are not appealable.
  4. Dredgen

    Kmans Café

    How much for the dupe?
  5. + Support I've seen Lyon in the field, he is reliable and follows orders, as well as being active, I think they would make a great MARSOC.
  6. Personally Bluebird, stating that you fixed something on an application imo isn't a problem, its only a problem when you debate someones +/- support.
  7. Use common sense, its 1 day. - Support
  8. The fuck. + support Also he is banned now.
  9. + Support This would be amazing for basing, as well as if someone was going to do a cinematic video or something involving a green screen in game, shadows wont ruin it. It overall just looks nice as well.