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  1. You quit not resigned just saying my dude. **EDIT** Didn't mean to be rude, hope you come back!
  3. What you want to see? - Medic (as in the job medic) models changed Why should we add it? - So they aren’t T-Posing What are the advantages of having this? - It will be better for the look of Medics Who is it mainly for? - Medical Department Links to any content -
  4. Jet

    Kramer III’s LOA

    Name: Jet Rank: Doctor Start of LOA:2019/06/21 End of LOA: 2019/06/24 Reason: Family Reunion (1/3)
  5. @Rookieblueno need for this. If you need a ban extended, go to a Super Admin+
  6. Dude, you didn’t abuse your powers because you wanted to. You were a great staff member and did a lot of it for banter (Jake the Lake will always be remembered). I will miss you man and you have me on discord if you ever want to talk