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  1. YAY my man Awg with the AUG is back :]
  2. Name: Rac Rank: Huptman Activity: active Anything you want to say: nah dad
  3. +support great leader great person deserves staff officer
  4. 1. What is your name: Rac 2. What is your current rank (Unteroffizer+ is required): Hauptmann 3. What battalion do you want to be a staff officer for: Heer 4. Why do you want to be a staff officer (80 words min.): I want to be a staff officer because this is how i can help the Heer and the Wehrmacht for the best, the main reason i want to help the Heer and the army is because as a officer its my job to do so and as a Vcmdr in the past i have done it and did it with the best attitude and my best officers right behind me. So inclusion i want to help everyone for the best and help Heer to be the best branch in the Wehrmacht 5. What makes you stand out from others (50 words min.): What makes em stand out fro the rest is that im am the only high ranking person that gets on daily for the Heer apart form Stefan the best officer i could have, anyways i honesty want to help the Heer as much as i can and i think this is the best way how i can do it. 6. Why would we trust you with a staff officer rank (100 words min.): You should trust me with a staff officer position because 1st off i have a lot of experience with officers, being a very high rank, giving orders, how keep soldiers in line, i have no betrayed or abused my powers for doing wrong things, and finally you should trust me because even though im a kid im still most time mature and trying my best to handle a situation to the best of my ability's, and i will always do my best when it comes to being a officer. And if i dont you can strike me down with the lighting of Zeus. But all an all i am dying to step up my game when it comes to helping the Heer. 7. How much time do you have in game: 6 days and 22 hours 8. What is your timezone: EST 9. How many warns do you have in general: 0 in 1944 and 21 10. How many strikes do you have: 0 11. Do you have any previous experience with leading: yes 2 years on mil RP as a Vcmdr and 2 weeks as a officer for Heer 12. Do you understand that you can be removed from your position if high command sees it necessary: Yes mien Furher 13. Do you understand that you have to follow the Wehrmacht SOP and be a role model for Wehrmacht: Yes and i will always be a role model for the Heer and my fellow soldiers/officers 14. Do you understand that if your application is accepted high command will select the rank that best suits your experience and application: Yes i under stand 15. Anything else you want to say: No sir
  5. So if you go on the anti tank you can use the Panzerfuast unlimited times. PLS FIX

    Heer Rollcall

    What is your in game name: Rac What is your rank: Hauptmann Any concerns?: Nah cheif
  7. the traing forum is broke it says you have to put a email for the rank ??
  8. me back rodger doger
  9. Im going on vacation
  10. show me that cute d=face ;]


    test 1 2 3
  12. This roll call will be just to see who is currently still active so that we can get an activity check. If you do not reply you will be removed. *Punishments depend on rank and situation (LOA ETC)* Reply with this format: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- What is your in game name: What is your rank: Any concerns?:
  13. +support he was on LOA why did you strike him awg???
  14. +support -active -good leader -listens to higher ups -dosent minge -is just a good soldier