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  1. +/- Support You only need 1 Class that's it, maybe two but having lore character's plus addition to another job and that wouldn't be fair for other regiments whom have the same classification/similarity but doesn't get the classes/lore you get.
  2. Name: Krimson Class: RU: Grenadier Specialist Server: Military RP SteamID: STEAM_0:0:127986170 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15$ ~ New Aircraft: wac_pl_hawx_su39 15$ ~ New Aircraft: wac_hc_mi17 15$ ~ New Aircraft: wac_hc_ka50 30$ ~ New Model: models/player/btb6.mdl 10$ Change Weaponry: ma85_wf_pt14 change it to ma85_wf_sr34 10$ Change Weaponry: ma85_wf_ar01 change it to ma85_wf_ar06 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- All Paid for.
  3. Ah man, really wish you got up to LTG or GEN This time :C. Gonna miss you man have a good one on SCP!
  4. lmao, ya'll asking for too much now.
  5. +Support Bring upon this holy map in these sacred lands, brethren.
  6. +Support Active Outstanding combatant in War Known throughout RU Decent Application
  7. JetPack Costs 20$ Extra. And the weapons would probably cost 20$ Extra since the repsnip nor dc17m is a secondary. But alas, don't take my word for it. i'd advise to wait for the owner's precautions before doing anything.
  8. Name: Krimson Server: Military RP Class: US CAF JTF2: Direct Action Unit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The F-15E is Broken again, Can you please fix it? If not can it be changed again, it worked fine yesterday i don't why it's like this today. F-15E - wac_pl_f15e2 [Remove] F-22A - wac_pl_hawx_fa22 [Add]