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  1. “How to organise a Russian debrief”
  2. Everyone calm down, what I am referring to by that is two specific set of Custom Job guidelines set forth by the format documents by Zeeptin. Evidence A: Custom Job Format Title A Article II §2 "...Government Custom Classes are considered to be a PD Class..." Although this specific section was set to limit commander classes meant for limiting CCs, this would imply that any rank earned on PD would be technically applicable as a side-rank for the CC, with it acting essentially as simply a PD class but with a different playermodel and technical position. Same reason that if you were to join, Unkn0wn, you would be a GEN, giving you power not only over me but over the entire police force with the exception of your commanding officer. Evidence B: Custom Job Format Title D Article I §5.1 "Can I make commander jobs on any of the servers? No. Earn the rank, don't just try to buy into it." This would tie in with the fact that National Guard ranks are meant to act as mirrors to the equal PD ranks. I, when on the job, act as a PD SM, my proper rank, with my name displayed appropriately as US SGM Lego 1620. I act as a SM, and for that reason am capable to use my SM powers if need be. Of course, I never do, for I don't necessarily respond to the same things as PD, like, ever. Think of the National Guard as operating a little like a non-tactical ARU, acting as a separate branch but with equal ranks. I never intended to order the Police Department, just point out the rank system. I would never promote myself to "Super GOA" or something and claim power over the entire government, I just feel that I should be authorized to reserve the right to tell an OFC "no" if he attempts to steal my vehicle or shoot up an orphanage, as OFCs tend to do. Feel free to move up to Zeeptin on this chain and tell me if I am mis-interpreting these two parts of the document which I use here. More information used to be available on the central MOTD, likely the cause for what is now MOTD Title B Article I §15, which simply states "Gove,[sic]" indicating that there originally existed a more available source of information about the dark subject of how Custom Classes operate. I worked hard during my time within this community to learn the ins and outs of every single document I need to. I mean no harm to anybody, but only to help those around me as is necessary. I would never attempt to take control over any government branch, nor abuse any level of power. I hope that we can continue peaceful negotiations over this matter. As I stated before, if I am wrong, feel free to correct me--although because of the fact that Zeeptin is the man of whom created the original documents, I would need his word to correct me. Best regards, Lego US Air Force Commander (Ret.) RU Air Force General (Ret.) US Army Colonel (Ret.) PD Sergeant Major
  3. People keep asking me how so here's a step-by-step guide. Please don't spam my comments with "lmao who would want to join the national guard you pussyfaggot corps." its really unneeded Click the Store button at the top of the page you are currently on. (Yes you have to donate for it, if you are unwilling gtfo now.) Click Sign in with Steam and then sign in with Steam. Click Store > Buy Credits > Custom Donation $20 Buy the package (it counts as the money necessary to join the class.) Go to this link: https://www.gaminglight.com/forums/forum/31-custom-jobs/?do=add Add the following title to your post: "National Guard CC Addition" Copy/paste this form onto your post and fill it out: Ingame Name: <insert your in-game name> Job Name: National Guard Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: <insert your steam id (use steamid.io to find it)> The person that Paid SteamID: <re-insert your steam id, unless if somebody else paid for you, in which enter theirs> After this, submit the post. You should be added to the job by 5:00 AM the following morning, or 5:00 AM the morning after if you submitted very late and Zeeptin didn't have the chance to review it yet. FAQ How many spots are left on the job? - I'm not entirely sure, but there should be 2-3. If Zeeptin says that it's full, then it is full forever. It means you missed your chance. Who owns the job? - Again, I'm not sure, but what I do know is that he at some point told Zeeptin that anybody is allowed to join, before leaving GamingLight entirely. If anybody asks, just say that. What do I do if people ask me how to join this job? - Send them to this sort of mini SOP. What do you do on the job? - You are activated during Martial Law, and act as a member of the police force technically, but you 1.) Don't have to respond to everything, you are National Guard, you go where you want. 2.) Have power over the PD equal to your PD rank (we'll go over that later.) You act under the Commander in Chief, obviously, so just do what he says. Technically you don't physically have to but just do. You are also on standby but inactive during lockdown. However you can also activate yourself or put yourself on standby at the presidents request, last 10 minutes of the hour, when the president is in danger, when the city is in danger, or when you otherwise see the city in danger and wish to help protect it (pd under attack, etc. etc.) You can protect the president, technically, you are the military afterall, and the National Guard does act to protect the president in emergency situations. You can also protect the area *around* the president if absolutely necessary. Is this a government job? - Yes. Don't let anybody tell you that you are not. However your handcuffs are made of styrofoam so those are useless to you but other than that you have all of the other government things (panic button, etc.) Do you have to pay for this job? - Please click the red button or X at the top of your browser. What weapons does the job have? - M4A1, M92 Beretta (unique), AWP, Stungun (gov.), Medic kit, Ticket book, Spike strip, Weapon Checker (gov.), & Battering Ram (gov.) You also have all of the default weapons (phys gun etc.) so no need to worry about that. What is the exact amount of power I have on the branch? - Equal to your spot in PD. OFC is PVT, SNR is PV2, CPL is CPL, SGT is SGT, MSGT is MSG, SM is SGM, LT is 2LT, CPT is CPT, MAJ is MAJ, LTC is LTC, COL is COL, AChief is BG, DepChief is MG, Chief is LTG, DComm is GEN, Comm is GOA. You make your name "US RANK Name ####" You have power up to your PD rank, you DO NOT have power above it. You are also not a Tac unit, and it doesn't make sense for the National Guard to be rushing into bank anyway, so just don't. You cannot drive any of the available Custom Class cars, only vehicles up to your rank (sorry LT+, we don't have access to your dealer) or, more recommended, a Hummer or Pick-up Truck. Vehicles should be camoflauged. Reminder that you can technically drive whatever non-gov car you want, but please do not. No, you cannot transfer your SWAT/CERT/SRT/ARU/CC/Criminal rank to the National Guard. Yes you can base. Yes you can use whatever weapon you want. If you need any more explanation, you are probably not fit to join the National Guard, but feel free to leave a comment.
  4. What's the classification level, sir?
  5. i remember actually being there as EMS and pressing that button wondering how the fuck to get out... those buttons may have taken away people's lives
  6. Ingame Name: Lego Job Name: National Guard Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_1:1:110421542 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_1:1:110421542
  7. ok tell him i just paid the $20 via the store donate thing Username: iPoopLegos (in-game Lego) SteamID: STEAM_1:1:110421542 [U:1:220843085] 76561198181108813
  8. What you want to see? - The Jailer NPC in the PD pushed to the back wall in that cubicle area. Why should we add it? - I think it would be cool to have the DOC people have little desks for security and whatever. Not really a huge required change, I just think it would be kinda cool to have it slightly further back. What are the advantages of having this? - The DOC whom are probably bored out of their minds when the crime rate is low can build desks for security. Obviously nothing like a super-duper security room with sixteen fading doors and a sniping tower, just a computer monitor and stuff to maybe even allow increased roleplay when actually jailing somebody, rather than "okay so you shot a guy so I'm just gonna bring you over here where I'll poke this woman in the eyes and boom you're in jail." Maybe even a little payphone for their "last call." Who is it mainly for? - DOC, as well as the random passers-by. Links to any content - https://www.scoopwhoop.com/8-Prisoners-In-US-Break-Out-Of-Jail-To-Save-Guard-After-He-Has-A-Heart-Attack/#.hnml10535
  9. For some reason it doesn’t appear anywhere in the CC forum area, and I wanted to see if I could join it.
  10. I'm a US PFC now. Sometimes I come on when there's >9 people on. But yeah I never stopped existing. I'm sorta floating around games because I left CS:GO when they decided to make it free and added battle royale. Also I joined the US Army JROTC irl and it's pretty much MilitaryRP but with like realism. I found out that SPC and 1SG aren't just consecutive ranks and they have a purpose.
  11. You are the problem, and I know there are people willing to agree with me on that.
  12. 4,236 That is almost six months.