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  1. Dredgen

    gmans cc readd

    I mean. Do you have proof of ever owning this CC. You might be able to change the name.
  2. Dredgen

    gmans cc readd

    That CC already exists
  3. Not a glitch. And if abused just called staff.
  4. Well this is certainly new. + Support I guess considering if you actually did try to and messed around you can f up a pace maker.
  5. Well this was unexpected.
  6. Name: Dredgen Class Name: Chaos SteamID: STEAM_0:1:491431877 Name Change: Chaos -> Captain John Price (John Price if I can't have captain in the name) 10$ Description Change: Former British Special Forces and 141 Task Force and responsible for the death of Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov. He has now turned to a different path and has devoted his life to hide behind a ghillie suit as a assassin-for-hire, causing chaos in the city of True North. (10$) Secondary Weapon Change: tfa_deagle (TFA Pistols) -> tfa_deagle (TFA CS:GO) (10$) https://gyazo.com/6b7b32ae18de592733fa14c041eff535
  7. -/+ Support I see potential in you. You are active but I personally do not think you have enough experience being in the position of Sergeant Major. You are a good cop though.
  8. I have more prodcode warns. He liked to be on me a lot.