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  1. ill be gone for 14 days because of NHD national history day my topic is about a guy named fritz kolbe if you want to check him out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Kolbe
  2. Well i guess some would've expected this but i will always be with Milrp its the best community of Milrp and have the best group of players with RU the rag tag Minges and my man scoot who will always be my dad. Any ways i just want to thank everyone for going on the journey that i went on and i will love this community for ever. But that dosnt mean i wont come back. i always will and thats a promise. This is Rac the trash loving minge signing off till next time. oh and scoot have fun magne the server youll do great. The people who have been with me since forever Scoot (Dad) Emoo (2nd Cousin) Reborn (grand father) LtRDM ( Gives good Advice) Juul ( me and fish eyes son) Win ( comrade in arms Fisheyes (my husband) Phenoix ( The god of RUAF ) Lordinsider ( That Guy who everyone calls inactive ) Colt 45 ( that one guy who is trash at snipeing but got GOA )
  3. In-game name: Rac SteamID: STEAM_1:1:86321379 Current RP rank on Star Wars RP: Game master/Patron How long have you been Game master: About 5 months on Gaming light and 7 months on a different server Have you received any strikes (please give reasons if applicable): Only on INQ, it was because i got heated but i understood and learned form my mistakes and have not received any other any other strikes on Imp RP. How much time do you have on the server?: about 5 months on Imp RP and 3 years on gaming light How well do you know the LORE?: yes i have watched rebels five times over as well as clone wars. And stuidud some for fun Why do you WANT to become a Senior Game master?: I want to become a senior Game master to improve Imperial RP and Gaming Light community by getting more opportune as a senior Gm and if i get this rank i will support all of my gm, with all of my power i can draw from my body. Why should you be trusted to be a Senior Game Master?: I have been trusted with helping many gms and have even helped Beckett when a YouTube was on and made the event amazing. I also have been with gaming light for 3 year sand would never betray my friends. Have you mastered ULX?: Yes Are you experienced with planning Mega Events?: Yes i have planned about 8 to 10 mega,s Give an example of a mega event: Tuskan Raiders have obtained a Erb which can inhanse them and with this erb called the Roli can be used in a ritual and may summon a dark side demon. After they have summon this demon it can escape and call its minions the star destroyer must capture the spirt and under stand it. How active can you be: Every day
  4. I accept these terms and will be punished if caught breaking them. I will uphold my job as a game master

    Rac,s Loa

    Unfortunately i will be gone from 9/25/19, 9/30/19, i will be on at 1 pm or 12 am on Monday. Also my name and rank is IC PFC 7839 Rac

    KGB Update

    a ha funny fi mmms
  7. Name: Rac Rank: VCMDR Are you in KGB: Yes Are you in 104th: Yes How active can you be: everyday Concerns: NO
  8. ill be gone from mil rp
  9. Name: Rac Rank: VCMDR Duration: 1 Week Reason (If Private That Is Fine): going to Indianan for vaca