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  1. Aight so why'd you delete your last appeal when we said it was an alt?
  2. Text doesn't have a tone.
  3. Nothing in that was disrespectful.
  4. This was so funny I forgot to laugh. Like seriously, you can't restrict your family from doing raids and stuff. Just give up. Your family is dead, you are also blacklisted from almost every department.
  5. - Support Sorry Romero I havent seen you on in awhile. Doesn't have perms to apply (10 warns) Doesn't meet word requirement. Not much effort in application.
  6. No. You are just as bad as the blacklists. You went into the TS on an alt with your buddy an wen't around earraping and avoiding staff. You 100% do NOT deserve a chance back. - Support
  7. - Support Can be used to give yourself an unfair advantage in /roll situations and ruins RP. This is FailRP.
  8. Dredgen

    Ban Appeal

    - Support 45 Warns and 5 bans. Ridiculous in my opinion. I think your ban shoukd stay for a bit longer.
  9. + Support Holy F. When this guy was an SNR I swear he was the best cop I had seen in a while. Revan is an outstanding officer with great talent in PD. I personally think he would make a great addition to PD Command.
  10. Dredgen

    Warn appeal

    - Support Warn isnt even a month old.
  11. Also decided to complain about my - Support in game.