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  1. @Shadow The Hedgehog @Richard @Willy @Scoot @AWG the thing i love about Gaming Light is that if there someone minging staff well handle it very quickly and very mature like and also i love how people in Gaming Light have your back when you need them.
  2. During the meeting we will discuss the future of KGB, a couple tips and PTS,s from KGB members and some things i need KGB members opinions on. ( The meeting will be held in TS in SZ ops room. )
  3. This role call will be to check who is in KGB still and if you do not respond you will be removed. LOA,s are excused If you do not reply you will be removed. This Role call begins on 12/13/18 and ends 12/20/18. *Punishments depend on rank and situation (LOA ETC)* Reply with this format: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- What is your in game name: What is your rank: Any concerns?:
  4. What is your in game name: Rac What is your rank: COL Any concerns?: shadow we need to communicate better or something
  5. okay I fixed it and can someone pls remove me off LOA it turns out I could delete the virus so YAY thx for the support
  6. so my computer is fucked and its going to take at least 4 to 5 days or less sorry but i can get on fourms and TS so atleast i have that sorry :[
  7. -Support disrespectful is a bad role model for the RU
  8. couldn't agree better B R O T H E R
  9. What is your in game name: SZ COL Rac What is your rank: COL Any concerns?: NO BROTHER