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  1. Birds are just drones in disguise so the government can spy on us.
  2. Update. Sooooooooo the virus is most likely 30 seconds down the street from me (I live very close to a hospital).
  3. Make it happen, please. Absolute + Support.
  4. Everything in the town is shut down. Markets, Theaters, Martial arts (I was gonna get into that, rip.), Schools, Workplaces, basically everything. Also my school closure is prob gonna be extended at some point. So yeah, I'm stuck in my house.
  5. Update on my end. Schools are closed for 2 weeks after spring break. I have little food in my house and stores are packed af.
  6. How tf is this a popular post on the forums? also - Support Improper format.
  7. Nah school is still going. If they don't cancel soon though I might just not go. I'm not taking my chances.
  8. Had to cancel a spring break vacation due to it.
  9. Oh jesus here we go again.
  10. You arent suppose to be spawning props. You also lack evidence for your claims. Also need Rookies input. - Support for me though. It's really not worth appealing a 24 hour ban as it will prob be over way before SMT even look at this.
  11. Teamspeak isn't in game. Yes the disrespect isn't allowed but punishment cannot be given in game if it didn't happen. You also shouldn't be recording TS. - Support.