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  1. -Support Did not confront any Command ( Sergeant Major / Vice Commander / Commander ) within Alpha-1 about this topic.
  2. @Hooplaa The point of the matter is that NTF is donator, Security is like Research ANYONE can RP it so don't pull the GENSEC & NTF into this
  3. +Support @Jet Hazard Explain to me this. A Site Tech opens a CC when no one is around, They get away with it the fourth time. You don't get a screenshot but get an Admin sit. The staff gives them a Verbal warning. The Site tech waits like 5 mins or so & does it again, & again, & again. If we removed it then we would not have to waste 30 mins hunting them down / Trying to get a screenshot. Either we remove it OR we take there keypad cracker
  4. @October @Jake Croft Well, no one sees you complaining about RP being interrupted because CI are the ones that interrupt it! Also, How do you catch someone opening the door when you are RPing in D-Block???? @th3 Thank you for someone understanding
  5. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What do you want to see? - The restriction of being MTF & CI Why should we add it? - You should add this so when CI start raiding & MTF get killed they tend to flag down (switch jobs) & go as CI & outnumber the foundation. People have also been abusing this were they switch to there MTF Open Gate-B & then switch to there CI which is FailRP & other rules being broken, But they are never caught doing it because they switch off before anyone knows about it. Also, CI start to outnumber the foundation like 20 - 8 & it begins to get aggravating & frustrating for all the Foundation because they raid in MASSIVE squads & no one can counter it because the MTF are all flagged up as CI. What are the advantages of having this? - Preventing the abuse of both jobs. Who is it mainly for? - The Server Links to any content - n/a
  6. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What do you want to see? - I want to see the rules for CI raiding changed. Why should we add it? - Because at this very moment of this Suggestion 2:50 PM (EST) The CI are abusing the rules & are doing "Waves" because ONE SINGLE PVT IS JUST CAMPING IN A CORNER SOMEWHERE They keep adverting " CI Raid Wave 2 " || " CI Raid Wave 3" They keep doing it & its just such madness that MTF, GENSEC CAN'T EVEN SPAWN (after NLR) WITHOUT BEING GUNNED DOWN! What are the advantages of having this? - The foundation would have a chance to spawn after there NLR Who is it mainly for? - The Foundation Links to any content - n/a BUT I have a little footnote: If we made it like Concordia were once the CI die they can't come back until the next Raid starts. It would make it much easier on the Foundation to actually RP without being kidnapped, killed, or tied to a wall & left there until they make an Admin report.
  7. @Mikedanoobgamer Its meant to be like people that the researcher's, Security, (Possible TRO), & Security would report to & get information (the Admin Department is just people that would be able to make "play made events" {Exp: 682 Termination test || 096 Termination Test || SCP-096 against SCP-682} Those type of things) If not the admin department we could make a Research & Development (RnD) Department that would create stuff & it would give the research Department a place to go to after they progress to like a Senior Researcher.
  8. @Mikedanoobgamer It would be like LCZ / HCZ Staff & (or) LCZ / HCZ Administration They would take note, reports, check on SCP's CC (if need be), Redact info about SCP's in there CZ & take the Manager's place when they are offline
  9. @Mikedanoobgamer @Chief_ The admin department is like school administration (Asst. Principals / Principals / School board) They would take care of RP orders like [exp: buying a new CC door | Or | Looking over research documents & REDACTING (blackout) some words, sentences, info about the SCP
  10. *USE THIS FORMAT* If you do not follow the format your report will be deleted. Topic Title AdminName - False Warn Report Questions Your In-game: MTF A9 MAJ Instructor A901 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:162566523 The admin's name in-game: Jake Croft The admin's steam name (If you know it): Jake Croft What warning did you receive: " using nukes " Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): I did not know of this warning until today 12/20/2018 Why do you think this warn was false: I was defending the Warhead room from CI trying to nuke it then jake nocliped into my firing path & interfering with RP of me defending the room. Any extra information: He has falsely warned me before for "Disrespecting Commander" When I was making a joke about him nocliping into a Tesla but Krimson removed that warning because he knew it was a false warning.
  11. MTF is meant to be the last resort asset Administration DEPARTMENT, not Site Director Admin Department is to provide more & better RP for the server
  12. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What do you want to see? - I want to see the CI Raiding cooldown improved on. & the times should be [15 / 20 / 25] mins Why should we add it? - At the moment the CI is still abusing the CI raid cooldown they are camping the gate 2 mins before, cracking the gates before the cooldown & they advert once they are about to get into the power room What are the advantages of having this? - More time for RP as Foundation & it gives GENSEC & MTF to give debriefs & recommend promotions/demotions & talk about improvements on what they should or shouldn't do Who is it mainly for? - The Foundation Links to any content - n/a
  14. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What do you want to see? - A Tactical Recontainment Unit & An Administration Department Why should we add it? - Its give User's in the foundation side somewhere they can go besides into MTF & create more RP What are the advantages of having this? - Tactical Recontainment Unit --This would result in more RP, more opportunity's for Research & GENSEC. Instead of being picked for MTF Straight from GENSEC (Security) you would be able to join the TRO which is DESIGNATED ON SITE RECONTAINMENT PERSONNEL So instead of MTF being called in EVERY time ANY SCP breach's the TRO could respond & recontain the SCP. This would also make it so MTF can RP as there first job (like GENSEC or Research) & the TRO would be able to "fend off" the CI if they raid & this would give MTF a chance to get proper training (unlike the training the Vice Commander of MTF gives). Administration Department -- If we added the Admin Department the researchers will have a chance of being picked for that & get to be a bit more active. The Admin Department would be in charge of the foundation (under the LCZ Manager / HCZ Manager & Site Administrator (Director). It would be just like the LCZ / HCZ Manager's they would oversee that Containment Zone & if there is a problem they would fill out a report form (an In character report form) & have someone come & RP "Fixing it" OR if they make a report form referring to the Security / TRO then they could hand it to their CZ Supervisor & (or) Manager & from there they would give it to MTF Alpha-9 & MTF A-9 could go & fix the issue whether it be training, leadership, etc... the MTF A-9 would fix it & if need be [Train / Re-Train] those members. Also, the Admin department would make a lot of RP & they could "take care" of the CZ when the LCZ/HCZ Manager is not on & (or) LOA. Who is it mainly for? - The Foundation & The Servers RP Links to any content - [ALSO IF THE TRO NAME NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO SOMETHING ELSE I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH THAT] I do not have any links but I would be willing to make all the jobs if this suggestion get accepted & (or) PENDING just make a little footnote & all I will need is a template of what you use & I will make the jobs, post it on a google doc, & share the doc with whoever needs it.