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  1. I like this guy 

  2. Jet


    np man, words can't describe how much you helped E11
  3. I remember beta testing SCPRP and when it was first released. You have been here since day 1 Igne and we all appreciate you for what you do!
  4. A bit sad you forgot me but I enjoyed every time we had with each other. I remember us, Joseph, and a few others getting into a call and joseph was in his underwear and he jumped on his bed! Funny times but thank you for everything you have done
  5. Hey Zeep zeep, it is Jet and I was wondering if you could get me the list of steamid's for my FBI HRT and NCR Ranger classes? Thank you!
  6. Jet

    God mode exploit

    The creator of alt+e would have to fix this.... You were staff so you probably know that cases like this popped up
  7. - I know this is in the past but if you are the same reaper you got banned for "Disrespecting the Grave". I know you were accepted for staff but this will influence how high you go in the staff team.
  8. -Support To be honest, choose your decisions wisely. Maybe this will stop you from doing it on other servers from now on!
  9. TS3 has been known to be better for organization and permission features. We utilize both but since TS is being developed (a new teamspeak thingy) it'll probably make discord obsolete for voice.
  10. Melly is a god tf yu mean??