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  1. You need to pay $20 to join if you didn't know.
  2. I mean I will be happy to attempt to pull up chat logs of you calling my a Power Fiend a joke and a bunch of other things.
  3. Maybe because nothing was done wrong?
  4. You didn't list everything in your appeal. Yes I demoted you. First time you ran into bank during negoiation while I told all PD to leave scene. You entered through the back. You were spotted and the hostage taker executed the President and Vice President. As well as other officers. When I confronted you, you denied it. I demoted you and had you ridealong with me. Later on you left. You proceeded to call me a joke and other kinds of things. Second demotion was again. Running in on a hostage situation. Tac units saw you when again you were told multiple times to leave. And again when I spoke with you and had multiple people say you were there (Hostage takers saw you and could confirm it was you) you proceeded to lie multiple times and blame it on a different OFC who I was in a call with at the time and was AFK. You then proceeded to call me a joke again infront of 2 command members. I told you that we dont like to eachother because we are apart of a team and you said you werent apart of this team and again called me a joke and told me to shutup. At this point I wasn't going to put of with the disrespect. When I demoted you, you proceeded to call me a "Fiend". The next day you apologized. I accepted it but wasnt going to make you an OFC again. You later on began to complain to other officers and refused to get of CDT job. Its going to be a - Support for me until you can change your attitude and actions, make a proper and sincere apology and prove you are ready to follow commands and be apart of the team.
  5. - Support Calling staff/server corrupt shouldn't be taken lightly, and I think the ban was reasonable. You were dissing basically every staff by calling the server corrupt. At the time if you felt a staff member was doing something wrong you should've made a report.
  6. - Support Staff member did not breaking Staff Handbook or any rules that could affect their current staff position.
  7. Sion is right. Whats the issue???
  8. Dredgen

    Ban RequestAccepted

    + Support Player has reached 40 warns on the PoliceRP server.
  9. Dredgen

    Add Casino Back

    + Support We need this back.