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  1. I legit promoted this man while in reserves. E-11 losing a good one :(
  2. Jet

    Wut Is This

    I'm Jet and uhhhh I'll be around more i guess
  3. Handle issues like this in character, provides for better RP
  4. Jet

    Im back

    finally done with consoles hm
  5. I like this guy 

  6. Jet


    np man, words can't describe how much you helped E11
  7. I remember beta testing SCPRP and when it was first released. You have been here since day 1 Igne and we all appreciate you for what you do!
  8. A bit sad you forgot me but I enjoyed every time we had with each other. I remember us, Joseph, and a few others getting into a call and joseph was in his underwear and he jumped on his bed! Funny times but thank you for everything you have done